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Series III: Books Based on University Seminars

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Box 390 Birdwhistell, Anne D. Li Yong (1627-1705) and epistemological dimensions of Confucian philosophy. Anne D. Birdwhistell Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.

Box 390 Hart, Albert G. Debt, crisis, and recovery: the 1930s and the 1990s. Albert G. Hart and Perry Mehrling Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series. Paperback. 2 copies., 1930s

Box 390 Columbia University. University Seminars. The University seminars: subjects, speakers, and members 1970 1971. Columbia University [New York: The University; 1971]., 1970

Box 390 Zwass, Vladimir. Management information systems. Vladimir Zwass [Dubuque, Iowa]: WIll. C. Brown Publishers.

Box 390 Larmore, Charles. The romantic legacy. Charles Lannore New York: Columbia University Press.

Box 390 Berrol, Selma. East Side, East End: Eastern European Jews in London and New Yorlc, 1870-1920. Selma Berrol Westport, Connecticut; London: Praeger.

Box 390 Berrol, Selma C. Julia Richman: a notable woman. Selma C. Berrol Philadelphia: The Balch Institute Press; London and Toronto: Associated University Press.

Box 390 Popkin, Cathy. The pragmatics of insignificance : Chekhov, Zoshchenko, Gogol. Cathy Popkin Stanford, California: Stanford University Press; 93; Studies ofthe Harriman Institute, Columbia University.

Box 390 Changing structure of Mexico : political, social, and economic prospects. Laura Randall, editor Annonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 390 Reforming Mexico's agrarian reform. Laura Randall, editor Annonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 390 Paul Tillich: a new Catholic assessment. Monika Hellwig ret al.] and Raymond F. Bulman, Frederick J. Parrella editors Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press.A Michael Glazier book.

Box 390 Workshop on Childhood and Adolescence in Cross-Cultural Perspective (2000 New York Academy of Sciences). Childhood and adolescence: cross-cultural perspectives and applications. edited by Uwe P. Gielen and Jaipaul Roopnarine Westport, Connecticut: Praeger; 2004 Advances in applied developmental psychology, 2004

Box 391 Pollution and water resources. edited by George J. Halasi-Kun and Kemble Widmer [New York: Columbia

Box 390 University]; 68; Columbia University seminar series.Holdings: v .1-15,pt.l, 16-20, 22-27, 29-30, 35 (1967-19821984-19871989-1993 1995-19992004) v.26-27 : 2 copies. v.29 (1995-97) published by PANNON Agricultural University, Faculty of Mosomagyarovar and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Agricultural Science Section. v.35 (2004) published by ASCO Press.

Box 390 New Jersey. Geological Survey. Land oriented reference data system. New Jersey Geological Survey, Bureau of Geology and Topography Division of Water Resources Department of Environmental Protection S. 1.: S. n.; 74; Bulletin; 74.

Box 390 Schulman, Michael. Schools as moral communities: a framework and guide for school administrators, principals, and teachers. by Michael Schulman [New York: Jewish Foundation for Christian Rescuers/ADL].

Box 390 McNickle, Chris. To be May or ofNew York: ethnic politics in the city. Chris McNickle New York: Columbia University Press; The Columbia history ofurban life.

Box 390 Mollenkopf, John Hull. A phoenix in the ashes : the rise and fall ofthe Koch coalition in New York City politics. John Hull Mollenkopf Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press; The city in the Twenty-First Century.

Box 390 Lieberman, Richard K. Steinway & sons. Richard K. Lieberman New Haven & London: Yale University Press.

Box 390 Hood, Clifton. 722 miles: the building ofthe subways and how they transformed New York. Clifton Hood New York; London; Toronto; Sydney; Tokyo; Singapore: Simon & Schuster.

Box 392 Fogelman, Eva. Conscience & courage: rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust. Eva Fogelmanlst ed. ed. New York; London; Toronto; Sydney; Auckland: Anchor Books; Doubleday.

Box 392 Barth, James R. The future of American banking. James R. Barth, R. Dan Brumbaugh, Jr., and Robert E. Litan Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series."First printing.".

Box 392 Kumeker, Liza. Svoboda uchit'sia, svoboda uchit : posobie dlia uchitelia. L. Kumeker, Dzh. S. Shein and perevod s angliiskogo T. B. Tsyrlinoi Moskva: "Narodnoe Obrazovanie"; 94; Bibliotechka zhurnala "Narodnoe obrazovanie"; 1-3.

