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Edith Elmer Wood papers, 1900-1943

Series V: MSS. Correspondence

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Box 66 Folder 01 Correspondence

Box 66 Folder 02 Introduction, Bound Copy

Box 66 Folder 03 Typed Corrected Copy

Box 66 Folder 04 First Manuscript

Box 66 Folder 05 Galley

Box 66 Folder 06 Galley, Book Jacket


Box 66 Folder 07 "Distribution of Housing in the United States"

Box 66 Folder 08 "Housing in the Southeastern Region"

Box 66 Folder 09 "The Housing of Wage Earners in the United States"

Box 66 Folder 10 "Slums in the United States," Encyclopedia Britannica

Handwritten copy.

Box 67 Folder 01 Slums and Blighted Areas in the United States


Drawer 209 Slums and Blighted Areas in the United States

Photo panels (9 boards, with 20 photographs), possibly for an exhibition?

Box 67 Folder 02 Slums and Blighted Areas in the United States

Corrected copy.

Box 67 Folder 03 Wood, Edith Elmer and Elizabeth Ogg, "Problems of Public Housing"


Box 67 Folder 04 Miscellaneous Essays

"The American Housing Problem in the N.R.A";

"Building and the Building Industry." Bulletin No. 2.;

"A Century of the Housing Problem";

"Changes Proposed in Housing Conditions";

"Does New Jersey want her share?" The Newark Call, Nov 16, 1933;

"Enemies of the People."

Box 67 Folder 05 Miscellaneous Essays


"Housing, U.S.";

"Housing as a sufficient study in American Universities";

"Housing and Home Economics";

"Housing in the 1930 census";

"The Housing situation in the United States."

Box 67 Folder 06 Miscellaneous Essays, Book Reviews

"A Nation scrapping its slums";

"The Part of the Federal Government";

"The President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership";

"The Rebuilding of Blighted Areas";

"Recent Steps Toward the Solution of America's Housing Problem";

"The Role of the Home Economist in the National Housing Program";

"The Relationship between the Rehabilitation of the Slums and the City Plan";

"What do delinquency areas prove?";

"When do we begin?" 3 copies;

"Why Housing?";

Book Reviews by EEW; Housing Urban America, by Henry Wright;

Housing Problems and Possibilities in the United States, by Frank Watson;

The New Day in Housing, by Louis H. Pink.


Box 67 Folder 07 Correspondence, 1919-1929

Box 67 Folder 08 Correspondence, 1930

Box 67 Folder 09 Correspondence, 1931

Box 67 Folder 10 Correspondence, 1932-1936

Box 67 Folder 11 Correspondence, 1937-1938

Box 67 Folder 12 Correspondence, 1939-1943

Box 67 Folder 13 Review of Recent Trends in American Housing

Box 67 Folder 14 Essays by Edith Elmer Wood

"The Baby or the Canary Bird";

"Building and the Building Industry";

"The Costs of Bad Housing";

Post Conference Research Project No. 1;

Report on Research and Recommendation for Post-Conference Research of committee No. 25 on relationship of income and the home;

"What has kept down construction costs during the house building boom in England?"

Box 67 Folder 15 Miscellaneous, Notes

Alher, Louis J., "Where do we go from here?"


Box 67 Folder 16 The American City , 1927-1928

Buttenheim, Harold S., "Away with the Slums."

Box 67 Folder 17 The American City , 1929

Box 67 Folder 18 The American City , 1930-1932

Box 67 Folder 19 The American City , 1933-1941

Wood, Edith Elmer. "Notes on the advantages of planned communities."

Box 67 Folder 20 The American Eugenics Society

Wood, Edith Elmer. "The Scope and Methods of Modern Building."

Box 67 Folder 21 The American Scholar

Wood, Edith Elmer. "Moving America out of the Slums, an essential for the future of Democracy."

Box 67 Folder 22 The Annals of the American Academy of Political Science

Box 67 Folder 23 The Architectural Forum

Proof of the first article of Buildings' Post-was Pattern series. Committee of the Boston Society of Architects on War Housing.

Box 68 Folder 01 The Architectural Record , 1933

"The Housing Exhibit of the Architectural League Exhibition."

Box 68 Folder 02 Current History Magazine

Box 68 Folder 03 The Curtis Publishing Company

Box 68 Folder 04 E.P. Dutton Company

Memorandum of agreement on "Housing Progress in Western Europe"; Brochures. "The Housing Famine and How to End It."

Box 68 Folder 05 Encyclopedia Britannica

Box 68 Folder 06 Encyclopedia Britannica

Box 68 Folder 07 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, specimen pamphlet, 1929

"Subsidized housing in London and New York." Handwritten copy. Brochures. Contributor's list.

Box 68 Folder 08 Fortune, "Housing."

Box 68 Folder 09 Housing, published by the National Housing Association.

Box 68 Folder 10 Independent Woman, "Housing is up to you," by EEW

Box 68 Folder 11 Journal of Home Economics

Box 68 Folder 12 Journal of the American Institute of Architects

Proof copy, a National Competition for the Best Solution of the Housing Problem.

Box 68 Folder 13 Journal of the American Statistical Association

Box 68 Folder 14 Law and Contemporary Problems

Box 68 Folder 15 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1918-1919.

Box 68 Folder 16 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1920-1930.

Box 68 Folder 17 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1931

Box 68 Folder 18 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1932

Box 68 Folder 19 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1933-1937.

Box 68 Folder 20 MacMillan, Correspondence, 1940

Box 68 Folder 21 National Municipal Review

Box 68 Folder 22 The New Republic

Box 68 Folder 23 Press Debates Association, Inc., 1920

Box 68 Folder 24 Press Debates Association, Inc., Contracts

The World, Apr 2, 1920, Galley

Box 68 Folder 25 Public Affairs Committee, Inc.

Box 68 Folder 26 Public Affairs Committee, Inc.

Wood, Edith Elmer and Elizabeth Ogg. "Problems of Public Housing." Confidential Draft, 1940; Criticism, revisions; "The United States Housing Authority Program, Progress and Policies."

Box 68 Folder 27 Real Estate Record

Box 68 Folder 28 The Review of Reviews

Box 68 Folder 29 Shelter

Preliminary application draft by Shelter for a grant…; Wood, Edith Elmer. "Housing in my time."

Box 68 Folder 30 Social Science… Pi Gamma Mu.

Box 68 Folder 31 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1928-1935

Box 68 Folder 32 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1936-1937

Box 68 Folder 33 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1938-1939

Box 68 Folder 34 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1940-1941

Box 68 Folder 01 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1936

"What do delinquency areas prove?"; "Greeks hearing gifts"; Wood, Edith Elmer, "What is Housing? And who are its enemies?"; "The Hands of Esau"; Confidential criticism of "The Hands of Esau"

Box 69 Folder 02 The Survey Graphic, Correspondence, 1939

Wood, Edith Elmer, "Public Housing and Subsidized Housing."; "Tentative Outline for a special issue of Survey Graphic on the subject of Housing and Planning," Tentative list of articles

Box 69 Folder 03 The Survey Graphic, circulars

Box 69 Folder 04 The Women's Citizen

Box 69 Folder 05 Miscellaneous