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Ralph Walker papers, 1920-1972, bulk 1913-2010

Series III: Personal Papers

This series contains personal notes and letters as well as documents concerning Walker's will, trust, and estate and that of his parents and wives. There are also many letters between Walker and his first wife Stella, in which they refer to each other by the nicknames 'Squabbie' and 'Lyysette'. Found here are also various family photographs, photographs from the home, and several photos of Walker at various stages in his life.

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Box 5 Folder 11 281 Roaring Brook Road Photograph

Photo of Walker's home, often referred to by him as Walkerburn

Box 5 Folder 12 American Society Legion of Honor Magazine, 1972

Box 5 Folder 13 Artillery Camouflage Instructions

Box 5 Folder 14 Auction Reports and Appraisals

Of items from Walker's home and estate

Box 5 Folder 15 Belgian Embassy Reception Invitation

Box 5 Folder 16 Cards from Walkerburn, 1949-1972

Cards from the Walker's with poetry and notes; Walkerburn is the name of Ralph Walker's Home

Box 5 Folder 17 Cards and Ephemera

Box 5 Folder 18 Chappaqua Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert

Concert Pamphlet

Box 5 Folder 19 Christine Foulds Walker Visa Copy, 1972

Box 5 Folder 20 Christine Foulds Walker Birth Certificate Copy

Box 5 Folder 21 Christine Foulds Walker Obituary

Box 5 Folder 22 Correspondence, From Charles and Ivy Tennyson, 1940-1970

Tennyson was the grandson of Alfred Lord Tennyson

Box 5 Folder 23 Correspondence, Between Squabbie and Lysette

Box 5 Folder 24 Correspondence, From Maurice Grunsfeld

Box 5 Folder 25 Correspondence, From Arthur Crisp

Crisp was a Canadian painter

Box 5 Folder 26 Correspondence, Syracuse University to Christine Foulds Walker

Concerning acquisition of Walker archive after his death

Box 5 Folder 27 Correspondence, Friends of the Chappaqua Library

Box 5 Folder 28 Correspondence, Walker to Senator Jacob Javits (Draft)

Box 5 Folder 29 Correspondence, Walker's 80th Birthday, 1969-1970

Box 5 Folder 30 Correspondence, Between Walker and Congress, 1969

Concerning tax reform

Box 5 Folder 31 Correspondence, Condolences from AIA to Christine Foulds Walker

Box 5 Folder 32 Correspondence, Sender Unknown

Box 5 Folder 33 Correspondence, To Marion Walker

Marion Walker was Ralph Walker's mother

Box 5 Folder 34 Correspondence, From Arthur C. Holden, 1972

Box 5 Folder 35 Correspondence, C.E. Silling and Arthur C. Holden, 1973

Concerning Walker's Death

Box 5 Folder 36 Correspondence, Arthur C. Holden to Christine Foulds Walker

Concerning Walker's Death

Box 5 Folder 37 Correspondence, From Leo Foulds

Concerning his mother's (Christine Foulds Walker) estate

Box 5 Folder 38 Correspondence, From Welles to Walker, 1945

Box 5 Folder 39 Correspondence, From Dwight Bridge to Walker, 1952

Congratulating Walker on the Chevalier Honor

Box 5 Folder 40-42 Collected Printed Materials

Box 5 Folder 43 Dispute of Land Reassessment

Written by Walker about his properties, contains information about his home and land holdings

Box 5 Folder 44 "Ivy Gladys Tennyson", 1960

Manuscript by Charles Tennyson about his wife Ivy. Copy mailed to Walker

Box 5 Folder 45 Japanese Garden Sketches

Box 5 Folder 46 Print by Jean Gabriel Domergue

Contains note on back side of print from Walker

Box 5 Folder 47 Marion Walker Trust and Estate, 1947-1948

Box 5 Folder 48 Marriage Announcement, Ralph Walker and Christine Foulds

Box 5 Folder 49 Miscellaneous Interior Photos

Box 5 Folder 50 Miscellaneous Family Photos

Box 5 Folder 51 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

Box 5 Folder 52 New York Museum of Science and Industry, 1932

Box 5 Folder 53 Personal Notes

Box 5 Folder 54 Philadelphia Auditorium

Box 5 Folder 55 Photocopy, Syracuse Honorary Degree

Box 6 Folder 1 Ralph Walker Birth Certificate Copy, 1920

Certified Copy

Box 6 Folder 2 Ralph Walker Obituary

With mention of Suicide

Box 6 Folder 3 Ralph Walker Photographs

Box 6 Folder 4 Ralph Walker Estate, Trust, and Will, 1972

Box 6 Folder 5 Realtor Brochure of Chappaqua House

Box 6 Folder 6 Receipts, 1952-1959

Box 6 Folder 7 Rotch Travelling Fellowship, 1938

Box 6 Folder 8 Sample Pamphlet for Walker's 80th Birthday, 1969

Box 6 Folder 9 Schedule, 82nd AIA National Convention (For Stella Walker)

Box 6 Folder 10 Scrapbook of Voorhees Obituaries, 1973

Box 6 Folder 11 Second Congress, International Union of Architects Invitation, 1951

Box 6 Folder 12 Silas Bronson Library's Waterbury Hall of Fame Induction, 2004

Walker was inducted in 2004

Box 6 Folder 13 Silver Evaluation

Box 6 Folder 14 Stella Forbes Walker Estate Tax, 1972

Box 6 Folder 15 Stella Forbes and Ralph Walker Marriage Announcement

Box 6 Folder 16 Thomas Walker Memorium Booklet

Box 6 Folder 17-20 Travel Books

Small Antique books

Box 6 Folder 21 Walkerburn Living room Checklist, 1968

Box 6 Folder 22 Walker Family Trust, 1934-1936

Trust of Ralph Walker's Parents

Box 6 Folder 23 Walker Trip Itineraries

Includes itineraries and passenger lists

Roll 1 50th Birthday Memorabilia