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Paul Goodman Hayes papers, circa 1920 -- 1940

Paul Goodman Hayes papers, circa 1920 -- 1940

This series contains some restricted material. Restrictions related to specific material are listed in the detailed contents list.

0.25 linear feet; 0.25 linear feet; 1 box

This series contains biographical information on over 500 Chinese Christians and a few non-Christians, assembled by Hayes while working as a missionary in Anhui province under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The handwritten notes were originally bound into three binders (Bao-Lew; Li-Zia; and Chen-Yu) and are organized alphabetically by family name. The collection utilizes a variety of romanization schemes, often providing alternate spellings of names. Most entries include Chinese characters for the names, as well as a short bibliography or reference to further published information. A very small minority of entries include relevant newspaper clippings, and a portrait of the person referenced.

This series is arranged in rough alphabetical order.

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Box 1 Folder 1 Bao-Cheng, (Andrew) Chih-yi

Box 1 Folder 2 Cheng, Ching-I-Chu, Yu Yue

Box 1 Folder 3 Ch'ü, Chen-sheng-Chung, C.H.

Box 1 Folder 4 Chung, Ching-yuan-Fong Foo-see

Box 1 Folder 5 Feng, Yu-lan-Hung, William

Box 1 Folder 6 Jen, Timothy-Lew, Timothy Tingfang

Box 1 Folder 7 Li, C.K.-Lu Tan-ling

Box 1 Folder 8 Ma, Chi-ming-Sung, Miss Wei Tsung

Box 1 Folder 9 Tai, Chi-tao-Yan, T.M.

Box 1 Folder 10 Wang, Chao Hsiang-Wu Yü-k'un

Box 1 Folder 11 Yang, Chen--Zia

Box 1 Folder 12 Chen, Tu-hsiu - Yu Chia-chu

Box 1 Folder 13 Acidic originals

This file is restricted due to physical condition.

This file contains fragile original items removed from other folders. These items were replaced with acid-free photocopies.