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   Graduate School of Arts and Sciences records 1956-1986 1968-1983

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Graduate School of Arts and Sciences records; Box and Folder; University Archives, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University in the City of New York.

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Series II: Records of the Dean, 1968-1986

The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) is the administrative center of the Graduate School. The Office mediates internal relationships between the Graduate School and other schools within the University, with other administrative units, and among departments within GSAS. The Office also negotiates the School's relationship with academia and the public. This series represents administrative activities of GSAS, including the Committee on Instruction, the University Senate, and fundraising for the Graduate School and for individual programs, such as Jewish Studies.

Subseries II.1: George K. Fraenkel, 1968-1986

This subseries is arranged in alphabetical order and in reverse chronological order within the folders. This series points to the fiscal troubles that faced the University in the 1970s and illustrates the Dean George K. Fraenkel’s fundraising activities.

Atran Foundation, 1968 February-1976 December (2 folders)
Central Administration, 1970 November -1980 November (7 folders)

Box 15
Department Budget 1983-1984 Forms B-H, Ribbon, 1982 April -1982 July
1982-1983 Forms A, 1982 March-1982 May
Forms B-H, Ribbon, 1981 May -1982 February
1981-1982 Form A, 1981 January -1982 April
Forms B-H, Ribbon, 1980 April -1981 May
1980-1981 Form A, 1979 November -1980 November
Forms B-H, Ribbon, 1979 April -1979 May
1979-1980 Form A, 1979 March-1979 April
Forms B-H, Ribbon, 1978 April -1979 January
General Education Program, 1972 November -1976 December (2 folders)
General Studies, School of: Committee on Instruction, 1969 January -1985 April (3 folders)
GSAS: Admissions and Student Questions, 1977 January -1985 June (4 folders)
Financial Aid, 1981 May -1983 June (2 folders)
Financial Aid, 1968 January -1981 February(3 folders)

Box 16
Higgins Trust: External, 1972 April -1983 October (3 folders)
General and Internal to Columbia, 1970 July -1984 June (5 folders)
Institute Russian, 1962 September -1978 December (4 folders)
Institutional Cooperation: General, 1969 October -1977 December (4 folders)
International Affairs, School of, 1966 February-1976 December (3 folders)
Language Laboratory, 1968 October -1972 June
New York State Education Department: Doctoral Council, 1973-March-June
Doctoral Council, 1972 June -1973 February

Box 17
Philosophy, Faculty of: Committee on Instruction, 1967 October -1972 December (2 folders)
Physicians and Surgeons, College of, 1963 July -1975 July (4 folders)
Political Science, Faculty of: Committee on Instruction, 1967 June -1979 March(3 folders)
Premedical-Medical Education, 1971 May -1975 February
President, Office of the, 1968 September -1984 June (4 folders)
President's Council of Deans, 1971 September -1975 June
Task Force on Resources, 1974 January -1975 February
Projects and Grants, Office of, 1980 March-1986 January (2 folders)
Registrar, Office of the, 1969 January -1983 May (3 folders)
Senate, University, 1985 January -1986 March(3 folders)
Senate, University, 1982 September -1984 December (2 folders)

Box 18
Committee on External Relations, 1975 September -1978 June (5 folders)
Seven Springs Conference, 1977 March-1978 March(2 folders)
Studies, Language and Area Centers, 1971 March-1972 December
Armenian, 1977 January -1981 April (5 folders)
Hispanic, 1978 November -1981 September
Jewish, 1977 January -1984 June (9 folders)
Jewish, 1969 December -1976 December (3 folders)

Box 19
Assignments, 1977 March-1982 June
Baron Reception, 1979 March-May
Brochure, 1975 October -1977 February
Prospect Files, A-Z
(4 folders)
Oriental, 1961 August -1981 May
Summer Session, 1967 August -1977 March
Administrative Board, 1971 September -1978 February(2 folders)
Teachers College, 1969 September -1985 April (3 folders)
Psychology Doctoral Program Review, 1981 March-1982 March
University Seminars on Higher Education, 1962 September -1983 December (4 folders)

Subseries II.2: Gillian Lindt, 1980-1985

This subseries contains the departmental and appointment correspondence between the Office of the Dean and the different academic departments in the GSAS. It includes materials related to graduate degree requirements, department reorganizations, newsletters, surveys and fellowship awards.

Middle East Language and Culture, 1981

Box 20
History, 1983-1985

(correspondence on graduate student matters)

Department of Geological Sciences, 1980-1982
Classics, 1984-1985
Art History and Archaeology, 1980-1982

(correspondence on departmental and graduate student matters, particularly within the archeology program)

Art History and Archaeology, 1963-1985

(department newsletters and correspondence)

Chinese Art History, 1977-1979
Astronomy, 1984-1985
Biological Sciences, 1983-1985
Chemistry, 1983-1985
Advisory Committee on East Asian Languages and Culture, 1982-1983

(correspondence concerning the East Asian Advisory Committee and faculty reaction)

English and Comparative Literature, 1982-1985

(departmental correspondence including appointments and program reorganization)

Economics, 1982-1985
French and Romance Philology, 1984
Geography, 1984-1985
Philosophy, 1985

(Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination awareness issue and grievance mechanisms)

Philosophy, 1984-1985
Geological Sciences, 1984-1984

(departmental academic concerns and proposals, graduate student progress)

Germanic Languages, 1983-1985
Music, 1984-1985
Italian, 1985
Mathematics, 1984-1985

(survey of department)

Middle East Languages and Culture, 1985
Physics, 1984-1985
Political Science, 1983-1985
Psychology, 1984
Religion, 1982-1985

(American religion bibliography)

Slavic Languages, 1985
Sociology, 1984-1985
Spanish and Portuguese, 1984-1985

(guidelines for graduate students)

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