Columbia University Archives

Summer Session records, 1898-2006

Series I: Seth Low's Summer Session correspondence, 1898

This series consists of the faculty responses to President Seth Low's inquiry about starting a summer session at Columbia. The series includes the individual responses as well as a summary sheet which organizes the faculty by department and lists those who offered a "conditional acceptance" or an "unconditional acceptance." Some of the letters were originally kept in a binder and these have been foldered individually. The rest were collected in an envelope. This series also includes correspondence related to the establishment of the first summer session in 1900.

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Box 1 Folder 1 President Seth Low's circular re: summer school, 1898 December 7

Individual faculty responses

Box 1 Folder 2 Frederic Bancroft, 1898

Box 1 Folder 3 Franz Boas, 1898

Box 1 Folder 4 Nicholas Murray Butler, 1898

Box 1 Folder 5 Charles F. Chandler, 1898

(Prof. Chandler discusses the Chemistry Department's summer session experience in the late 1880s.)

Box 1 Folder 6 James Egbert, Jr., 1898

Box 1 Folder 7 William Addison Hervey, 1898

Box 1 Folder 8 George Philip Krapp, 1898

Box 1 Folder 9 Edward MacDowell, 1898

Box 1 Folder 10 Brander Matthews, 1898

Box 1 Folder 11 M.I. Pupin, 1898

Box 1 Folder 12 John Howard Van Amringe, 1898

Box 1 Folder 13 G.E. Woodberry, 1898

Box 1 Folder 14-15 Faculty responses, 1898, 2 folders

Box 1 Folder 16 Conditional and Unconditional Acceptances, 1898

(A summary sheet which organizes the faculty by department and lists those who offered a "conditional acceptance" or an "unconditional acceptance" to teach during the summer session.)

Box 1 Folder 17 Records of Official Action in Regard to the Establishment and Development of the Summer Session, undated

(Excerpts from the minutes of the University Council and the Trustees' Committee on Education.)

Correspondence from Nicholas Murray Butler to President Seth Low

Box 1 Folder 18 Summer School Plan, 1899 January 31

(11-page plan submitted to President Seth Low by Nicholas Murray Butler.)

Box 1 Folder 19 Faculty compensation, 1899 October 28

Box 1 Folder 20 William F. Ganong of Smith College, 1899 November 1

Box 1 Folder 21 Faculty of Summer Session of 1900, 1899 November 28

Box 1 Folder 22 Frederick R. Hutton to President Seth Low re: Summer Courses in Applied Sciences, 1899 November 6

(Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences)