Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1864-2011

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Series VI. School of Journalism, 1912-1977

The School of Journalism was established through monies left to Columbia University in the will of Joseph Pulitzer, renowned photojournalist and newspaper magnate, who passed away in 1911. The original agreements regarding the establishment and organization of the school were made in 1903 and 1904, but the school did not actually open until 1912 – a year after Pulitzer died. The School of Journalism began as an undergraduate school offering a B.Litt. Degree to its graduates, but in 1935 the School became the first in the nation to adopt a program exclusively at the graduate level.

Faculty of the School of Journalism minutes, 1931-1977

Volume 74 1931 November to 1952 May, 1931, 1952

Volume 75 1953 January to 1975 May, 1953, 1975

Volume 76 1966 September to 1977 September, 1966, 1977

Box 8 Folder 1 Administrative Board of the School of Journalism minutes, 1912 March to 1931 May

Volume 77 Advisory Board of the School of Journalism minutes, 1912 January to 1950 April

(Includes Advisory Board on the Pulitzer Prize minutes from 1953 April to 1964 April.)

Volume 78 Faculty of the School of Journalism Committee on Instruction minutes, 1916-1929