Columbia University Archives

Columbia University in World War II collection, 1933-1975

Series V: Educational and Military Training Programs

This series contains bulletins, graduation programs, publications, newspaper articles, speeches, conference proceedings and other printed matter relating to military training programs at Columbia. The programs included the United States Naval Reserve (U.S.N.R.) Midshipmen's School, the Navy V-12 program and the U.S. Navy School of Military Government and Administration. Educational programs are represented by course descriptions, announcements, newspaper clippings and information about various educational opportunities related to the war effort. Usually the material is about intensive courses and programs in language or engineering and related sciences. Newspaper clipping file includes articles about courses designed specifically for women dated from 1942 and one from June, 1943.

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Box 48 Folder 4 "Bureau of Naval Personnel Training Bulletin", 1944 March 15

Box 48 Folder 5 Civil Pilot Training Program, 1940-1941

Box 48 Folder 6 Conference on the Navy V-12 Program at C.U., 1943 May 14-15

Box 48 Folder 7 "Educational Implications of Peace-Time Compulsory Military Training", 1944

Box 48 Folder 8 Engineering, Science and Management Defense Training at C.U.—Course Descriptions, 1942 undated, 1942, undated

Box 62 Folder 1 Engineering, Science and Management Defense Training at C.U.—Course Plan and Proposals,, 1941-1942

Box 62 Folder 2 Engineering, Science and Management Defense Training at C.U.—Course Plan and Proposals,, 1942-1943

Box 62 Folder 3 Engineering, Science and Management Defense Training at C.U.—Course Plan and Proposals,, 1943-1944

Box 48 Folder 9 "The Naval School of Military Government and Administration" by Schuyler C. Wallace,, 1944 January

Box 48 Folder 10 Navy College Training Program—Forms & Procedures for Contracting,, 1942-1943

Navy V-12 Program

Box 48 Folder 11 Curricula Schedules, Course Descriptions, 1942-1943

Box 48 Folder 12 Bulletins (no. 5-12), 1943

Box 48 Folder 13 Bulletins (no. 22-39), 1943

Box 48 Folder 14 Clippings, Press Release, 1943-1946 1987, 1943-1946, 1987

Newspaper Clippings

Box 48 Folder 15 Education, 1940-1944

Box 48 Folder 16 Military Training, 1942-1945

Box 48 Folder 17 "Opportunities for Men with Engineering Training in the Armed Services",, 1942

Box 49 Folder 1 Training in International Administration, 1942-1943

U.S.N.R. Midshipmen's School

Box 49 Folder 3 Dinner & Reception for Commodore Richards, 1945

Box 49 Folder 3 Graduation Programs, 1942-1945

Box 49 Folder 4 Miscellaneous, 1943 undated, 1943, undated

Box 49 Folder 5 Newspaper Clippings & Press Releases, 1942-1945

U.S. Navy School of Military Government and Administration

Box 49 Folder 6 Graduation Materials, 1943

Box 49 Folder 7 "The Luluai", 1943 June

Box 49 Folder 8 "The War and Engineering Education: An Analysis and a Forecast", 1943

Box 49 Folder 9 Wartime Intensive Education Programs—Bulletins, 1942-1944

Box 49 Folder 10 C.U. Appointments Office—Information Bulletins, 1942