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Joan Brown Campbell papers, 1990 -- 2000

Joan Brown Campbell papers, 1990 -- 2000

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6.75 linear feet; 6.75 linear feet; 14 boxes; 7 audiocassettes; 7 audiocassettes

This series contains speeches, sermons, and interviews given by Joan Brown Campbell while serving as the General Secretary of the NCCC. There are also audiotapes of some of those appearances. Additional materials include biographical files, news releases, and press clippings.

This series is arranged by format; speeches, sermons, and interviews are arranged reverse chronologically.

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Box 1 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1999

"And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" Riverside Church [2000] 1999 World Peace Globe Lighting, UN [12/7/99] Speech 50th Anniversary Of Cuyahoga Plan of Ohio, Inc. [11/18/99] "Report of the General Secretary" Cleveland, OH [11/11/99] Big Apple Summit for Volunteer Action, Pace University, NY [10/20/99] Dedication of UMC Board of Church & Society Building, Washington DC [10/6/99] Stern Social Action Lecture, Beachwood, OH [9/20/99] "Ecumenical Life Lessons" Montreat, NC [8/11-13/99] The book…Speech, City Club of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH [7/19-21/99] "A House Divided Against Itself" Chautauqua Institute [7/9/99] "Comes the Moment to Decide" Chautauqua Institute [7/8/99] "Fight the Good Fight of Faith" Chautauqua Institute [7/6/99] "Reconciliation: The Glue of the Good Society" Chautauqua Institute [7/5/99] "All Are Children of God" Chautauqua Institute [7/4/99 evening] "E Pluribus Unum: Out of the Many-One" Chautauqua Institute [7/4/99 morning] "Thirty Good Minutes", Chicago Sunday Evening Club [6/23/99] Evangelical Celebration, Havana, Cuba [6/18-21/99] "Comes the Moment to Decide" Cleveland, OH [5/30/99] "Comes the Moment to Decide" Riverside Church [5/9/99] Report on Yugoslavia Trip [5/99] Worship on Christian Unity, St. Paul, MN [4/23/99] Violence at Columbine, NPR interview [4/22/99] "Science, Religion, Healing" Providence, RI [2/26/99] A Call Reconciliation, US Senate Office Building, Washington, DC [2/25/99] Bethlehem 2000 International Conference, Rome, Italy [2/18/99] Untitled Sermon, Ciudad Hanaba, Cuba [1/29-2/4/99] "The Spirit Helps Us in Our Weakness" Chicago Sunday Evening Club [1/19/99] "The Spirit Helps Us in Our Weakness" Washington, DC [1/10/99]

Box 2 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1998

Christmas Message to NCCC Staff [12/17/98] Speech, WCC Assembly, Harare, Africa [12/3-5/98] "God's Own People: Two Witnesses" [11/28/98] Report of General Secretary to General Board, NCCC, Chicago, IL [11/9-13/98] "Religion, Liberty, and the Constitution" Providence, RI [10/23/98] Untitled Sermon, Nashville, TN [10/18/98] "Feast of St. Francis" New York, NY [10/4/98] Untitled Sermon, Washington DC [10/3/98] North American Academy of Ecumenist [9/25-27/98] "Fight the Good Fight in Faith" Philadelphia [9/27/98] Religion, Politics, Morality. Washington, DC [9/16/98] Untitled Sermon, Diocese of Armenian Church of America, New York, NY [9/13/98] Greetings to Rabbi David Gelfand, East Hampton, NY [7/31/98] Untitled Sermon, Children's Defense Fund Haley Summer Institute, Knoxville, TN [7/24/98] Address, Ecumenical Institute, Hartford, CT [7/21-22/98] Speech, General Assembly, PCUSA, Charlotte, NC [6/17/98] Ecumenical Address, Reformed Church General Synod, Holland, MI [6/7/98] Untitled Sermon, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Cuba [5/31/98] "Suffer the Children" UMC Annual Conf. SW TX, Corpus Christi, TX [5/28/98] "For Such a Time As This" Baccalaureate, Wake Forest Univ., Wake Forest, NC [5/17/98] Sermon (2) Student's Chapel and Mothers' Day, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH [5/10 and 5/11/98] Sermon, Ellis Island Medals of Honor Ecumenical Service, St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY [5/9/98] Speech, Interfaith Gathering on Health Care, Memphis, TN [5/4/98] "State of the Ecumenical Movement" Allentown, PA [4/30/98] "Racism, the Ecumenical Challenge" Allentown, PA [4/30/98] Episcopal Council for Global Mission, NY [4/25/98] Address, Workshop on Christian Unity, St. Paul, MN [4/23/98] Address, Boston Theological Institute [4/98] "It is Finished" The Miller Theatre, NY [4/9/98] "One Shepard, One Flock" Princeton Theological Seminary [2/10/98] "The State of the Souls of the Faithful" Lecture 3, OH Council of Churches, Columbus, OH [1/28/98] "The Moral State of the Nation" Lecture 2, Columbus, OH [1/27/98] "The State of the Ecumenical Movement' Lecture 1, Columbus, OH [1/26/98] "Managed Care" Columbus, OH [1/26/98] "Be Led by the Spirit in Hope" Graymoor Ecumenical Institute, NY [1/18/98] "Common Witness in a Changing World" [1/4/98]

