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Robert Bone papers, 1975-2009

Series I. Robert Bone Papers

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Box 1 Lost Renaissance, 2009 Draft, 2009

Box 1 Lost Renaissance, 2005 Draft, 2005

Box 1 Redfield and Wirth

Box 1 12 MVB: SLAG

Box 1 Sorbonne Paper: Full-Sized and Down-Sized

Box 1 American N. Expo

Box 1 Motley: Research Materials, Notes, Outlines, Etc.

Box 1 Working File

Box 1 Bontemps, SLAG

Box 1 Vivian Harsh Collection: Research Materials (May 4-5, 1988)

Box 1 Chicago Conference: Programs, Correspondence, Finances, Etc.

Box 1 Drafts of His Book

Box 1 SLAG

Box 1 Richard, Visual Arts Material

Box 1 Wright and CP

Box 1 Richard Wright's Phototext: 12 Million Black Voices

Box 1 Documentary Made of CR

Box 1 Intro: Quebec

Box 1 Structure and Possible Introduction (Salzman)

Box 1 Transition Version: Master Copy

Box 1 Madison Lecture

Box 1 Atlanta 1997 Opening Speech, Master Copy, 1997

Box 1 135th and Lenox: Callaloo Version

Box 1 Assorted Papers

Box 1 Assorted Papers

Box 2 Correspondence, Clippings, Literary Journals

Box 2 Curriculum Vitae

Box 2 Essay: Growing Up in the New Negro Renaissance

Box 2 Chapter VIII: The Chicago Renaissance, First Draft\

Box 2 Class Notes: The Teaching of Poetry

Box 2 Shakespeare Lecture File

Box 2 Poetry Teaching Notes

Box 2 Essays and Reviews by R.A. Bone

Box 2 New York Times Book Review

Box 2 Collier's Encyclopedia 1978 ed: Entries on Baldwin, Brooks, Hayden, Tolson, Toome, 1978

Box 2 Interview, Letters

Box 2 "Selling the Watermelon:" Clippings, Articles, Correspondence

Box 2 Correspondence: Mrs. Marjorie Content Toomer, Mrs. Fanny McConnell Ellison, Ann Petry, Skip Gates, Anne Boutempes, etc. Wright Canon Carla Capetti/Richard Wright Wright: Miscellaneous Materials Chapter 5, Richard Wright: A Case Study Chapter 7, Richard Wright Text: Chapter 2, 7-9 (Chapters that Feature Park, Charles Johnson and Harlem Renaissance, Fisk)South to a Very Old Place

Box 2 The Omni-Americans

Box 2 Ellison and Murray

Box 2 Hayden Notes

Box 2 Fanny Ellison

Box 2 Hayden Manuscripts

Box 2 Ralph Ellison

Box 2 Richard Wright

Box 2 FWP, Alsberg, etc.

Box 2 Chapter 2: Music and Dance

Box 2 The Chicago Renaissance

Box 2 Chapter 2, Section 3: Jazz (Hines), Intro: Armstrong and Hines

Box 2 Revisions

Box 2 Fail Safe, March2000 White Pages Chapter 1, March2000

Box 2 Review of SVOP

Box 2 Tolson Materials

Box 2 Tolson Essay

Box 2 For Chapter 7 on Richard Wright: Research Materials, Parn and Simmel

Box 2 Richard Wright

Box 2 Wright Chatper: 1st Draft

Box 2 R. Wright, Sociological Image

Box 2 Wright and Chicago Renaissance Conferences

Box 2 Richard Wright and the Chicago Renaissance, Printer's Copy

Box 2 General

Box 2 General

Box 2 Books: Their Eyes Were Watching God, White Man, Listen!, Report From Part One, The Conjure Woman, Selected Poems, Origin of the Afro-American Short Story, Cane, Harlem Gallery, Tri-Quarterly, Selected Poems, South to a Very Old Place, The Negro Novel in America

Box 3 Chesnutt Reader

Box 3 Chapter 5, Section 1: Early Version, Master Copy

Box 3 Park in Chicago

Box 3 Park's Essays (Also WM. Jamzs), Related Commentary

Box 3 Alexander Jackson, George Cleveland Hall

Box 3 Chapter 5, Section 4

Box 3 CSJ: The Harlem Renaissance, Chapter 4, Section 2

Box 3 Alain Locke

Box 3 Working File: Revision, CSF and HR

Box 3 Chapter 4--Over and Done With

Box 3 L.M. Collins: The HR Generation

Box 3 Chicago Urban: Extended History Personnel, etc.

Box 3 Chapter 4

Box 3 Suggestions for Revision

Box 3 Christoferson Suggestion

Box 3 Introduction After Bill Christoferson's Suggestion

Box 3 GCH: Library (For Chapter 5)

Box 3 Essay on Literary Modernism, Bibliography, Notes

Box 3 Carnegie Corps

Box 3 Rockefeller Archives, New Haven Center

Box 3 Edwin Embrec and Paul Kellogg

Box 3 Working Folder

Box 3 CSJ at Fisk

Box 3 Will Alexander

Box 3 Programs & Personnel (Personality)

Box 3 Fellowship Programs (Last Unit in Troika Sections)

Box 3 Paris Conference Feb 5-9, 1992

Box 3 Charles White and Elizabeth Cathett

Box 3 Gordon Parks

Box 3 Miscellaneous

Box 3 Horace Cayton, Info About

Box 3 Gordon Parks Early Work

Box 3 Michael Harper Interview

Box 3 Songlines: Photocopies

Box 3 Michael Harper Documents

Box 3 Songlines: Master Copy

Box 3 Harper: Songlines Notes

Box 3 Work-In-Progress (Parles)

Box 3 Michael Harper Notes

Box 3 Margaret Walker

Box 3 Fenton Johnson: 42 WPA Poems

Box 3 Motley: Prints, Photos, Essays

Box 3 Horace Cayton: Profile

Box 3 Research Materials: Visual Arts

Box 3 Illinois Writers Project

Box 3 Chapter 3, The Verbal Arts

Box 3 Cherokee

Box 3 Chapter 4, Verbal Arts: Miscellaneous SLAG

Box 3 The Written Word

Box 3 Chapter 4: Full Page Copy (Master Copy) Latest Version, 1/2003

Box 3 Vivian Harsh Collection, June 25-26, 1998

Box 3 Origins of the Chicago Renaissance, Intro, Working Copy

Box 3 Work in Progress

Box 3 Charles Sebree

Box 3 Chapter 10: Epilogue (Rough Draft)

Box 3 Photocopies: Callaloo

Box 3 From Helen Hughes

Frank Marshall Davis