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Edith Elmer Wood papers, 1900-1943

Series III: Legislations

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Box 60 Folder 05 Bills

66th Congress 1st session, H.R. 7597; 66th Congress 1st session, S.2492; 67 Congress, 1st session, S.797. A bill to encourage home ownership and to stimulate the buying and building of homes, to create a standard form of investment…

Box 60 Folder 06 Legislation, 1910s-1920s

Bills and hearings.

Box 60 Folder 07 Memorandum

Public Works Housing Corporation exercise of power and eminent domain under Industrial Recovery Act.)

Box 60 Folder 08 New York Supreme Court

In matter of New York City Housing Authority to acquire title to property in Manhattan.

Box 60 Folder 09 Postal Saving System

67th Congress 1st session. H.R. 2163. A bill to increase the utility of the Postal Saving System; 66th Congress, 2nd session. House of Representatives. Operations of the Postal Savings System; Statement of the Operations of the Postal Savings System by the Postmaster General.

Box 60 Folder 10 Supreme Court of the United States, U.S. vs. Certain land in the City of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, et al., 1935

Box 60 Folder 11 Miscellaneous

Box 61 Folder 01 to 03 Loose Bulletins

Central Housing Committee. Weekly Digest of Current Judicial Decisions, Opinion and Legislation Affecting Housing or Housing-Finance Agencies. No. 1-27. No. 4 missing.


Box 61 Folder 04 Correspondence, 1936 Mar-May

Includes material sent to President Roosevelt, to Henry Ellenbogen, and Robert Wagner

Box 61 Folder 05 Correspondence, 1936 Jun-Nov

Box 61 Folder 06 Announcements, Summary of the hearings, Bill

Box 61 Folder 07 News clippings

Box 61 Folder 08 News clippings

Box 61 Folder 09 News clippings

Box 61 Folder 10 to 12 Loose Reports

Bills : 75th Congress, 1st session. (23 pieces);

Hearings, concerning: Slum and Low-rent public housing. Amendments to U.S. Housing Act of 1937;

United States Housing Act of 1936;

"Federal Housing Act of 1937," Monthly Labor Review (Oct, 1937) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Reprint;

Report. Revival of Residential Construction;

S. 4424, A bill to provide financial assistance to the states and political subdivisions thereof for the elimination of unsafe and insanitary housing conditions… ;

74th Congress, 2nd session; Report, the Housing Act of 1936.


Box 62 Folder 01 Correspondence, 1924-1927

Box 62 Folder 02 Correspondence, 1928

Box 62 Folder 03 Correspondence, 1929

Box 62 Folder 04 Correspondence, 1930

Box 62 Folder 05 Bulletins and essays on zoning

Black, Russell Van Nest. "Can Intelligent Zoning Be Done Without A Comprehensive City Plan?";

Board of Estimate and Apportionment. City of New York. Amended building zone resolution;

Ford, George B. "Zoning Can Help the Farmer";

Ford, George B. "Zoning," National Real Estate Journal, Sep 26, 1921;

National Conference on City Planning Bulletin. No. 3, Dec, 1926;

Report of the Middle Township Zoning Commission. Statement Respecting Zoning in Ocean City, N.J.;

Whipple, George C. "Zoning and Health";

Wood, Edith Elmer. "Work of the Middle Township Zoning Commission Draws to a Close," "How Fast is the Population of Middle Township Growing?";

Zoning in New Jersey end Elsewhere. Recent New Jersey decisions not in line with those in other states.

Box 62 Folder 06 Bureau of Municipal Information. N.J. State League of Municipalities

Black, Russell Van Nest. "Building Zoning into the City Plan." Paper presented 4th Annual Conference. 1929; New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conventions. 14th (1929), 15th (1929); Proceeding of Zoning Meeting. Oct 16, 1928; Report No. 219. "Additional zoning decisions, New Jersey Supreme Court"; Report No. 221. "The Essentials of Zoning"; Report No. 223. "Results of Zoning in New Jersey Municipalities"; Wigton, C. Benson. "The Administration of a Zoning Ordinance." Paper Presented at the Fourteenth Annual Conference, 1929.

Box 62 Folder 07 Cape May Court House, 1930

Mailing lists; Official 1930 directory.

Box 62 Folder 08 Map. Building zone. Stone Harbor, Avalon, New Jersey.

Box 62 Folder 09 Map, building zone, Ventnor City, N. J.

Box 62 Folder 10 Maps, city, New Jersey road, 1929

Box 62 Folder 11 Model Zoning, 1928 Oct 31


Box 62 Folder 12 News clippings

Box 62 Folder 13 Ordinance - Cape May, Middle Township

Box 62 Folder 14 Suggested zoning ordinance, 1928 Oct 31

Box 62 Folder 15 U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. Zoning

Department of Commerce. Twenty four millions citizens benefit by zoning. Zoning progress in the United States. Jan, 1924. Mar, 1925; Zoning. A statement of principles and procedure.

Box 62 Folder 16 Zoning, Legislation - New Jersey, Mass.

An Act pertaining to zoning. Ch. 274, Laws of 1928. State of New Jersey; Commonwealth of Mass. House…No. 1061. An Act; Edgewater Park Needs Zoning; Mass. Federation of Planning Boards; Ordinances supplementary to and amendatory of the Stone Harbor, New Jersey, Building Code and Zoning Ordinance; Outline of proposed zoning plan for City of Boston; Zoning Ordinance. Adopted Apr 29, 1929. Township of Edgewater Park, N.J.; Zoning Bill. 2 copies; Zoning Ordinance, City of Waltham, Mass. Adopted Jun 22, 1925.

Box 62 Folder 17 Zoning ordinances (2) - Glynn City, Georgia

Box 62 Folder 18 Miscellaneous

Announcements, sketches, supply lists.