Box 3 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1997

Christmas Message, NCCC Staff, TIC Chapel [12/18/97] "With One Voice" Washington DC [11/18/97] Remarks at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC [11/13/97] Report of the General Secretary to NCCCUSA General Assembly, Washington DC [11/10-14/97] Meditation, Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving, NY [10/29/97] Greetings to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, NY [10/24/97] Report, Middle East Trip, NCCC Staff Meeting NY [9/10/97] Remarks, Paul Crow Retirement, Denver, CO [7/27/97] "Everything Relates to Everything" Phoenix, AR [6/23/97] Sermon Service of Ordination/Consecration, Sacramento, CA [6/20-22/97] Service for Mac Charles Jones [6/8/97] "For Such a Time As This" Commencement, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN [5/18/97] Speech, Ecumenical Conference on Mission in the Americas, San Jose, Costa Rica, [4/24/97] "Transcending the Politics of Illusion" [4/6/97] Testimony, Judiciary Committee, US Rep., Washington DC [3/19/97] "Everything Relates to Everything" Muskingum College, New Concord, OH [3/11-13/97] "The Fire This Time: The Burning of African/American Churches" Muskingum College, New Concord, OH [3/11-13/97] "Managed Care" Muskingum College, New Concord, OH [3/11-13/97] "The Moral State of the Union" Muskingum College, New Concord, OH [3/11-13/97] Remarks on the death of R. Mac Charles Jones, NY [3/9/97] Remarks at the Carl Sagan Memorial Service, NY [2/27/97] "Everything Relates to Everything" TCU Ministers Week, Fort Worth, TX [2/3-6/97] "Managed Care" TCU Ministers Week, Fort Worth, TX [2/3-6/97]

