Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Constance Webb papers, 1918-2005, bulk 1939-2002

Series IV: Writings, 1940s-2002, undated

The manuscripts and editorial materials for The Nobbie Stories for Children and Adults and Special Delivery: The Letters of C.L.R. James to Constance Webb, 1939-1948, both edited by Webb can be found in the Series I: C. L. R. James, 1932-1991. In this series are poetry, drafts of Webb's memoir, Not Without Love: Memoirs, multiple drafts of an unpublished novel and a few clippings of articles by Webb. A few pieces written by others, including Webb's husband Edward Pearlstien are also included here.

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By Webb

Box 10 Folder 5 Articles, 1959-2001, Undated, 1959-2001, Undated

Black Boy, Not Without Love: Memoirs (2003)

Box 10 Folder 6 Afterword--Donald Pease, Undated

Box 10 Folder 7 Book Cover, Undated

Box 10 Folder 8 to 16 Drafts, Undated (9 Folders), Undated

Box 10 Folder 17 to 18 Manuscript, Undated (2 Folders), Undated

Box 10 Folder 19 Notes, Undated

Box 10 Folder 20 Publication Materials, 2002, Undated, 2002, Undated

Box 10 Folder 21 Poetry--"Miss Mrs Ms", Undated

Box 10 Folder 22 Poetry, 1940s-1970s, (2 Folders)

Box 10 Folder 23 Notebooks, Undated

Box 10 Folder 24 Notes and Ideas, Undated


Box 11 Folder 1 to 2 Black Boy, Black Redeemer: The Memoirs of Victoria Wright, Undated (2 Folders), Undated

Box 11 Folder 3 "Black/White Relations"--Notes and Drafts, Undated

Box 11 Folder 4 to 8 Black Boy, How I Was Tormented by Blacks (Negroes): The Memoirs of Victoria Wright, Undated (5 Folders), Undated

Box 11 Folder 9 Black Boy How to Torment Blacks (Negroes): An Exemplary Novel, , Undated

Box 11 Folder 10 "Some Blessed hope", Undated

Box 11 Folder 11 Untitled, Undated

Box 11 Folder 12 to 13 Untitled--Pages 1-253, Undated (2 Folders), Undated

Writings by Others

Box 11 Folder 14 Cudjoe, Selwyn R.--Lecture--"The Love Letters of C.L.R. James", 1992

Box 11 Folder 15 Duran, Cheli--Black Boy Special Delivery--Screenplay, 1997

Box 11 Folder 16 Grimshaw, Anna--"Himalyan Winter", 1987-1988

Box 11 Folder 17 Perlstien, Edward--Archibald Cypres--"Reconstituting the Constitution: An Agenda for Reform",, Undated

Box 11 Folder 18 Perlstien, Edward--Black Boy, Three Intellectual Plays , 1979

Box 11 Folder 19 Weinstein, Norman--"On the Inside", Undated

Box 11 Folder 20 Unidentified--Draft with Edits, circa 1960s (Photocopy), 1960s