Columbia University Archives

Graduate School of Journalism Photographs, 1918-2002

Series IV: Professional Events & Prizes

Columbia University hosts many national and international programs and prizes for superior work in professional journalism. Awards include the Pulitzer Prizes, Dupont Awards in broadcast journalism, Maria Moors Cabot Prizes in inter-American understanding, and Mike Berger Awards for feature reporting. The school also hosts professional lecture programs and forums such as the Panel Breakfast from the Poliak Center for the Study of First Amendment Issues, Reuter Forums, and Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism Lectures. Other lectures, such as the Henry F. Pringle Memorial Lectures, are included since they are not targeted solely as student instruction.

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Subseries IV.1: Prize Programs

Box 10 Berger (Mike) Awards, 1961-1968, (4 folders)

Box 10 Cabot (Maria Moors) Prize, 1968 1990, 1968, 1990, (2 folders)

Box 10 Columbia University Journalism Award, 1958-1964 1981 1996, 1958-1964, 1981, 1996, (8 folders)

Box 10 Columbia-Catherwood Awards, 10, January 1961

Box 10 DuPont Awards, 1992-1995 undated, 1992-1995, undated, (4 folders)

Box 10 National Magazine Awards, 1994

Pulitzer (Joseph) Prize mailings, 1949 1990s, 1949, 1990s

Box 10 Winner Display, 1956

Box 10 Reception, May 1997

Subseries IV.2: Lecture Series

Box 10 Davis (Elmer) Memorial Lectures, 1965

Box 10 Delacorte Lectures, undated

Box 10 DuPont Forum, 1990s-2002

Box 10 Journalism Forum, 31 May -1, June 1961

Box 10 Poliak (Saul & Janice) Center, First Amendment Breakfast, 1990s

Poliak (Saul & Janice) Lectures, 14, November 2000

Box 10 23, October 2001

Box 10 Pringle Memorial lectures, 1964-1967 ca. 1988, 1964-1967, ca. 1988, (5 folders)

Box 10 Pulitzer (Joseph) Lectures, 1964

Box 10 Reuters Forum, 1997-1998

Subseries IV.3: Assorted Events

Box 11 Independent Journal, Engineering Edition, 1939

Box 11 United Airlines Flying Laboratory Plane, 1939

Box 11 Book Conference, February1962

Box 11 Four C's Conference 29-30, March1962

Box 11 Journalism-Architecture Conference, 1-3, October 1962

Box 11 Deadline Club, 1964

Box 11 Klauber Decication, 1968

Box 11 Society for Professional Journalists (SDX), 1978

Box 11 Events, general, 1990s

Box 14 "Damaged Kids, Delinquent Reporting? Covering Children and Violence",, 1998

(Sponsored by Prudential Fellowship for Children and the News and the Scripps Howard Program in Religion, Journalism and Spirtual Life)

Box 11 Dominique, Jean Leoplod -- commemoration, 10, December 2000

Box 11 Pavlik, John -- book party, 4, September 2001