Box 4 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1996

"Public Life Together: The Importance of Public Policy Ministries" National Leadership Conference, Washington DC [12/11/96] "Eyes Wide Open to the Mercies of God" Chicago, IL [11/10/96] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" 1st C.C., UCC, Winter Park, FL [10/27/96] "This is Racism" NCC-YSA Conference on Racism, Columbia SC [10/24- 26/96] "Tolerance" Burned Churches, Orlando Conference [10/96] "Violence Against Women" Interfaith White House Breakfast, Washington DC [10/11/96] "Religious Liberty for the Nineties" Washington DC [10/7/96] Address, Sesquicentennial Year convocation, Otterbein College, Westerville, OH [9/25/96] Greetings on the Enthronement of his Eminence Archbishop Spyridon [9/21/96] "The NCCC and the Orthodox Church" [1996] Civility Statement by National Council of Catholic Bishops [9/20/96] "The Church" Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA [9/6/96] Address, National Association of Community Action Agencies, San Francisco, CA [9/5/96] National Baptist Meeting. Orlando, FL [9/2/96] Speech, Interfaith Alliance Rally, San Diego, CA [8/10/96] Statement on Welfare Reform [8/26/96] Washington DC [7/18/96] Statement on Burned Churches [6/20/96] "For Such a Time as This" Commencement Address, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL [6/4/96] Sermon, UMC, Wisconsin Annual Conference, Stevens Point, WI [6/2/96] "This is the Way—Walk in it" Washington, DC [5/19/96] Installation of Rev. Thomas H. Quigley, Seattle WA [5/5/96] NCCC Visit to LA [5/2/96] Sermon, General Theological Seminary [4/30/96] Tom Olcott Dedication Speech [4/29/96] "Chicago: Window to World Missions" Chicago Center for Global Ministries [4/26/96] "Conundrum at the Crossroads", Lutheran Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL [4/24/96] "The Beloved Community' SCUPE Congress on Urban Ministry, Chicago, IL [4/22/96] "Religion, Philanthropy and the Public Life" Forum, Atlanta, GA [4/21/96] National Dialogue on Poverty Forum, National Assoc. of Community Action Agencies [4/19/96] Remarks on the death of Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld, Cleveland, OH [4/17/96]

Box 5 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1996

Remarks, Celebration of the Life of US Ambassador Carl B. Stokes, Cleveland, OH [4/8/96] Dedication of Health Care Chaplaincy, NY [3/27/96] "Diversity Within Unity in the Cultural Stream" St. Louis, MO [3/15/96] "The Fire This Time: The Burning of Black Churches" Muskingum College, New Concord, OH [3/13/96] "A Shared Vision-Religious Liberty in the 21st Century" Boca Raton, FL [2/26/96] Annual Global Education Conference, CWSW, Chicago [2/24/96] 8 th Annual Peace Prize Forum, Luther College, Decorah, IA [2/23/96] Statement, Interfaith Alliance Press Conference, Manchester, NH [2/16/96] Testimony, House Subcommittee (International Operations & Human Rights) [2/15/96] "Justice for Rachel's Children" [2/10/96] "Vision, Religious Liberty and the current Church/State Issue" American Jewish Committee [2/2/96] Ethiopia [1/96] DNC briefing [1/17/96]

Box 6 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1995

Un-typed Speeches [1995] Benediction, African-American Institute [11/30/95] "The Moral State of the Union: A Voice for the Common Good" Philadelphia, PA [11/4/95] "Mr. Gali's Neighborhood" Riverside Church [10/22/95] "Costly Unity" Lecture, Hartford, CT [10/18/95] American Baptist Presentation, Valley Forge, PA [10/9/95, 10/4/95] "The Re-Sacralization of Public Space: Ecumenical Directions in a New Time" Rev. Charles W. Rawlings [9/27/95] Speech on the Birmingham March, Birmingham AL [9/6/95] "With One Voice" Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, NY [8/30/95] "The Moral State of the Union" Chautauqua, NY [8/15/95] Call to Common Prayer for Bosnia-Herzegovina [8/27/95] Statement on the occasion of President Clinton's Affirmative Action Address [8/19/95] "Saying No to Intolerance in the Public Debate" Binghamton, NY [6/10/95] "Religion and Prime Time" Santa Monica, CA [6/1/95] Remarks, Memorial Service Oklahoma City [5/30/95] "Saying No to Intolerance in the public Debate" Interfaith Alliance of Washington State [5/23-24/95] "For Such a Time as This" Commencement Speech, Hamilton College, Clinton NY, [5/20/95] Speech at Armenian Banquet, Chelmsford, MA [5/6/95] Bates College, Lewiston ME [5/5/95] Tribute to Hillary Rodham Clinton, NYU-Law School [4/25/95] Lenten Service, Old Stone Church, Cleveland, OH [4/14/95] Statement, Interfaith Alliance Press Conference, Washington DC [4/13/95] Lenten Fast Sermon, TIC Chapel, New York [4/10/95] Sermon, Bethlehem Brooklyn Church [3/26/95] Speech honoring His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, Atlanta, GA [2/22/95] Testimony before House Subcommittee, Washington DC [2/15/95] Testimony before Judiciary Committee, Washington, DC [2/10/95] Presentation of Bibles, Cleveland OH [2/29/95] Speech for Planned Parenthood Conference, NY [1/22/95] Speech (RAAP) Religious Alliance Against Pornography Conference, Manila [1/19/95] Statement in Support of First Lady [1/4/95]