Box 392 Jaffe, A.J.. The first immigrants from Asia : a population history of the North American Indians. A. J. Jaffe and with the assistance of Carolyn Sperber New York and London: Plenum Press.

Box 392 American history, American television: interpreting the video past. edited by John E. O'Connor and foreword by Erik Barnouw New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co.; Ungar film library.

Box 391 Conference on International and Interstate Regulation of Water Pollution (New York and March12-13, 1970. International and interstate regulation of water pollution: proceedings of the Conference on International and Interstate Regulation of Water Pollution held at Columbia University School of Law, March12-13, 1970. proceedings editor: Cormac K. H. O'Malley New York: The Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, Columbia University School of Law; [1970]., March12-13, 1970, March12-13, 1970

Box 392 Maier, Joseph. Frank Tannenbaum: a biographical essay. by Joseph Maier and Richard W. Weatherhead and foreword by James Gutmann New York: University Seminars, Columbia University; 74.

Box 392 Halasi-Kun, Gyorgy. Komyezetvedelmi adatbank fehlllimsa New Jerseyben (USA). Halasi-Kun Gyorgy.Reprint from: Szernle. Foldrajzi Ertesit6 XXIX. evf. 1980. 2-3. fiizet, p. 335-349.

Box 392 Mensch, Gerhard, [Das technologische Patt. English]. Stalemate in technology : innovations overcome the depression. Gerhard Mensch Cambridge, Massachusetts: Ballinger Publishing Company.

Box 392 Fundamentalism and gender. edited by John Stratton Hawley New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press; 94.Paperback.

Box 392 Governing the city: challenges and options for New York. edited by Robert H. Connery and Demetrios Caraley New York: The Academy of Political Science, Columbia University; 69; Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science; 29, 00.4.

Box 392 The journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary.Holdings : v.21 (1992).

Box 392 Planning, politics, and the public interest. edited by Walter Goldstein New York: Columbia University Press; 78.

Box 392 Journal of urban history. Beverly Hills; London; Newbury Park; New Delhi: Sage Publications.Holdings : v.12, no.4 (August 1986) "This issue is devoted to The early years of public housing.".

Box 392 Semiotexte. New York: Semiotexte.Holdings: v.l, no.3 (1975).

Box 392 Halasi-Kun, Gyorgy. Die Ermittlung von Hochstabfliissen fUr Einzugsgebiete kleiner als 300 krn2 im Bereich der Slowakei : Methoden und Verfahren. von Georg Halasi-Kun [Braunschweig, Gennany: Leichtweill-Institut fUr Wasserbau und Gnmdbau der Technischen Universitat Braunschweig; 1968]; Mitteilungen aus dem Leichtwei13-Institut fUr Wasserbau und Gnmdbau; 22 (1968).

Box 392 Gross, Ronald. Independent scholarship: promise, problems, and prospects. Ronald Gross and Beatrice Gross New York: College Entrance Examination Board; 83.

Box 392 Jacob, Wolfgang. VorscWag zur Griindung von Leibniz-Akademien. Wolfgang Jacob Heidelberg: Verlag Lambert Schneider.

Box 392 Greenberg, Joseph H. Studies in African linguistic classification. Joseph H. Greenberg New Haven, [Connecticut]: The Compass Publishing Company; 55.

Box 392 Feitshans, Ilise Levy. Genetic testing during pregnancy: implications for womens' autonomous medical decisions under the genome project. prepared by : Ilise L. Feitshans [New York: Columbia University; 1995]. Videocassette. Working draft for the Columbia University seminar on the genome project.

Box 392 Feitshans, Ilise Levy. Human rights to healthy workplaces: a global perspective on implementation and compliance. by Ilise Levy Feitshans [New York: Columbia University; I 995].Videocassette. Working draft.

Box 392 Studying the Sikhs : issues for North America. edited by John Stratton Hawley and Gurinder Singh Mann [Albany, New York]: State University of New York Press.SUNY series in religious studies.

Box 392 Future challenges of management education. edited by Richard D. Carter [New York]: Praeger; Prager special studies; Prager scientific.Published in cooperation with the Columbia University seminars on organization and management.

Box 392 A community of scholars: the University Seminars at Columbia. edited by Frank Tannenbaum New York; Washington: Frederick A. Pnieger.

