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Columbia University historical recordings, 1902-1985

Series II: Phonograph Albums, 1936-1980

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Box 26 Album 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray. Awarding of testimonial scrolls to Butler by Paterson, N.J., his boyhood home, June 7, 1946

(phonograph record, 6 discs. Includes a duplicate set of discs. City of Paterson, NJ honors Nicholas Murray Butler, University President Emeritus. Presentation at Low Library, messages from the governors of NJ and NY are read, Mayor of Paterson delivers speech, Butler offers grateful remarks.)

Box 26 Album 2 Maria Moors Cabot Award Convocation, 1947 November 11

(phonograph record, 6 discs. At the ninth annual presentation of Maria Moors Cabot Awards held on November 11, 1947 in Low Memorial Library, Acting President Frank D. Fackenthal honored three Latin American journalists for their contributions to the advancement of international understanding and friendship. The awards were made to Dr. David Vela of Guatemala, editor of the newspaper "El Imparcial", Dr. Carlos Victor Aramayo, former Bolivian Minister of Finance and president of "La Razon", and Dr. Alberto Lleras Camargo, director general of the Pan American Union, and former President of Colombia, editor of "El Tiempo" and "El Liberal.)

Box 26 Album 3 Columbia University Band, undated

(phonograph records, 2 discs. As of March 2016 these discs are unusable/dead.)

Box 26 Album 4 Columbia University Choir. Four Songs, May 28, 1938

(phonograph record, 78 rpm, 1 disc)

Box 27 Album 5 Commencement, 1936

(phonograph record, 78 rpm, 13 discs)

Box 27 Album 6 Commencement, 1938

(phonograph record, 78 rpm, 10 discs. Lacquer on discs is falling off.)

Box 28 Album 7 General Eisenhower's Speech at commencement of Summer Session, June 6, 1948

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc)

Box 34 Album 8 Commencement, June 2, 1953

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc; 5 copies)

Box 34 Album 9 Commencement, June 5, 1962

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc. Event held at Cathedral of St. John the Divine)

Box 28 Album 10 Dinner honoring Frederick Coykendall, October 21, 1941

(Voices of Roswell Magill, Harry Morgan Ayres, M. Hartley Dodge, Nicholas Murray Butler, Frederick Coykendall. Phonograph record, 6 discs. Frederick Coykendal was honored at a dinner for his services. Coykendall had officiated as a Trustee of the University for twenty-five years, as Trustee of the Columbia Press for twenty years, and as Secretary-Director of the Press for fifteen years.)

Box 28 Album 11 Governor Thomas E. Dewey, honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, November 24, 1947

(phonograph record, 2 discs. New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey (Law 1925) received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Columbia University.)

Box 28 Album 12 Eisenhower, Dwight David. Installation as President of Columbia, October 10, 1948

(phonograph record, 8 discs)

Box 28 Album 13 George VI, King of England, and Queen Elizabeth: royalty visits Columbia, June 10, 1939

(phonograph record, 2 discs)

Box 28 Album 14 Homecoming, October 16, 1948

(Also called "Field Day". Voices of: Frank W. Chambers and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 1 disc; 2 copies.)

Box 28 Album 15 Homecoming and Dedication of new field house at Baker Field, October 8, 1949

(Homecoming also called "Alumni Day". Voices of Frank S. Hogan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harold Rousselot, Gustavus T. Kirby, M.J. Von der Hyde. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 5 discs.)

Box 29 Album 16 Homecoming, October 21, 1950

(Also referred to as "Alumni Federation Reunion." Voices of: Frank S. Hogan, Harold Rousselot, Morton G. Bogue, Dwight D. Eisenhower, selections by the King's Men. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 5 discs; 5 copies.)

Box 30 Album 17 Homecoming, October 13, 1951

(Also called "Fall Alumni Homecoming". Voices of: Harold P. McGuire, Frederick P. Bryan, Grayson Kirk, Harold Rousselot, Rogers Hammond Bacon, The Glee Club, and The King's Men. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 5 discs; 3 copies.)

Box 30 Album 18 Homecoming, October 25, 1952

(Voices of: Dr. Fred Lane, Frederick Bryan, Grayson Kirk, Thomas Kerrigan, Milton Cornell, Major-General Irving, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Phonograph record, 3 discs; 2 copies.)

Box 30 Album 19 Homecoming, October 17, 1953

(Voices of: Daniel J. Reidy, Frederick Bryan, Dr. Nathan Pusey, Thomas M. Kerrigan, General H.K. Bird. Phonograph record, 4 discs.)

Box 31 Album 20 Kirk, Grayson L. Meet the Press, N.B.C., June 2, 1968

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc; 2 copies; kept one copy of original album sleeve.)

Box 31 Album 21 Lafay, Bernard. Luncheon honoring him, at the Union Club, September 17, 1954

(Voices of: Thomas J. Watson, Grayson Kirk, Bernard Lefay. Phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 2 discs.)