Box 7 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1994

"Bearing One Another's Burdens" Queen's Federation of Churches, Creedmoor, NY [11/20/94] Report to the General Board, NCCCUSA, New Orleans, LA [11/10/94] "The Art of Healing" American Public Health Association, Washington, DC [10/31-11/3/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Catholic Diocese of Richmond [10/21/94] Symposium on Carl Sagan, Cornell University, Ithaca NY [10/14/94] Launching of Interfaith Alliance, Washington DC [7/14/94] "For Such a Time As This" Chautauqua, NY [7/8/94] "Miracles and Multitudes" Chautauqua, NY [7/7/94] Religious Leader Signatories for "A Pastoral Appeal: Health coverage for All Americans" [7/5/94] Reflection on Mark's "Parable of Healing of the Son" Chautauqua, NY [7/5/94] "Glorious New Creation/New Heaven and New Earth", Chautauqua, NY [7/4/94] "The City: Its Pain, Promise" Chautauqua, NY [7/3/94] "Nothing but an Idle Tale" Chautauqua, NY [7/2/94] Message, Church of the Brethren [6/29/94] "Birthing the vision of a Healthy Church" West Lafayette, IN [6/25/94] Honorary Degree, Cleveland State University [6/12/94] Lecture #2, UMC, Troy Annual Conference, Troy, VT [6/4/94] Lecture #1, UMC, Troy Annual Conference, Troy, VT [6/2/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Doane College, Crete, NE [5/15/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Baccalaureate, Lynchburg, VA [5/6/94] "Nothing But an Idle Tale" Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland OR [4/17/94] "Common Witness" Ecumenical Mission consultation, SimpsonwoodNorcross, GA [4/14/94]

Box 8 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1993 -- 1994

Brite Lecture #2, Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX [4/13/94] Brite Lecture #1, Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX [4/12/94] "Nothing But an Idle Tale" Lakewood Methodist Church, Lakewood OH [4/10/94] Where there is no justice there is no commonwealth. American Bar Association [3/21/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Mr. Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN [3/7/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Chicago Sunday Evening Club [2/11/94] "Apartheid: The Formation of a Global Ecumenical Conscience," Bonhoeffer Lecture, UTS [2/14/94] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" Episcopal Church Diocese of GA, Jekyll Island, GA [2/4/94] Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Johannesburg, South Africa [1/20- 28/94] Family-Current [1/94] 1993 "What if Mary Had Said No?" NCCC Staff, NY [12/16/93] "Bearing the Burdens of Others" Wake Forest Baptist Church, WinstonSalem, NC [12/12/93] "Bearing the Burdens of Others" Battell Chapel, Yale University, New Haven, CT [11/21/93] "Family Values-Bearing One Another's Burdens" RI State Council of Churches, Providence, RI [11/18/93] Report of the General Secretary to Executive Coordinating Committee, Baltimore, MD [11/8/93] "He Who Finds His Life…He Who Loses His Life" Heights Christian Church, Cleveland OH, [n.d.] "The Politics of Meaning" Interfaith Community Forum, Drew University, Madison NJ [10/19/93] "Sacred Memories" 35th Anniv. Of Cornerstone Laying of T.I.C., NY [10/13/93] Remarks on 30th Anniv. Of the March on Washington [8/23/93] "Stir into Flame" American Baptist Women [6/83]

