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Columbia University Calendars, 1902-2011

Series I. Calendars, 1902-2011

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Box 1 Folder 1 Columbia University Calendar (wall), 1902

(Images: "Columbia University" [aerial view]; "Ex-President Low"; "Acting-President Butler"; "From the Varsity Show, 1901"; "Library and South Court"; "Museum, Schemerhorn Hall"; "Havemeyer Hall"; "Gymnasium"; "Reading Rom, Library"; "A Corner of the Campus"; "Trustees Room"; "Engineering Building"; "Boat House"; "The Grove"; "University Hall"; "Boat House"; "Philadelphia Relay Team"; "College Hall"; "Power House"; "Law Library"; "The Tank" [swimming pool]; "West Hall"; "Dean Van Amridge"; "The Balcony -- Gymnasium"; "Library from South Hall"; "Senior Class, 1901"; "The Gymnasium on Class Day"; "1901 Varsity Crew"; "View from South Field"; "Looking Southeast form Barnard"; "Camp Columbia, Litchfield Columbia"; "Entrance Hall, Library"; "Teachers' College"; "College of Physicians and Surgeons"; "Varsity Football Team, 1901"; "President's Room"; "Entrance hall, Barnard"; "Barnard from Broadway"; "Barnard College from the South"; "Fayerweather and Schemerhorn Halls"; "A Cloudy Day" [Low Library]; "Entrance Hall, Schemerhorn")

Box 1 Folder 2 Columbia University Calendar (wall), 1903

(Images: "The Installation of President Nicholas Murray Butler, April 19, 1902 -- Awaiting the Arrival of the President of the United States"; "The Installation of President Nicholas Murray Butler -- Gymnasium Arranged for the Ceremony"; "Columbia University from the South"; "Havemeyer Hall and Engineering Building"; "View from the South-West" [Broadway and building construction scene]; "Earl Hall"; "Schemerhorn Hall and Fayerweather Hall"; "The Green"; "Barnard College"; "View from the North-West"; "College of Physicians and Surgeons -- 59th Street"; " Teachers College")

Box 2 Folder 1 Columbia University Sesquicentennial Calendar (wall), 1904

(Images: "President Butler"; "Samuel Johnson"; "The Library"; "Earl Hall"; "View of Campus Toward South Hall"; "College Hall"; "The Quadrangle from Fayerweather Hall"; "A Corner of the University Commons" [interior scene with students]; "Gym Team, 1903"; "Baseball Team, 1903"; "Scene at Unveiling of Alma Mater Statue, September 23, 1903"; "View of Library at Unveiling of Alma Mater Statue"; "Columbia College in 1860"; Crew team Captain and Coach; "President Butler"; "Dean Van Amringe"; "Barnard College" [street construction and transportation scene]; "Entrance to Barnard College" [women]; "A Scene at Barnard" [women, academic costume]; "Teachers College"; "Horace Mann School" [with construction]; "Milbank Chapel, Teachers College"; "Marching to the Flag Rush"; "Attack of the Reserves" [student scene]; "Struggle at the Tree" [student scene]; "Football Squad, 1903"; "Columbia Field -- Game Beginning"; Football Captain and Coach; "Track Squad, 1903"; "Lacrosse team 1903"; "Basketball Team, 1903"; "Hockey Team, 1903"; "Swimming Team, 1903")

Box 1 Folder 3 Columbia University Calendar (wall), 1905

(Images: "Columbia University from Grant's Tomb"; "President Butler"; "Basketball Team, 1904"; "Hockey Team, 1904"; "Varsity Show"; Athletic Team Captains; "1904 Varsity Crew Squad at Poughkeepsie"; "Track Squad, 1904"; "Baseball Team, 1904"; "Mapes Memorial Gate"; "View on the Quadrange"; "The Library, Looking West"; "View on the Green"; "The Library"; "Main Reading Room, Library"; "Entrance Hall, Library"; "Dean Van Amringe"; "Glee Club"; "Spectator Board"; "College of Pharmacy"; "School of Mines Building"; "Hartley Hall"; "A Scene at Barnard" [commencement]; "Sesquintennial Procession"; "Laying of Corner Stone, St. Paul's Chapel"; "Football Squad, 1904"; "The Pool"; "Swimming Team, 1904"; "Gym team, 1904")

