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Office of Public Affairs Photograph Collection, ca.1947-2006.

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Title:Office of Public Affairs Photograph Collection, ca.1947-2006.
Physical description:125.80 linear feet (50 document boxes; 3 slide boxes; 2 photo binders; 43 index card boxes; 69 clamshell boxes; 46 record cartons).
Language(s):In English


This collection is arranged in five series. Each series has its own box numbering sequence so when requesting boxes be sure to include the series number as well as the box number.


Scope and Content

This collection is a combination of several different accessions of prints, negatives, contact sheets, color slides and digital files that were created by the University Photographer and others in the Columbia University Office of Public Affairs. The collection documents many events held on campus (e.g., commencement, homecoming, 1968 protests), the Morningside campus, individuals (faculty, student athletes) and sporting events.

Series I: Photographs

Alphabetically arranged prints of a variety of subjects, places and events associated with Columbia University. The bulk of the images are undated, but those with noted dates usually date from the 1950s through the 1990s. Topics included in this series include commencement, Pulitzer Prizes, homecoming, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and many images of campus features and buildings.

Series II: Negatives

Negatives found in this series are a mix of original and copy negatives of 35mm and larger formats. They are almost exclusively black and white and all originate from the University Photographer’s office. The negatives in this series consist of portraits, campus events, and athletic contests taken primarily between1947 and 1998. Subject designations created by the University Photographer were maintained as individual sub-series in this collection. This series is particularly useful for finding images of people from and events held in the 1970s and 1980s. Negatives are still stored in the original envelopes and sleeves, though were re-boxed into archival negative boxes.

Subseries II.1. Portraits, 1950s-1980

Negatives of individuals with Columbia connections.

Subseries II. 2. Athletics, 1940s-1980s

Negatives depicting Columbia athletic events.

Subseries II.3. Athletics-Portraits, 1947-1982

Subseries II.4. Events, 1946-1971

Negatives of various campus events.

Subseries II.5. Color Slides, 1952-1974

Small subseries of color slides depicting events, people and campus features.

Subseries II.6. Student Portraits, 1954-1965

Negatives of student portraits.

Subseries II.7. Columbia University Press, 1948-1969

Negatives of images presumably used by Columbia University Press.

Subseries II.8. Churches and Seminaries, 1958-1968

Negatives of buildings, people and events associated with churches and seminaries in the Morningside Heights neighborhood.

Subseries II.9 American Press Institute, 1957-1968

Negatives of events and people associated with the Graduate School of Journalism’s American Press Institute.

Subseries II.10. School of Social Work, 1951-1969

Negatives of events, people and classes associated with the School of Social Work.

Subseries II.11. Bicentennial, 1953-1954

Negatives of events associated with Columbia’s Bicentennial celebrations in 1953-1954.

Subseries II.12. Fellowships and Scholarships, 1949-1962

Negatives of recipients and events associated with various fellowships and scholarships offered by Columbia University.

Subseries II.13. Buildings and Grounds & Snow Scenes, 1947-1969

Negatives of campus scenes and buildings and snow scenes on campus.

Subseries II.14. Historical (Copy negatives), 1898-1982

Copy negatives of historical events and individuals from older photographic prints. Dates noted are for the original image from which the copy negative was created.

Subseries II.15. Paintings, Busts, etc., 1952-1982

Negatives depicting medals, plaques, art objects and paintings created for or held by Columbia University.

Subseries II.16. Teachers College, 1949-1968

Negatives of people and events associated with Teachers College.

Subseries II.17. Barnard College, 1940s-1960s

Negatives of people, buildings, and events associated with Barnard College.

Subseries II.18. Medical Center (Health Sciences), 1948-1964

Negatives of people, events and buildings associated with the Columbia Medical Center.

Subseries II.19. Grayson Kirk, 1947-1967

Negatives of people and events associated with Grayson Kirk.

Subseries II.20. Events, 1965-1983

Negatives of various Columbia events and individuals associated with particular events.

Subseries II.21. Warman Freelance--Barnard

Negatives of images taken by University Photographer Manny Warman, on a freelance basis, of Barnard College events and people.

Subseries II.22. Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1947-1969 (1947-1953)

Negatives of events and people associated with Dwight D. Eisenhower, primarily from the years he was president of Columbia University.

Subseries II.23. Subjects, 1983-1998

Negatives of various modern campus events and subjects.

Subseries II.24. Copy Negatives

Copy negatives created from photographic prints of people, events and places. Dates appear to be the date the copy negatives were created, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s.

Series III: Color Slides

Color slides most likely originating from the University Photographer depicting various university events, athletics, student life and views of campus and campus buildings. Among the events represented are the inaugurations of President William J. McGill (1970) and Michael I. Sovern (1980) as well as commencement ceremonies. Among the commencement 1967 slides one can find images of campus buildings and landscaping in the full bloom and some images of architectural models for the development of East Campus. Note that there are two sets of 1969 commencement slides. Slides are listed alphabetically by subject and/or name and are arranged in two slide boxes which each contain six smaller boxes. These are indicated as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. in the container list.

Series IV: Protest and Activism Photographs

These photographs consist of black-and-white photographic prints, negatives, and contact sheets depicting student protest activities at Columbia from April 21, 1967 to April 21, 1969, with the overwhelming majority of items dating from April and May, 1968 - the period of the most sustained and significant student protests at Columbia.