Box 9 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1993

"For Such a Time As This" Baccalaureate, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI [6/11/93] "Called To Hope" PCUSA GA, Orlando, FL [6/6/93] "For Such a Time As This" 1st Congregational Church, Winter Park, FL [6/6/93] Remarks at Memorial Service for Cesar Chavez, NY [6/2/93] "For Such a Time As This" Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA [5/23/93] "For Such a Time As This" Moravian Seminary, Bethlehem, PA [5/16/93] Prayer at funeral of Nancy Morrison, Cleveland, OH [5/1/93] "Family Values: National Call to Sacrifice, Eastern OH Assoc., UCC, Canton OH [4/24/93] "New Realities: Disarmament, Peace Building and Global Security" UN Conference, NY [4/20/93] Interview w/Roy Lloyd [4/12/93] Notre Dame College of OH, Cleveland OH [3/29/93] "Family Values: Call to Sacrifice" UMC Global Gathering, Indianapolis, IN [3/27/93] "The NCCC and Orthodox Churches", Brookline, MA [3/23/93] Sermon, Interfaith IMPACT, Washington, DC [3/15/93] "The Politics of Sacrifice" Lenten Service, T.I.C. [3/3/93] "Communications and the Urban Mission" ECDU Unit Committee, NY [2/23/93] Remarks at the NCCC Press Conference, Washington DC [2/23/93] "Unity, A Matter of the Heart" WCC/NCC consultation, Hong Kong [2/17/93] "Aflame with Compassion" Ecumenical Ministries Annual Meeting, Portland, OR [2/7/93] "Eyes of Faith" Portland, OR [2/7/93] and Youngstown, OH [1/14/93] "Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit" Topeka, KS [1/31/93] "Ecumenism at the Crossroads" Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO [1/27/93] Invocation at MLK Jr. Luncheon, Washington, DC [1/11/93] "Response of the Religious Community to the American Challenge" National Prayer Service, Washington DC [1/2/093] Invocation given at Presidential Dinner, Washington, DC [1/18/93] Speech on Poverty, International Development Conference, Washington, DC [1/13/93] "Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit" Jacksonville, FL and Topeka, KS [1/17/93]

Box 10 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1992

Christmas Eve Sermon, Park Avenue Christian Church, NY [12/24/92] "So Set up the Signs" Washington Cathedral, Washington, DC [12/20/92] "A Time for Weeping: Our Cities in Crisis" North Shore U Society, Plandome, NY [11/22/92] Speech, Heights Community Congress, Cleveland Heights, OH [11/15/92] Report of General Secretary to General board, NCCC, Cleveland, OH [11/11/92] Humboldt Lecture, Eureka College, Eureka, IL [11/5/92] "Nothing But an Idle Tale" GCC, UMC, Nashville, TN [10/29/92] Sermon, North Christian Church, Columbus, IN [10/25/92] "Whose Family, Who's Values?" Riverside Church [10/18/92] Speech, National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council [9/21/92] Korean trip—Remarks on Ephesians 2, New Humanity [summer 1992] "To Form a More Perfect Union" Glover Installation [8/30/92] "Lord of All the Nations" Chautauqua, NY [7/30/92] "Alabaster Cities Dimmed by Human Tears" Chautauqua, NY [7/28/92] "Liberty and Justice for All" Chautauqua, NY [7/27/92] "To Form a More Perfect Union" Chautauqua, NY [7/26/92] "Lift Every Voice and Sing" Chautauqua, NY [n.d.] "Living Out the Ecumenical Vision in America Today" National Association Ecumenical Staff, Indianapolis, IN [7/11/92] Address, Korean Presbyterian General Assembly, Englewood, NJ [6/23/92] Statement on the Environment [5/27/92] Speech, National Workshop on Christian Unity, Denver, CO [5/6/92] Sermon, Park Avenue Christian Church, NYC [5/2/92] Address, Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford, CT [4/30/92] "What Role Should Politics, Religion Family and Schools Play in Shaping the Morality of America?" Face the Nation [4/19/92] "Mother, Behold Your Son" Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, NY [4/17/92] Address, PCUSA General Assembly Council [3/26/92] "Your Faith Will Make You Whole" American Protestant Health Assoc. Annual Meeting Indianapolis, IN [3/8/92] National Workshop: Christian Unity [3/6/92] "And a Child Should Lead Us" Remarks at Children's Defense Fund Interfaith Service, Atlanta, GA [3/5/92] "The Face of God" Chicago Sunday Evening Club [2/9/92] "Statement of the Ecumenical Endeavor" General Secretary's Report to PCUSA Cabinet [2/4/92] "The Making of A Leader" Riverside Church [2/2/92] "The Face of God" T.I.C. NY [1/22/92] "Changing Gender Roles and Cultural Differences" Jewish Theological Seminary, NY [1/7/92] "Spirit of the living God" National Black Families [n.d.]

