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Ralph Walker papers, 1920-1972, bulk 1913-2010

Series II: Professional Papers

This series contains very little relating to Walker's time in professional practice. The bulk of the papers relate to the A.I.A. censure, with letters from colleagues lamenting the treatment that Walker and his firm received. There are also some papers relating to Walker's time as a board member of the New School. This series also contains letters and documents relating to Walker's work on a personal manuscript and his efforts to have it published.

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Box 4 Folder 1 Adult School of Montclair, 1957

Small booklet with an advertised lecture by Ralph Walker to take place on October 21

Box 4 Folder 2 AIA Censure, Ralph Walker AIA 1921-1961, Drafts, 1961

Box 4 Folder 3 AIA Censure, Ralph Walker AIA 1921-1961 Parts I-V

Book detailing censure and events leading up to it as well as decisions from NY Supreme court and Walker resignation from the AIA

Box 4 Folder 4 AIA Censure, Charges of Unprofessional Conduct

Addressed to Walker and Firm

Box 4 Folder 5 AIA Censure, Letter to AIA Board from Walker's Attorney

Carl S. Stern was Walker's attorney

Box 4 Folder 6 AIA Censure, Annulling Membership Suspension

With enclosed resolution

Box 4 Folder 7 AIA Censure, Letter to Lorimer Referencing Censure

Box 4 Folder 8 AIA Censure, Walker and Editor of Architectural Forum

Douglass Haskell was the editor of Architectural Forum at the time

Box 4 Folder 9 AIA Censure, Letter to AIA President

Concerning NY Supreme Court Decision that AIA Censure proceedings were invalid

Box 4 Folder 10 AIA Censure, To Reinstate Firm Partners to AIA Mailing List

Box 4 Folder 11 AIA Censure, Walker and J. Roy Carroll Jr., 1960

Carroll was FAIA Secretary

Box 4 Folder 12 AIA Censure, Letter from Walker to Firm Partners

Firm as in Voorhees, Walker, Smith, Smith, & Haines

Box 4 Folder 13 AIA Censure, "Memorandum", 1964

Box 4 Folder 14 AIA Censure, Memorandum from Carl S. Stern

Box 4 Folder 15 AIA Censure, Walker Voorhees vs AIA Correspondence, 1960

Letters between Walker, his attorney, and others

Box 4 Folder 16 Correspondence, AIA Censure and Walker Resignation, 1959-1960

From Various Colleagues

Box 4 Folder 17-18 Correspondence, Walker AIA and Censure, 1961

From Various Colleagues

Box 4 NY State Supreme Court Decision Book

Book with entire court ruling and case details

Box 4 Folder 20 AIA Journal, Centennial Convention

Pages 146-148 announcement for Walker receiving Centennial Medal

Box 4 Folder 21 AIA Journal, The Octogon

Box 4 Folder 22 AIA Journal

Article starting on page 31 by Walker titled "Books: Design and Contents"

Box 4 Folder 23 AIA Member Emeritus, 1969

Includes announcement of Walker being appointed as well as party invitation and guest list

Box 4 Folder 24 AIA Convention Notes

Box 4 Folder 25 AIA Convention, Ralph Walker Duties, 1950

Box 4 Folder 26 AIA Board's Annual Report

Box 4 Folder 27 American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1949-1969

Various pamphlets and clippings relating to academy and Walker's induction

Box 4 Folder 28 Belgian [Hennepin] Society, 1954

Box 4 Folder 29 Belgian Order of the Crown, 1957

Relating to Walker's induction into the Order

Box 4 Folder 30 Benjamin Franklin Foundation, 1955

Letters between State Department and Walker establishing the Benjamin Franklin Foundation and agreements; the foundation was based in Berlin to maintain a democratic government and construct various buildings there by Americans

Box 4 Folder 31 Bulletin, New York Society of Architects

Box 4 Folder 32 Centennial Medal of Honor, 1957

Booklet announcing and commemorating Walker receiving the AIA Centennial Medal of Honor

Box 4 Folder 33 Chappaqua War Memorial, 1962

Letters and clippings regarding the design and construction of the Chappaqua War Memorial

Box 4 Folder 34 Certificate of Honorary Fellowship, 1955

Booklet with speech never given, handwritten note on back explaining how Lysette was too drunk and Walker had to bring her home