Box 1 Folder 4 Columbia University (wall), 1912

(Cover: Low Memorial Library; "Nicholas Murray Butler"; "Varsity Crew"; "Freshman Crew"; "Coach Rice"; "Track Team"; "Hockey Team"; "Earl Hall"; "Kent Hall"; "Hamilton, Hartley, and Livingston Halls"; "Baseball Team"; "Head Coach Fisher"; "Basketball Team"; "Havemeyer Hall and School of Engineering"; 'Schemerhorn Hall"; "School of Mines"; "Gymnasium Team"; "Wrestling Team"; 'Swimming Team"; "School of Philosophy"; "School of Pharmacy"; "College of Physicians and Surgeons"; "Tennis Team"; "Fencing Team"; "Soccer Team"; "Teachers' College and Dormitories"; "Barnard College"; "Union Theological Seminary" [without tower]; "Chapel"; "Varsity Show")

Box 1 Folder 5 [Crew Team Calendar] (wall), 1914-1915

(Cover: Crew Team; "The Varsity"; "The Junior Varsity"; "'The Old man' Coach Rice"; "Captain Hadsell"; "The Freshman"; "Walk"; "All for the Movies"; "Finish of Princeton Race"; "Out for a Paddle on Lake Carnegie"; "Cottage Club -- Quarters at Princeton"; "Quarters at Edgewater"; "6:30 A.M." [swimming]; "Triple Alliance" [team members]; "Quarters at Poughkeepsie -- The Old -- And New"; "Columbia Winning Varsity Race at Poughkeepsie"; "The Course"; "The Smile that Won't Come Off")

Box 1 Folder 6 Columbia in Portrait (wall), 1940

(Cover: Drawing of Low Library; "Nicholas Murray Butler"; "St. Paul's Chapel"; "Van Am Quadrangle"; "Towers of Religion" [Riverside Church and Union Theological Seminary]; "Le Marteleur" [statue by School of Mines]; "South Hall" [Butler Library]; "South Court"; "International House"; "Barnard"; "Science Corner"; "Gateway to Philosophy and Law"; "School of Business"; "Avery Hall")

Box 1 Folder 7 Columbia in Portrait (wall), 1941

(Cover: Drawing of Alma Mater Statue; "Nicholas Murray Butler"; "Alumni House and Low Library"; "Riverside Church"; "Dormitories"; "Barnard"; "Union Theological Seminary": "International House"; "Chapel from Schemerhorn"; "Earl Hall"; "Science Buildings"; "Between Halves at Baker Field" [football]; "Hamilton"; "South Hall")

Box 1 Folder 8 Columbia in Portrait (wall), 1942

(Cover: "Alma Mater"; "Nicholas Murray Butler"; "South Hall"; "Johnson Hall"; "First Practice" [crew team]; "Jefferson and Journalism"; "Van Am Quadrangle"; "Barnard College"; "Teachers College"; "Earl Hall"; "Hamilton Hall"; "King's Crown on Baker Field" [Marching band formation]; "International House"; "Seth Low" [Low Library])

Box 1 Folder 9 The Columbia Calendar for Engagements (appointment), 1951

(Cover: Alma Mater Statue; "Entrance to Low Memorial Library"; "President and Mrs. Eisenhower at Home" [Standing portrait] ; Bound for the Library [students in snow scene]; "The Van Am Quad" [snow scene]; "A Shot From the Floor" [basketball]; "Butler Library Seen From Low Memorial"; "Senior Ball at the Waldorf"; "Columbia's New Cyclotron at Nevis"; "The Chapel" [rain]; "President Eisenhower and Dean Carman Going to the Forum on Democracy"; "Russell Hall, Teachers College" [women]; "'Le Marteleur' -- School of Mimes"; "Ed Kennedy Coaching Swimming"; "Hamilton Hall"; "Flying High" [Pole Vaulter with Low Library Dome in background]; "Columbia Seen from the air"; "South Court"; "New York Botanical Gardens are used for Research by Columbia Botanists"; 'Spring Fever" [ students sitting in Van Am memorial; "Safe?" [baseball]; "Iris Time"; "The Zero Hour" [lecture hall interior during examination]; "Class Day in Van Am Quadrangle"; "'Stand, Columbia'" [commencement]; "the Tumult and the Shouting Dies" [ Earl Hall]; "Poughkeepsie Regatta" [crew]; "Summer School Registration"; "The Half-Open Gate"; "Teachers College"; "Refreshment Time -- Summer Students in the Grove"; "117th Street"; "Main Gate, Barnard College" [with Broadway, Earl Hall]; "Engineering Camp at Lakeside, Connecticut" [ Camp Columbia];"Avery Library"; "Riverside Drive"; "Repairing the Bricks"; "The Students Return" [with Earl Hall]; "University Book Store During September Rush"; "Freshman Week -- Columbia Meets Barnard" [women]; "Feeding Time" [pigeons]; "College of Physicians and Surgeons from the George Washington Bridge"; "The Season Opens at Baker Field" [football]; "Graduate Seminar in American History" [ classroom interior, women]; "Riverside Church from Barnard Campus"; "Crew Practice"; "College Reading Room"; "First Down!" [football coaches]; "The First Snow -- Morningside Drive"; "December Morning" [St. Paul's Chapel, snow scene]; "Trustees Room, Showing Portrait of Columbia's First President, Samuel Johnson"; "'The Thinker' and Kent Hall" [snow scene]; "Candlelight Service in the Chapel"; "Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center"; 'After the Exodus" [Hamilton Hall Steps snow scene])

