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Julian Clarence Levi architectural drawings and papers, 1895-1963

Series V: Collected Documents

This Series contains numerous prints and photographs Levi gathered throughout his life as a collector. Most of the material is comprised of European prints from various artists, as well as historic photographs of US buildings. Some photographs also correspond to exhibitions such as the Panama-California Exposition or the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, although is not clear if they were taken or acquired by Levi. Two New York City notebooks are also part of this Series, showing the life of New Yorkers at the end of the nineteenth century. Chapters include stories about the city -landmarks, public spaces, and buildings-, while others focus on special events such as the elections day, Christmas celebrations and the lifestyle of various city characters.

Box 15: Folder 1 Book's donation to Columbia University Libraries, Acquisition papers 1955

Levi's architectural books acquisition photocopies dated March 11, 1955. Original files in Avery directory.

Box 15: Folder 2 New York City notebook 1896, 1897, undated

Chapters: Election Day in New York, People in New York, The Normal College of the New York City, Merry Christmas in the Tenements, The New York Common Schools, Decoration in the Seventh Regiment Armory, Our Millionaires, The Myth of the Four Hundred, School Days at the Sacred Heart, Riverside Park, How Tweed was Detected, Tammanyunder John Kelly, New York in Summer, Ten Days with the Deaf and Dumb, Mr. Henry G. Marquand, The Cable Street-Railway, The Metropolitan Newspaper, Surpliced Choirs in New York

Box 15: Folder 3 New York City notebook 1897, undated

Chapters: Bowery Saturday Night, A Day in Castle Gargen, The Pratt Institute, Heroes of Peace, Delmonico's Seen from its Kitchen, A view of New York, The Rise and Overthrow of the Tweed Ring, The Life of New York Fireman, The New York Police Force, Club Life among Outcasts, The Proposed Public Library of New York, Medical Education in New York, The New Parks of the City of New York, The Negotiations for the Obelisk, In Wall Street,

Box 15: Folder 4 Berlin Collection notebook
Box 15: Folder 5 Maps notebook 1847, 1848, 1849, undated

19 maps and charts

Drawer 221: Folder 8 International European Exhibition Prints 1812

4 Items

Drawer 221: Folder 9 European Prints 1894, undated

19 Items

Drawer 221: Folder 10 European prints reproductions undated

34 Items

Box 16: Folder 1 Miscellaneous Prints, Drawings undated

60 Items

Box 16: Folder 2 Homewood, Baltimore, Photograph 1803

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 3 Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Photograph undated

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 4 Elizabeth Bas, Photograph undated

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 5 The Octagon, Washington DC, Photograph undated

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 6 Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA, Photographs undated

2 Items

Box 16: Folder 7 Old Boston State House, Boston MA, Photograph undated

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 8 Ditmas House, Brooklyn NY, Photographs undated

2 Items

Box 16: Folder 9 Muse Finding Head of Orpheus Sculpture, Photograph undated

1 Item: Sculpture by Edward Berge

Box 16: Folder 10 French Architectural Renderings, Photographs undated

3 Items

Box 16: Folder 11 Panama-California Exposition 1915-17, San Diego CA, Photographs undated

16 Items

Box 16: Folder 12 Exposition Universelle de 1900, La Salle des Fetes, Photograph 1900

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 13 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, Papers 1926
Box 16: Folder 14 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, Photo album 1925

1 Item

Box 16: Folder 15 Unidentified Photographs undated

3 Items