Box 392 The antitrust impulse: an economic, historical, and legal analysis. Theodore P. Kovaleff, editor Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 392 Toward sustainable development: struggling over India's Narmada River. William F. Fisher, editor Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 392 Neurath, Paul. From Malthus to the Club of Rome and back: problems of limits to growth, population control, and migrations. Paul Neurath Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 393 D'Arista, Jane W. The evolution of U.S. finance. Jane W. D'Arista Armonk, New York; London, England: M.E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series. Guttmann, Robert. How credit-money shapes the economy: the United States in a global system. Robert Guttmann Armonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 393 Warren, Joyce W. Fanny Fern : an independent woman. Joyce W. Warren New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

Box 393 Willis, Carol. Form follows finance: skyscrapers and skylines in New York and Chicago. Carol Willis 1st ed. ed. [New York]: Princeton Architectural Press.

Box 393 Vogel, Lise. Woman questions: essays for a materialist feminism. Lise Vogel New York: Routledge.Paperback.

Box 393 Schwartz, Joel. The New York approach: Robert Moses, urban liberals, and redevelopment of the inner city.

Box 393 Joel Schwartz Columbus, [Ohio]: Ohio State University Press; Urban life and urban landscape series.

Box 393 Fuchs, Ester R. May ors and money: fiscal policy in New York and Chicago. Ester R. Fuchs Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press; American politics and political economy series.Inscribed to the University Seminars.

Box 393 Nietzsche and Soviet culture: ally and adversary. edited by Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal [Cambridge, England]: Cambridge University Press; Cambridge studies in Russian literature.

Box 393 Sassen, Saskia. Losing control? : sovereignty in an age of globalization. Saskia Sassen New York: Columbia University Press; University Seminars: Leonard Hastings Schoff memorial lectures.

Box 393 Bernikow, Louise. The American women's almanac : an inspiring and irreverent women's history. Louise Bernikow, in association with the National Women's History Project, and developed by The Philip Lief Grouplst ed. ed. New York: Berkley Books.

Box 393 Moore, Deborah Dash. To the golden cities: pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L. A. Deborah Dash Moore New York: The Free Press; a division of Macmillan, Inc. ; Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan Canada New York; Oxford; Singapore; Sydney: Maxwell Macmillan International.

Box 393 Nepornnyashchy, Catharine Theimer. Abram Tertz and the poetics of crime. Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy New Haven and London: Yale University Press; Russian literature and thought.

Box 393 Dash, Irene G. Women's worlds in Shakespeare's plays. Irene G. Dash Newark: University of Delaware Press; London: Associated University Presses.

Box 393 Bogart, Michele H. Artists, advertising, and the borders of art. Michele H. Bogart Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press.

Box 393 Kaplan, Marion A., [The making of the Jewish middle class. German]. 1iidisches Biirgertum: Frau, Familie und Identitat irn Kaiserreich. Marion A. Kaplan [Hamburg] : Dolling und Galitz Verlag; Studien zur jildischen Geschichte; 3.Inscribed to Dr. Warner and the University Seminars.

Box 393 Groneman, Carol. Nympho mania: a history. Carol Gronemanlst ed. ed. New York; London: W. W. Norton & Company.

Box 393 Armstrong, Christopher Drew. Qui transtulit sustinet : William Berges, Francis Kimball, and the architecture of Hartford's Trinity College. Christopher Drew Armstrong.Offprint of article from: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, v. 59, no.2, June 2000 p.194-2159., June 2000

Box 393 Pollack, Robert. The faith of biology & the biology of faith : order, meaning, and free will in modern medical science. Robert Pollack New York: Columbia University Press.

Box 393 Mekler, Eva. Sunrise shows late: a novel. Eva Meklerlst ed. ed. Bridgehampton, New York: Bridge Works Publishing Company.

Box 394 Young, Serinity. Dreaming in the lotus: Buddhist dream narrative, imagery, & practice. Serinity Youn and foreword by Carol Schreier Rupprecht Boston: Wisdom Publications.

Box 394 Schooling for success : preventing repetition and dropout in Latin American primary schools. Laura Randall and Joan B. Anderson, editors Armonk, New York; London: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University seminar series.

Box 394 Depictions: Slavic studies in the narrative and visual arts in honor of William E. Harkins. edited by Douglas

Box 394 M. Greenfield [Dana Point, California]: Ardis; Studies of the Harriman Institute.