Box 4 Folder 35 Chevalier Dinner

Letter and photographs from Chevalier conference dinner

Box 4 Folder 36 Claim of Copyright Registration Application, 1957

For 'Ralph Walker: Architect'

Box 4 Folder 37 Columbia School of Architecture, 1940-1945

Papers relating to Columbia's admissions and curriculum

Box 4 Folder 38 Correspondence, New York City Commissioner to Walker

Consulting Walker concerning the architects fee from another project

Box 4 Folder 39 Correspondence, Department of Education to Walker

Sent during Walker's tenure as AIA President

Box 4 Folder 40 Correspondence, John Foster Dulles to Walker

Concerning concert hall in West Berlin

Box 4 Folder 41 Correspondence, 'The Education of an Architect', 1957-1963

Letters between Walker, his literary agent, and several publishers concerning his manuscript and contracts with Doubleday and Co. Publishers

Box 4 Folder 42 Correspondence, Hans Simons to New School Board

Box 4 Folder 43 Correspondence, 'Ralph Walker: Architect', 1957-1960

Box 4 Folder 44 Correspondence, Robert Schroff to Walker

Concerning Danish system of training architects

Box 4 Folder 45 Correspondence, From The White House

Concerning a review of the federal governments housing programs

Box 4 Folder 46 Correspondence, Walker's AIA Emeritus Status, 1969

Including Letter from Ely Jaques Kahn

Box 4 Folder 47 C.V.

Ralph Walker CV with notes

Box 4 Folder 48 Doctorate of Letters, Syracuse University

Relating to Walker receiving the Honorary Doctorate from Syracuse

Box 4 Folder 49 Estimated Cash Balance, VWSSH, 1957

Voorhees, Walker, Smith, Smith & Haines (VWSSH)

Box 4 Folder 50 Ford Foundation Program for Theatre Design

Concerning grant Walker received from Ford Foundation to study theatre design (see: 'Notes on the Theatre' Box 2 folder 62)

Box 4 Folder 51 First Annual Purves Memorial Lecture

Lecture given by Lewis Mumford

Box 4 Folder 52 Frank Lloyd Wright Note

Photocopy of note from Frank Lloyd Wright to Walker

Box 4 Folder 53 Guest Book, VWSSH

Box 4 Folder 54 Housing Legislation in New York State

From unknown source

Box 4 Folder 55 Joint Committee on the National Capital, Agenda

Box 4 Folder 56 Memorandum: Luxembourg American Cemetery

Concerning design and construction of cemetery

Box 4 Folder 57 New School, 1958-1961

Includes commencement and inauguration programs

Box 4 Folder 58 Newspaper Clippings, 1949-1962

Box 4 Folder 59 NYU College of Engineering

8th Annual Conference on the Administration of Research. See page 76 for written piece by Walker

Box 4 Folder 60 Pennsylvania Avenue & Department of Labor, 1962-1964

Booklets concerning potential planning for D.C. Pennsylvania Ave and letters between Walker, White House, and Dept. of Labor

Box 4 Folder 61 Princeton Lecture - Notes

Box 5 Folder 1 Project List - VWSSH

Box 5 Folder 2 Prospect General Foods Project Proposal

Box 5 Folder 3 Photocopies of Drawings and Sketches

Box 5 Folder 2022-04-05T00:00:00+00:00 Ralph Walker: Architect - Disposition of Copies

Mailing list for book

Box 5 Folder 6 Ralph Walker Bibliography, 1960

4 Copies of small bound book written by Joseph Noorwood Smith at VWSSH as publication number 17 in the American Association of Architectural Bibliographies

Box 5 Folder 7 Report: Master Plot Plan for the National Institutes of Health

Box 5 Folder 8 Report: Commission for the Survey of Education and Registration

Box 5 Folder 9 S.W. Chicago Chronicle

See page 11 for Walker on committee on worlds fair

Box 5 Folder 10 Telephone Buildings Scrapbook, 1926-1930

Scrapbook containing clippings, writings, and other things relating to various telephone buildings designed by VWSSH

Bank Facade Detail for Loeb Prize Competition

Pencil, Ink, and Wash on Paper