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Christine Gudorf papers, 1978 -- 2000

Christine Gudorf papers, 1978 -- 2000

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This series contains books, journal articles, and reviews written or edited by Christine Gudorf; their topics include sexuality, feminism, and liberation theology.

This series is arranged by format.

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Box 1 Books, 1986 -- 1999

Philosophy Theology [1986]; Christian Ethics: a case method approach [1989]; Rethinking the Spiritual Works of Mercy [1993]; St. Louis University, Public Law Review [1996]; Theology and Public Policy [1996]; Locum [1998]; Ethics and World Religions, Cross-Cultural Case Studies [1999].

Box 2 Journal and magazine articles, 1978 -- 2000

Embodying Mutuality: Bodyright as Foundation for Moral Agency, Conscience, Winter, 1993/94, p. 16; Sexism Enshrined: Responsibility of Religions for Welfare and Status of Women", Conscience, XVI: 1-2, Spring/Summer 1995, p. 11; Why sex is so good for your marriage U.S Catholic, 11/92, p. 6; The Cairo ICPD and the Need to Monitor Its Implementation" INFIRE Ethics (International Network of Feminists in Reproductive Ethics), vol. 3 no. 3-4, Fall 1994, p. 1; Women and Catholic Church Politics in Eastern Europe" Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 1995: 2, p. 101; To make a seamless garment, use a single piece of cloth, Crosscurrents, XXXIV: 4, 1984, p. 473; Liberation Theology's Use of Scripture: A Response to First World Critics, Interpretation 41:1, 1/87, p. 5; Dissecting Parenthood Conscience, 12/94, p. 14; Sexuality and the Family part 1: Sexual Ignorance in the Age of Information, Second Opinion 10, Spring, 1989; Sexuality and Spirituality in the Christian Family part 2: Role of the Church, Second Opinion 11, Summer, 1989 p.10; Power to Create: Sacraments and Men's Need to Birth, Horizons 14/2, 1987; Encountering the Other: Modern Papacy on Women, Social Compass 36(3), 1989; Sexual Morality in the new Millennium, in Francis A. Eigo, OSA, Ed., Ethics in the New Millennium, 2000; Increasing Prospects for Reproductive Coercion, Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Spring 2000; Life without Anchors: Sex, Exchange, and Human Rights in a Postmodern World, Journal of Religious Ethics, vol. 26 (2) 1998, p. 295; Presumption and Humility, Annual of Society of Christian Ethics, 1989, p.267; Ethics of Teaching Ethics, Annual of Society of Christian Ethics, 1983 p.265; Book Review of "Sex, Gender, and Christian Ethics" by Lisa Sowle Cahill, In Theological Studies, June 1997, p. 327; Book Review of "Erotic Justice: A Liberating Ethic of Sexuality" by Marvin M. Ellison, in Theological Studies, March 1998, p. 142; Magisterium and the Bible: North American Experience, Concilium, 1:1991, p.79; Renewal or Repatriarchalization? Responses of the Roman Catholic Church to Feminization of Religion" Horizons, 10/2, (1983); Issues of Race in Feminist Ethics: Review Essay, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 9:1-2, Spring/Fall, 1993, p.239; Women's Choice for Motherhood: Beginning a Cross-cultural Approach, Concilium 4, 1989, p.55; Historical Change and Conceptions of Justice: Papal Social Teaching 1922-1977, Union Seminary Quarterly Review, 33:2, Winter 1978, p. 91; Christianity and Crisis: Sexuality, Reality and the Law: Case of Charles Curran, May 1986, p.151, Moral options, moral risks, Feb 1988, p.32, Peruvian agenda; Bolivian Pentecostals: Women and Poverty in the Andes, Nov 1988, p.393, Catholic Theologians under Threat: dark days, silver linings, Aug. 1989, p231, Catholics and Auschwitz: Guilt and Beyond, Oct. 1989, p. 327; Commonweal: Quiet strength of liberation theology, June 1984, p. 365, Ratzinger, Gutierrez and the bishops of Peru, l Feb 1985, p.77, Etica Sexual feminista un reto de la cristiandad, " Conciencia Latino Americana, April 1994, p. 9, Holes in the Seamless Garment," Conscience, Autumn 1996, p. 10, Galatic gnosis needs more people's voices, National Catholic Reporter (books) Feb. 1993, (book review of Outercourse) p.37, Sexual Pleasure as Grace and Gift, The Other Side, May/June 1998, p. 10. Population Ecology and Women, Second Opinion, 1995 p.59; Salt for Christians who seek social justice: Sexual violence: it's sinful to remain silent, May 1993, p.6, Teach your kids to look past the pictures, April 1994, p. 11, The Pastoral and Your Conscience, St. Anthony Messenger, Oct 1983,p.18; U.S. Catholic: Are you giving your kids double messages about sex?, Sept. 1991, p. 20, Sexual abuse: what to teach kids about intimate touch, Jul. 1992, p. 6. Why have kids? Feb 1993, p. 27, Don't cancel that guilt trip, Jan. 1995, p.6, Men vs. Women: do they sin differently? Nov. 1995, p.6, Has the church been in the family's way? Oct. 1999, p.19, Men vs. Women: do they sin differently? 1Dec, 1995, p.3.