Box 394 Russell, 1. M. Some painted bricks from Nineveh, a preliminary report. by J. M. Russel1.0ffrint from: Iranica antiqua, v.34, 1999 p.85-108., 1999

Box 394 Armitage, David. The idelogical origins of the British Empire. David Armitage [Cambridge, England; New York; Melbourne, Australia ; Madrid]: Cambridge University Press; Ideas in context.Paperback.

Box 394 Triner, Gail D. Banking and economic development: Brazil, 1889-1930. Gail D. Triner [New York; Houndrnills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England]: Palgrave.

Box 394 Van Dyck, Karen. Kassandra and the censors : Greek poetry since 1967. Karen Van Dyck Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press; Reading women writing.Paperback.

Box 394 Italy's "southern question" : orientalism in one country. edited by Jane Schneider Oxford; New York: Berg.Paperback.

Box 394 Zucker, Ross. Democratic distributive justice. Ross Zucker [Cambridge, England; New York; Oakley, Victoria, Australia ; Madrid; Cape Town, South Africa]: Cambridge University Press.

Box 394 Dye, Alan. Cuban sugar in the age of mass production: technology and the economics of the Sugar Central, 1899-1929. Alan Dye Stanford, California: Stanford University Press; 98.

Box 394 Pugliese, Stanis lao G. Carlo Rosselli: socialist heretic and antifascist exile. Stanislao G. Pugliese Cambridge, Massachusetts; London: Harvard University Press; 99.Autographed.

Box 394 On the way to Nineveh: studies in honor of George M. Landes. edited by Stephen L. Cook and S. C. Winter Atlanta: Scholars Press; American Schools of Oriental Research books; 4.

Box 394 Golden, Stephanie. Slaying the mermaid: women and the culture of sacrifice. Stephanie Golden Ist ed. ed. New York: Harmony Books.

Box 394 Musser, Charles. Edison motion pictures, 1890-1900 an annotated filmography. Charles Musser [Washington,, 1890-1900

Box 394 D. c.]: Smithsonian Institution Press; Le Giomate del Cinema Muto.

Box 394 Encyclopedia of women and world religion. edited by Serinity Young New York: Macmillan Reference USA.

Box 394 The challenge of full employment in the global economy. Helen Lachs Ginsburg, June Zaccone, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Sheila D. Collins, and Sumner M. Rosen New York: National Jobs for All Coalition.

Box 394 . Trurnbach, Randolph. Sex and the gender revolution. Randolph Trumbach Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press.Holdings: V.I. Heterosexuality and the third gender in Enlightenment London (cI998).

Box 394 Reyfrnan, Irina. Ritualized violence Russian style: the duel in Russian culture and literature. Irina Reyfman Stanford, California: Stanford University Press; Studies of the Harriman Institute, Columbia University.

Box 395 Schooling for success: preventing repetition and dropout in Latin American primary schools. Laura Randall and Joan B. Anderson, editors Annon}(, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University Seminar series.

Box 395 The arch rhetorician: or, The schemer's skimmer: a handbook of Jate Arabic badi . drawn from Abd ai-Ghani an-Nabulsi's Nafahat al-Azhar 'ala Nasamat aI-Ashar and smrunarized and systematized by Pierre Cachia Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag; 98; Studies in Arabic language and literature; 3.

Box 395 Strother, Z. S. Inventing masks: agency and history in the art of the central Pende. Z. S. Strother Chicago and London: The Univesity of Chicago Press.

Box 395 Dolkart, Andrew S. Morningside Heights: a history of its architecture & development. Andrew S. Dolkart New York: Columbia University Press; The Columbia history of urban life.

Box 395 Bulman, Raymond F. The lure of the millennium: the year 2000 and beyond. Raymond F. Bulman Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books., 2000

Box 395 Zupnick, Elliot. Visions and revisions: the United States in the global economy. Elliot Zupnick [Boulder, Colorado]: Westview Press; a member of the Perseus Books Group.

Box 395 Religion and human rights? : competing claims. Carrie Gustafson and Peter Juviler, editors Annonk, New York; London, England: M. E. Sharpe; Columbia University Seminar series.

Box 395 Haqqi, Yahya, Dima' wa-tin. English. Blood and mud: three narratives. by Yahya Haqqi and translated by Pierre Cachialst English language ed. ed. [Pueblo, Colorado: Passeggiata Press].An original by Passeggiata.