Box 11 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1991

"Magnificat/Table Tithe" NCC Staff, T.I.C. [12/18/91] Sermon, Church Pension Board Meeting, Tampa, FL [12/6/91] Greetings on the Visit of Patriarch Aleksy II, NY [11/11/91] Sermon, Ecumenical Service, Danbury, CT [11/3/91] "Eyes of Faith" Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa, OK [10/27/91] "Ecumenism at the Crossroads" COCU, Tulsa, OK [10/26/91] "Called to Hope" Statement, D.O.C. Assembly, Tulsa, OK [10/26/91] Sermon on Mark, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NY [10/13/91] "Universal Health Care For Body, Mind and Soul" Cleveland, OH [10/11/92] "Remarks about the New World Order Project" CWSW Committee [10/1/91] Interfaith Service, Jimmy Carter [9/30/91] "Whose World Is It Anyway?" Women of ELCA, Asheville, NC [9/20/92] "Civil Rights: Protecting and Expanding the Dream" Washington, DC [9/19/91] "Racism: A Challenge to Christian Faith" UM Board of Global Ministries, Columbus, OH [8/19/91] "Women Church Leaders: Does it Matter?" Sojourners 20th Anniv. [8/15- 18/91] "The Prophetic Church: Are We Prepared?" Sojourners [8/15-18/91] "Structural Unity-Ephesians" Sojourners [8/15-18/91] "One Shepard, One Flock" Cleveland, OH [7/28/91] "Whose World is it Anyway?" Presbyterian Women, Ames, IA [7/21/91] "One Flock, One Shepard" American Baptist Churches, Charleston, WV [6/20/91] "Toward a Truly New World Order" Lecture, Dallas, TX [6/16/91] Commencement Address, Bethany College, Bethany WV [5/25/91] Speech, Northeast Regional Association of Grant makers [5/2/91] "One Flock, One Shepard" Indianapolis, IN [4/21/91] Sermon, Phillips Univ. and Phillips Graduate Seminary, Tulsa, OK [1/29- 31/91] "One Flock, One Shepard" Riverside Church, NY [1/15/91]

Box 12 Speeches, Sermons, Interviews, 1990

Acceptance Speech, General Secretary, NCCCUSA [12/90] "Our Common Future" [8/90] Mission Challenges for the 90's GB of GM of UMC, Emory Univ., Atlanta, GA [4/2-11/90] Sermon, Grace Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon, VA [4/90] "Strength for the Struggle" (Mandela Sermon) Northern California Christian Church (Disciples) [3/31/90]

Box 13 Biographical files, news releases, drafts and correspondence, circa 1990 -- 1999

"A Season for Justice" Biographical Information on Joan Brown Campbell The book… (see also Watley/Judson) "For Such a Time As This" Early version of Esther (JBC) Articles written by and interviews with… Miscellaneous News Releases and clippings Scripture texts copied UTS archives Watley/Judson (see also the book….) Wedding address Women in Christian Thought Project 1992

Box 14 Audiotapes, 1993 -- 2000, 7 audiocassettes; 7 audiocassettes

"Family Values: Bearing One Another's Burdens" [11/18/93] JBC in Manila [1/95] "Bearing One Another's Burdens" [10/27/96] "Eyes Wide Open to the Mercies of God" [11/10/96] "Transcending the Politics of Illusion" [4/6-9/97] "So Great A Cloud of Witnesses" [2000] "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" [1/9/00]