Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Julian Clarence Levi architectural drawings and papers, 1895-1963

Series III: Professional Papers

This Series is mainly focused on Levi's correspondence as a member of the New York Chapter at the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), between 1911 and 1956. As Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, Levi kept in contact with numerous architects around the globe, especially from France and Latin America. Several documents also account for architectural events and congresses developed during the fifties such as the Pan American Congress of Architects held in various countries in Central and South America. Due to the international nature of his work at these institutions, it is possible to find correspondence in English, French and Spanish. Subseries 2 is dedicated to the Chartres Cathedral Window Restoration, a donation made possible by the AIA Chapter members, the Henry Adams Foundation, and individuals, in order to restore one of the 7 by 26 feet windows of the Chartres Cathedral in France damaged during the French Revolution. This Subseries consists primarily of correspondence and gives a detailed account of the process behind the window's restoration through letters exchanged between the Restoration Committee (Harold B. Willis, Julian C. Levi, Ralph Walker, and Alex Hoyle), as well as other key personalities such designer Jean Maunoury, AIA president Glenn Stanton and French ambassador Henry Bonnet. Some letters are accompanied with photographs and drawings sent to the Committee, showing the design and manufacturing process of the window.

Sub-series 1: AIA American Institute of Architecture correspondence, 1911-1958

Box 9: Folder 1 AIA Chairman on Committee on International Relations 1940-1954

Mainly introduction letters and assistance to various international students. Some correspondence is in French.

Box 9: Folder 2 AIA VII Pan American Congress of Architects 1950 (Havana, Cuba) 1950

Congress held from April 10th to April 16th, 1950. Includes: program, various correspondence, project of statutes and "approved conclusions and recommendations adopted by the VII Congress of Panamerican Architects" document. Some papers are in English and Spanish.

Box 9: Folder 3 AIA Honorary Fellowship 1956

Papers are in French and English.

Box 9: Folder 4 AIA Craftsman Gold medal 1958

Papers are in French and English.

Box 9: Folder 5 AIA New York Chapter 1911-1922

Miscellaneous subjects, including papers about code for architectural competitions, budget reports. Fragile papers.

Box 9: Folder 6 AIA New York Chapter 1916-1921

Miscellaneous subjects, including papers about code for architectural competitions, budget reports. Fragile papers.

Box 9: Folder 7 AIA New York Chapter 1920, 1922.

Architectural exhibition at AIA Convention in Washington, DC. May 5, 6, 7.

Box 9: Folder 8 Miscellaneous Letters 1924, 1931, 1941, 1956, 1957, 1962, 1964

Miscellaneous subjects.

Sub-series 2: AIA Chartres Cathedral Window Restoration

Box 10: Folder 1 Correspondence 1950-1953

Mainly Harold B. Willis correspondence.

Box 10: Folder 2 Correspondence 1951-1954

Correspondence with Secretariat d'etat aux Beaux Arts and Secretariat d'etat a l'Education. Papers in English and French.

Box 10: Folder 3 Correspondence 1951-1955

Mainly handwritten letters and carbon copies. Correspondence to Harold Willis.

Box 10: Folder 4 Correspondence 1952-1954

Miscellaneous subjects, including publicity, newspaper clippings, appointment of committee, Papers in English and French.

Box 10: Folder 5 Correspondence 1953-1954

Correspondence with Harold Willis, Papers in English and French.

Box 10: Folder 6 Correspondence 1954-1955

Miscellaneous subjects.

Box 10: Folder 7 Correspondence 1952-1956

Honorary Fellowship, The Octagon, press releases Documents are in English and French.

Box 10: Folder 8 Correspondence 1954, 1956

Press release documents and 6 photographs of Maunoury ceremony. Documents are in English and French.

Box 11: Folder 1 Alexander E. Hoyle Correspondence 1952-1954

Letterss from Alexander E. Hoyle, tracing sketches

Box 11: Folder 2 Frances Lorin Correspondence 1953-1954

Correspondence of Francis Lorin, 2 photographs, tracing sketches. Documents are in English and French.

Box 11: Folder 3 Financials and Contributors Correspondence 1952-1955

Letters and acknowledgements, list of contributors.

Box 11: Folder 4 Minutes and Reports Correspondence 1953-1955

Diary reports, minutes written by Levi.

Box 11: Folder 5 Henri Bonnet, Douglas Dillon and Jean Trouvelot Correspondence 1950-1954

Correspondence with ambassador Bonnet and Dillon. Jean Trouvelot. Papers are in English and French.

Box 11: Folder 6 Jean Maunoury Correspondence 1950-1955

1 print of previous state of window.

Box 11: Folder 7 Jean Maunoury cathedral drawings 1950

General plans of the Cathedral made by Maunoury: crypt, first floor, and window detail.

Box 11: Folder 8 Cathedral Organ, papers 1960

Papers and in French and/or English

Box 11: Folder 9 Cathedral, photo slides 1953

2 items. Colored images.

Box 11: Folder 10 Chapel and Crypt, photographs 1860, 1950, undated

18 items. Crypt, chapel, royal portal, Window before intervention. See also Scrapbook 2.

Box 11: Folder 11 Restoration work, photographs undated

17 items