Box 31 Album 22 Markell, Lester. Forum on Democracy, undated

(Address by Markell; introduction by David Truman. Phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc.)

Box 31 Album 23 Melbourne University and New Zealand University. Shortwave salutes to Columbia, February 1945

(phonograph record, 1 disc. Melbourne University salute from February 5 on side 1 and New Zealand University salute from February 7 on side 2)

Box 31 Album 24 Pacific Coast Institute, undated

(phonograph record, 2 discs)

Box 31 Album 25 Vetlesen Award Dinner, March 24, 1960

(Award to Maurice Ewing. Phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 2 discs)

Box 31 Album 26 "University Life" Series, undated

(WOR broadcast under the auspices of the Public Discussion Council of Columbia University. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 3 discs)

Box 31 Album 27 Dinner honoring Thomas J. Watson, April 20, 1948

(Voices of: Frank D. Fackenthal, George T. Pegram, Wallace J. Eckert, John von Neumann, Isidor Rabi, Thomas J. Watson. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 8 discs.)

Box 32 Album 28 Luncheon honoring Dean Philip Young at the Union Club, NY, May 4, 1948

(Luncheon given by Thomas J. Watson. Voices of: Thomas J. Watson, Frank D. Fackenthal, Philip Young, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 4 discs.)

Box 32 Album 29 Butler, Nicholas Murray. Address at Luncheon for His Royal Highness Prince Abdul-Ilal, June 2, 1945

(Introduction by Mr. Thomas J. Watson. phonograph record, 1 disc)

Box 36 Album 30 Alumni Luncheon, December 12, 1942

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 2 discs. Glass discs are broken and losing their lacquer.)

Box 35 Album 31 Commencement, 1939

(Dr. Butler's address and parts of ceremony, degree presentations; phonograph record, 1 disc)

Box 35 Album 32 Conference on Metropolis, February 1, 1954

(WNBC broadcast. Phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 2 discs)

Box 35 Album 33 The Search That Never Ends, undated

(WOR broadcast; adult education program, series 3 . Phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 2 discs.)

Box 35 Album 34 Kimbrough, Emily. The Emily Kimbrough Show, January 19, 1954

(phonograph record, 2 discs)

Box 35 Album 35 Hoover, Herbert. Gift of M. Hartley Dodge (CC 1903), March 18, 1952

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc)

Box 35 Album 36 Dunning, John R. The Editor's Diary, August 5, 1948

(recorded on August 5 and re-broadcast on August 6. phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc)

Box 32 Album 37 Homecoming, October 23, 1954

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc)

Box 32 Album 38 Charter Day Dinner - Remarks by the Honorable Lawrence E. Walsh, October 31, 1968

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 1 disc, 2 copies)

Box 32 Album 39 Dwight David Eisenhower Address at Columbia University School of Engineering Dinner, undated

(phonograph record, 78 rpm, 12 inches; running time 2 minutes)

Box 35 Album 40 Herbert Hoover speech at Columbia University Engineering School Dinner, November 7, 1951

(phonograph record, 33 1/3 rpm, 16 inches)

Box 34 Album 41 "Casey at the Bat" Recited by Chalmers Wood (CC 1905) for the Society of Older Graduates, 1945

("Case at the Bat" was written by Ernest Lawrence Tayler. New York, privatly recorded for Edmund A. Prentis and donated by him. Phonograph record, 78 rpm, 10 inches, 1 disc, 2 copies)

Box 32 Album 42 Columbia University Varsity Show - Fly With Me: The Original 1980 Columbia Cast, 1980

(the first complete musical score/with music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Lorenz Hart; additional lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers. Columbia University, Original Cast Records, and the Chu-Yeko Musical Foundation, 1980. Show originally written and performed in 1920. Phonograph record, 12 in, 1 disc. Retained orignal album cover)

Box 33 Album 43 Kirk, Grayson L. Address. Farmers Insurance Group, Portland, Oregon, undated

(5 albums, 17 discs, 78 rpm; Album 1, 1a, 2, 2a contain address; Album 3 contains interview by Bob Thomlinson.Albums re-housed out of presentation boxes.)

Box 32 Album 44 Los Angeles Breakfast Club pre-1934 Rose Bowl gathering, December 27, 1933

(2 oversized phonograph discs. Two 12" discs coated in metal are part of "Los Angeles Breakfast Club Presentation John Boyce-Smith to Peggy Hamilton (Miss Columbia) from December 27, 1933. Speakers: Edward S. Elliot; John Boyce Smith; Peggy Hamilton, Miss Columbia.)

Box 35 Album 44 George VI, King of England, and Queen Elizabeth: royalty visits Columbia, June 10, 1939

(16" phonograph disc coated in vinyl. Audio of the ceremony inside Low Library. Introduction/welcome remarks by Nicholas Murray Butler, God Save the King, and presentation of the original charter for King's College from 1754. The Star-Spangled Banner. Pomp and Circumstance. Video highlights available in this collection.)