Box 1 Folder 10 Columbia University Calendar (appointment), 1962

(Issued by the Community Affairs Division, Office of the Secretary, this is a biweekly events calendar. Includes the weeks from October 28 to November 27, 1962.)

Box 1 Folder 11 The Columbian Datebook (appointment), 1967

(Drawings, Engravings, and Photographs from Spectator, 1879-1894; Text, Drawings, Engravings, and Photographs from Columbian, 1882-1913; Images and text from Jester circa 1900; Photograph from Mortarboard, 1898; "Hamilton Hall-1884"; "The School of Mines Building 1867-1874"; "The Library and Law School, 49th Street"; "the Library, 49th Street" [interior]; "The Columbia Campus at 49th Street" [from Harper's Weekly, November 3, 1894] Professor Brander Matthews -- French Literature Class" [classroom interior with students].)

Box 2 Folder 3 Columbia Calendar (wall), 1992-1993

("Crew Practices at Spuyten Duyvil"; "Homecoming" [band]; "Butler Library" [night scene]; "Hartley and Wallach Undergraduate Dormitories" [snow scene]; "Interior of St. Paul's Chapel"; "Alma Mater by Daniel Chester French" [snow scene]; "Low Memorial Library" [steps]; "The Great God Pan by George Grey Barnard"; 'Commencement" [student scene]; "Just married, St. Paul's Chapel"; "Kent and Hamilton Halls"; "Avery Hall"; "Low Memorial Library"; "the Lawrence A. Wien Stadium at Baker Field" [football]; "Student with Rodin's The Thinker" [autumn scene]; "Letters by Charles Keck" [116th Street and Broadway Entrance]. Published by the Columbia University Press on the Centennial of the Press' founding. Photographs by Roy Gumpel, Phyllis Katz, Fred Knubel and Lynn Saville.)

Box 2 Folder 4 Printing Services Calendar (wall), 1994-1995

Box Flat Box 13 Printing Services Calendar (wall), 1995-1996

Box 1 Folder 12 Print & Mail Services Calendar (appointment), 1997-1998

Box 2 Folder 5 Printing Services Calendar (wall), 2003

Box 2 Folder 6 Columbia University Libraries Calendar (wall), 2007-2008

(Published by the Friends of the Columbia Libraries. Features works from the Libraries' special collections.)

Box 2 Folder 7 Lenny Pridatko Calendar of CU Images (wall), 2011

("Butler Library" on cover; "Low Library in snow"; "College Walk" and "The Scholar's Lion"; "College Walk"; "St. Paul's Chapel"; "Butler Library"; "Low Library"; "Buell Hall"; "Steps to Mudd Building"; "Teachers College"; "Earl Hall"; "Low Plaza"; "College Walk". Photos all by Lenny Pridatko.)

Box 2 Folder 8 Teachers College Calendar (wall), 1916

("Pan Columbia Campus" by Guy Spencer; "Entrance to Columbia Campus" by Karl Struss; "Columbia Library at Night" by Katharine Bruchersacher; "Corner of Campus" by Karl Struss; "Whittier Hall Center" by Edith Lowry; "Household Arch Tower Teachers College" by Guy Spencer)