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   Will Csaplar Postcard Collection, 1900-1950s [Bulk: 1910-1925]

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Will Csaplar Postcard Collection; Box and Folder; University Archives, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Series I: Morningside Campus

This series contains postcards with photographs and illustrations of buildings and locations on Columbia's Morningside Campus. It is organized alphabetically by building or campus feature name.

Aerial Views of campus

Box 1
Alma Mater
Avery Hall
Butler Library (South Hall)
Campus paths
Casa Italiana
Chandler Laboratories
Class of 1886 bench
Earl Hall
Faculty Club
Fayerweather Hall
Furnald Hall
Hamilton Hall
Hartley and Livingston Halls
Havemeyer Hall
International House
Johnson Hall
John Jay Hall
Journalism Building
Kent Hall
Low Memorial Library
Pan on the Green statue
Philosophy Hall
St. Paul’s Chapel
Schermerhorn Hall
School of Mines
Streets surrounding campus
University Hall

Series II. Associated Buildings and Campuses

This series contains postcards consisting of photographs and illustrations of Columbia affiliated schools with campuses separate from Columbia's Morningside Campus as well as some other Columbia owned property. It also contains images of buildings and locations associated with Columbia University and its neighborhood but which are not located on the Morningside Campus. Subjects include Barnard College, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, College of Physicians and Surgeons, College of Pharmacy, the King's College building located in the Wall Street area of NYC, Grant's Tomb, Columbia Yacht Club (boat house), Arden House, and the King's Crown Hotel.

Arden House
Box 1
Barnard College
College of Physicians and Surgeons
College of Pharmacy
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Columbia Yacht Club
Faculty Club
Grant’s Tomb
King’s Crown Hotel
Park Place Campus
Teachers College
Union Theological Seminary

Series III: Columbia Postcard Sets

This series contains postcards that were published by individual postcard companies as part of a larger set of Columbia themed postcards. Postcard companies, including Habermas, A.M. Simon, Manhattan Post Card Publishing Company, Columbia University Press Book Store, and J.W.G. These sets feature images of Columbia's Morningside Campus and surrounding Columbia institutions. They are not necessarily complete sets, but feature unified design styles in their photographs and illustrations.

A.M. Simon

Box 2

(black and white photographs of Morningside campus; Kent Hall; Hartley and Livingston Halls; Hartley Hall; Engineering Hall; Journalism Building; Havemeyer Hall; Hamilton Hall; Students’ Hall, Barnard College; Brook’s Hall; Kent-Philosophy-Fayerweather Halls; Library; Gate Donated by the Class of 1888 University Hall; View of Fountain and School of Mines; Journalism Building; St. Paul’s Chapel)

Columbia University Press Book Store

(sepia photographs of Morningside campus, 1 illustration in color; Chapel, East, Philosophy and Ken Halls; St. Paul’s Chapel; Johnson Hall; Furnald Hall, Journalism Building and School of Mines, from South Field; Hartley and Livingstone Halls and Van Amringe Memorial; Milbank Hall; the New Library; Columbia Lion at Baker Field; South Court at Kent and Hamilton Halls; Lowell, Whittier and Emerson Halls; Chandler Laboratories; Horace Mann School and Teachers’ College; St. Paul’s Chapel; Philosophy and Eats Halls; Brooks Dormitory and Students’ Hall, Barnard College; Barnard College; Earl and Engineering Halls; Bird’s-Eye View from Broadway; Journalism Building, from South Court; Library and Main Approach to Columbia University; Campus at Earl and Havemeyer Halls; “Van Am” Quadrangle; Low Library; Alma Mater; Casa Italiana; Russell Hall, Teachers’ College; Entrance to Library)


(color illustrations of Morningside campus; images include the Sundial; Earl Hall and School of Engineering; Alma Mater; St. Paul’s Chapel; the Quadrangle; School of Mines; Barnard College; Library and Main Approach to Columbia University; John Howard Van Amringe Memorial; Students Hall, Barnard College; Early Hall and School of Engineering; Havemeyer Hall; Philosophy and East Halls; Journalism Building; Philosophy Hall; Engineering Hall; South Court, Kent and Hamilton Halls; Whittier Hall; Furnald Hall; Hamilton Hall; Union Theological Seminary; Furnald Hall and School of Journalism; Chapel East, Philosophy and Kent Halls; Teachers College and Russell Hall; The Library and Main Approach to Columbia University; Horace Mann School)


(black and white photographs of Morningside campus; Library; Sundial; Kent, Hartley, and Livingston Halls from Library Steps; Library (different view; 2); Le Marteleur; Barnard College; Teachers College (2); Union Theological Seminary; Union Theological Seminary (different view))

Manhattan Post Card Publishing Company

(11 black and white photographs of Morningside campus, two color illustrations; Fiske Hall, Brinkerhoff Hall; Brooks Hall, Hewitt Hall; Milbank Hall; Russell Hall; Barnard Hall; Haveymeyer Hall; School of Business; Earl Hall; Aeroplane View of Columbia University; Chapel; Johnson Hall; Philosophy Hall, Kent Hall; Library, Kent Hall, St. Paul’s Chapel and Hamilton Hall from South; Avery Hall and East Walk to Quadrangle)

Series IV: Special or Unusual Postcards

This series contains postcards that contain unusual design features or unique imagery. Some unusual design features include images raised slightly in relief, postcards to be held to the light, non-paper materials (leather, fabric), and irregular sizes. Postcards with unique imagery include F. Earl Christy's university boy and girl illustrations, Columbia pennants and seals, and historical images of the Morningside Campus.

Aerial view of campus with description on front
Box 2
Aerial view of campus with stamp for Bicentennial
Campus squirrel
Columbia pennant

(some in relief)

Columbia and Barnard seals

(in relief)

Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers postage stamps of New York City
Football alumni ticket application
Grounds with baseball field and field house
Hold to light
In relief
Irregular size

(housed along the side of the box)

Joseph Pulitzer stamp on illustration of Low Library
Low Library in artist’s palette illustration
Map of Morningside campus
Photographs of students and alumni
Postcard with Menu attached
Presidents of Columbia, 1754 and 1904
Requests for information and invitations
South Hall/Butler Library with sundial intact
Summer session information cards
University boy and girl illustrations
View of subway and tracks

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