Columbia University Archives

Pre-Med journal records, 1960-1970

Series I. Pre-Med journal records, 1960-1970

The majority of the Pre-Med journal records are production files, which include layouts, proofs, edited manuscripts and related correspondence. The files are organized by volume and issue number. There are also general files, which include correspondence with Merck, Sharp and Dohme, the members of the Pre-Med Board of Consultants, and prospective article writers. There is also correspondence requesting permission to reprint articles, request for subscriptions, and a number of letters of appreciation.

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Box 1 Production files

Volume I, number 1, 1961-1962

Volume I, number 2, 1961

Volume I, number 3, 1961-1962

Volume II, number 1, 1960-1962

Volume II, number 2, 1962-1963

Volume II, number 3, 1963

Volume III, number 1, 1962-1964

Volume III, number 2, 1963-1964

Volume III, number 3, 1963-1964

Volume IV, number 1, 1964-1965

Volume IV, number 2, 1964

Volume IV, number 3, 1964-1965

Volume V, number 1, 1965

Volume VI, number 1, 1965

Volume VIII, number 2, 1969

General files

Administrative information, 1960s

American Medical Association (AMA) datagrams, 1961-1965

Article leads, 1961-1964

Article leads, 1965-1967

Article submissions, 1960s

Articles under consideration, 1961-1965

Correspondence re: unpublished articles, 1961-1964

Correspondence, 1965-1970

David K. Rassin, Editor, correspondence, 1963-1965

Future possibilities, 1960s

Merck suggestions, 1961-1967

National Pre-Med Society, 1965-1967

Questionnaire logistics, 1963

Robert J. Reza, Editor, correspondence, 1963-1965