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Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1755-2019

Series II. Indices to the Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1755-1997

There are two sets of subject indices available to search the minutes of the Trustees. The first set covers the minutes from 1755 to 1879 and the second from 1890 to 1997. The first set is made up of printed index cards: they include the volume number and page number based on the original manuscript volumes. These page numbers have been added to the typescript text: look for the red pencil handwritten numbers inserted in the text to find the beginning of the page numbers on the index card. The second index is a collection of handwritten, typed and/or printed cards that cover the more recent era. In this case, the volume number and page numbers on the cards match the physical volumes. In addition, starting in 1890-1891, at the back of each volume (or the back of the second volume for those years split over two volumes), there is an index for the given year.

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Index to the Minutes from 1755 to 1890

Drawer UA1 A to B

Drawer UA2 C to Dh

Drawer UA3 Di to He

Drawer UA4 Hi to Ll

Drawer UA5 Lo to N

Drawer UA6 O to R

Drawer UA7 S

Drawer UA8 T to Z

Index to the Minutes from 1890 to 1997

Box 1 A to Buildings

Box 2 Bull to D

Box 3 E to H

Box 4 I to Nevis

Box 5 New to R

Box 6 S to T

Box 7 U to Z