Box 395 Yelin, Louise. From the margins of empire: Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer. Louise Yelin Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press; Reading women writing."First printing, Cornell paperbacks.".

Box 395 Between history and histories: the making of silences and commemorations. edited by Gerald Sider and Gavin Smith Toronto; Buffalo; London: University of Toronto Press; Anthropological horizons.Paperback.

Box 395 Contract and property in early modern China. edited by Madeleine Zelin, Jonathan K. Ocko and Robert Gardella Stanford, California: Stanford University Press; 2004.A study of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University.

Box 395 Migration: immigration and emigration in international perspective. edited by Leonore Loeb Adler and Uwe

Box 395 P. Gielen and foreword by Robert 1. Kleiner, Barnabas I. Okeke and Tom Sorensen Westport, Connecticut; London: Praeger.

Box 395 Gabbard, Krin. Black magic: white Hollywood and African American culture. Krin Gabbard New Brunswick, New Jersey; London: Rutgers University Press.

Box 395 Whittaker, Cynthia H. Russian monarchy: eighteenth-century rulers and writers in political dialogue. Cynthia Hyla Whittaker DeKalb, [Illinois]: Northern Illinois University Press; 200}.

Box 395 Young, Serinity. Courtesans and tantric consorts: sexualities in Buddhist narrative, iconography and ritual. Serinity Young New York: Routledge; 2004.

Box 395 Zitser, Ernest A. The transfigured kingdom: sacred parody and charismatic authority at the court of Peter the Great. Ernest A. Zitser Ithaca: Cornell University Press; 2004.

Box 395 .Sterritt, David. Screening the beats: media culture and the beat sensibility. David Sterritt Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.

Box 396 McLean, Stuart Stuart John. The event and its terros : Ireland, famine, modernity. Stuart McLean Stanford, Connecticut: Stanford University Press; 2004 Cultural memory in the present., 2004

Box 396 Sun, Yan. Corruption and market in contemporary China. Yan Sun Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press; 2004 ., 2004

Box 396 Children and their families in big cities: strategies for service reform. co-editors: Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman New York: Cross-National Studies Research Program, Columbia University School of Social Work;

Box 396 Walsh, Judith E. Domesticity in colonial India: what women learned when men gave them advice. Judith E. Walsh Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Box 396 Cohen, Myron L. Kinship, contract, community, and state: anthropological perspectives on China. Myron L. Cohen Stanford, Connecticut: Stanford University Press; 2005 Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University., 2005

Box 396 China's environment and the challenge of sustainable development. Kristen A. Day, editor and foreword by N.T. Wang Armonk, New York: M. E. Sharpe.

Box 396 Greene, Diana. Reinventing romantic poetry: Russian women poets of the mid-nineteenth century. Diana Greene Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press; 2004 Studies of the Harriman Institute., 2004

Box 396 Hendershot, Heather. Shaking the world for Jesus: media and conservative evangelical culture. Heather Hendershot Chicago: University of Chicago Press; 2004.

Box 396 Mullin, Robert Bruce. The Puritan as Yankee: a life of Horace Bushnell. Robert Bruce Mullin and [foreword by Allen C. Guelzo] Grand Rapids, Michigan: W. B. Eerdmans Pub. Co.; Library of religious biography.

Box 396 Rosand, David. The invention of painting in America. David Rosand New York: Columbia University Press; University seminarslLeonard Hastings Schoof memorial lectures.

Box 396 Sinkoff, Nancy. Out of the shtetl : making Jews modem in the Polish borderlands. Nancy Sinkoff Providence: Brown Judaic Studies; Brown Judaic studies; 336.

Box 396 Tabb, William K. Economic governance in the age of globalization. William K. Tabb New York: Columbia University Press.

Box 396 Baron, Beth. Egypt as a woman: nationalism, gender, and politics. Beth Baron Berkeley: University of California Press.

Box 396 Golden, Janet. Message in a bottle: the making of fetal alcohol syndrome. by Janet Golden Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press; 2005.

Box 396 IIS.Lucia, Cynthia A. Barto Cynthia Anne Barto. Framing female lawyers: women on trial in film. Cynthia Lucialst ed. ed. Austin: University of Texas Press; 2005.

Box 396 Spense, Louise. Watching daytime soap operas: the power of pleasure. Louise Spence Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press.

Box 396 Families in global perspective. edited by Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Uwe P. Gielen Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.