The images depict protest activities around the campus, scenes of the occupation in a number of Columbia buildings, and the aftermath of these occupations, as well as many of the Columbia individuals who were prominently involved in the student protests. These individuals include SDS student leader Mark Rudd, Columbia President Grayson Kirk, Vice President David Truman, Columbia College Dean Henry Coleman, and Assistant Dean Michael Platt. Faculty members who figured prominently in events, such as Michael Sovem (Co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Joint Faculties of Columbia and later President of Columbia), Alan Westin (also Co-chair of the Executive Committee and a member of the Ad Hoc Faculty Group Steering Committee), and Immanual Wallerstein (Ad Hoc Faculty Group Steering Committee), as well as Archibald Cox and other members of the Cox Commission, which was formed in early May, 1968 to investigate the causes of the protests, are also featured in these images.

Prints, negatives, and contact sheets are arranged chronologically and housed together in two archival photo binders. Two sets of negatives are 120 mm format, while the rest of the items in the collection are 35 mm format. Duplicate copies of some prints and numerous duplicates of some contact sheets have been retained, but they are foldered and housed separately in one manuscript box.

Apart from the 1967 and 1969 rolls, the prints and contact sheets were originally housed in 15 large manila envelopes, which were dated on the outside, while the negatives were housed in 65 protective sleeves, which were labeled "Protest" and also bore dates, along with A, B, C, ...markings in some instances (e.g. "4/48/68-A "); these additional notations are on the inventory listing, when applicable.

A few of the negative sleeves also had brief descriptive hand-written notes about the subjects of the photos. In addition, many of the negatives and contact sheets had themselves been dated, presumably by their photographer. These dates and notes have been used to date the items and to organize and describe the collection. They have been compared with dates in the select chronologies of events depicted.

The University Photographer for the Office of Public Affairs during these years was Manny Warman, but the negatives cannot be definitively attributed to him. Some negative sleeves had names noted on them, along with dates and other information, and these may be the names of photographers; this information is noted as follows:

"Phil": rolls 12, 18,23,24,29,30,38,39,40,41,51,5455,58 "Goldstein": rolls 12,21,27,34,43,63 "O'Stearle": roll28 "Heller": roll 29 "Erica": roll 36

"Bob Noble": rolls 69, 70 "Eckenberg": roll 73

Series V: Eileen Barroso Photographs

Negatives, prints, contact sheets and digital files stored on compact discs dating between 1999 and 2006. This series also includes some older prints and negatives taken by University Photographer Joe Pinero in the 1970s-1990s. Image files are arranged in the order they were packed by Eileen Barroso for transfer to the University Archives and all materials have been maintained in their original folders, envelopes and sleeves. The files are roughly in alphabetical and reverse chronological order, though there are some folders not be in true alphabetical or chronological order.

Images depict various university events, lectures, panels, orientation activities, campus and building images, sporting events, special occasions, events organized by various schools and departments (e.g., General Studies, Columbia College, Journalism, Business School) and many faculty and staff portraits. Among the events that are repeatedly depicted are Commencement, John Jay Awards, Great Teacher Awards, Bancroft Prizes, and Pulitzer Prizes. There are also many 250th events from 2003 and 2004 documented in these files.

Several acronyms are used on many of the folder titles. Ones that come up repeatedly are:

SIPA= School of International and Public Affairs

P&S = College of Physicians and Surgeons

CC = Columbia College

Record = refers to photos taken for the publication The Columbia Record published by the Office of Public Affairs

CAVA = Columbia Area Volunteer Ambulance

Several folders were captured in the initial creation of the container list but were subsequently removed upon further review. As a result folder numbering within boxes 14, 16, 17, 21, 29, 36, 38, and 44 will skip around.

Using the Collection

Access Restrictions

Access to any digital files found in Series V (Eileen Barroso Photographs) needs to be specifically arranged with an archives staff member. Otherwise, there are no restrictions in this collection.

This collection is located on site.

Restrictions on Use

Single copies may be made for research purposes. The RBML maintains ownership of the physical material only. Copyright remains with the creator and his/her heirs. The responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron.

Preferred Citation

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Office of Public Affairs Photograph Collection; Series Number; Box and Folder (if known); University Archives, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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History / Biographical Note

Historical Note

The position of University Photographer in the Office of Public Information was created in 1947. Manny Warman worked as a freelance photographer before filling this position, which he held until 1983. Prior to this position, photographers at the University were employed either as work-for-hire or staff, but were not officers of the administration. For this reason, employment records were not retained for these photographers. Freelance photographers may have been used by the University Photographer, but not credited.

The University Photographer photographed material primarily for use by the Office of Public Information (now the Office of Public Affairs), but also worked for other departments and individuals. During Manny Warman's tenure the bulk of his photographs were published in the periodical Columbia Alumni News. Many of these particular images can be found in this collection. Alumni News was published by the Alumni Council of Columbia University, 1901-1953.

Joe Pineiro was photographing for the University in the 1970s and held the position of University photographer from 1983 until 1998. Eileen Barroso began taking photographs for the University in 1985 and assumed the University Photograph position in 1998, continuing in this role as of 2012.

The first issue of the periodical, Columbia University Record was published on July 22, 1975. Roger J. Hackett served as editor for the Record for 18 years, ending in 1998, at which time managing editor, Amy Callahan took over the position from 1998 through 2000. She was followed by Pamela Q. Vu (2000-2001), Jason Hollander (2001-2003), Colin Morris (2003-2004), Peter Kobel (2004-2005) and Mary-Lea Cox (2005-2007). The Record is currently edited by Bridget O'Brian who became editor in 2007. The Record currently publishes on a monthly basis.