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Barney Rosset papers, 1841-2011, bulk 1935-2011

Series VI: Audio Visual Materials, 1938-2008

Largely organized by media format, this series consists mostly VHS tapes, but also contains DVDs, CDs, Beta tapes, 7 inch-Magnetic Audio Reels, along with a few 5 inch reels. 2 Inch Tape, reels, DV Cam, MiniDV, Floppy Disks. There seems to have been an effort by the creator to transfer older formats into digital media, as the titles some of the items are duplicated through being digitally transferred. The reels and other magnetic formats have been put in cold storage.

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Box 54 VHS

Box 54 "Beckett/Berg--Happy Days, Bettina Jonic"

Box 54 "Hollywood TV Theatre--Beginning to End"

Box 54 "Five Plays for Television, Dir. By Sidney Homan"

Box 54 "Peephole Art: Beckett for Television"

Box 54 "Silence to Silence"

Box 54 "South of Silence"

Box 54 "PBS Broadcast of 7 Beckett Plays"

Box 54 "BBC TV Omnibus Samuel Beckett--As the Story was Told"

Box 54 "Beckett's Letters"

Box 54 "Waiting for Beckett"

Box 54 "Silence to Silence"

Box 54 "Stirrings Still"

Box 54 "Beckett/Reilly/Rosset--Stirrings Still"

Box 54 "Godot in San Quentin"

Box 54 "Samuel Beckett is Coming Soon"

Box 54 "Waiting for Godot"

Box 54 "Waiting for Godot--Lincoln Center"

Box 54 "Film"

Box 54 "Film--Outtakes"

Box 54 "Film"

Box 54 "Krapp's Last Tape"

Box 54 "Beckett Live Action"

Box 54 "Beckett--Astrid Myers"

Box 54 "Channel 31 Beckett Show with Barney Rosset"

Box 54 "Remember Beckett #101"

Box 54 "As the Story Was Told"

Box 54 "Excerpts from Global Village Production of Stirrings Still"

Box 54 "Waiting for Godot--WNET (1961)"

Box 54 "Rough for Theatre"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset/Steven Watson"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset/Fred Jordan"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset/Fred Jordan"

Box 54 "Steve Martin Interview"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset for the Beckett Project--Global Village"

Box 54 "The Eleventh Hour--TV Panle on Pantheon/Random House"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset Interview for CUNY TV"

Box 54 "Barney Rosset Interview for CUNY TV"

Box 54 "Strange Victory--Master from TV Dubbing"

Box 54 "Rosset Interview with Mark Wexler"

Box 54 "Strange Victory--Not a Good Copy"

Box 54 "Strange Victory"

Box 54 "Strange Victory"

Box 54 "But the Clouds"

Box 54 "Tim Lee"

Box 55 Sex in the 20th Century

Box 55 "Hour 1-The Century Turns On"

Box 55 "Hour 2-Passion's Coming of Age"

Box 55 "Hour 4-The Politics of Pleasure"

Box 55 "Barney Rosset Lecture--Checker Board Sandy Meeham"

Box 55 "Barney Rosset Interview for CUNY TV"

Box 55 "NBCC Award Steve Wasserman/Barney Rosset"

Box 55 "NBCC Award March12, 2001"

Box 55 "Barney Rosset at National Arts Club: WS Burroughs"

Box 55 "Early Works--The Joke"

Box 55 "The Joke"

Box 55 "Grove Press--Int. Film Festival"

Box 55 "Grove Press--Man Alive, I Call It Murder"

Box 55 "Dziga and his Brothers by E. Tsymbal"

Box 55 "Grove Press--Int'L Film Fest. Trailer"

Box 55 "Rockaby"

Box 55 "William Burroughs"

Box 55 "Thanus an Despina"

Box 55 "Rosset Family Movies"

Box 55 "Interview with Barney Rosset on Robert Frank"

Box 55 "Asi Se Vive El Libre Comercio"

Box 55 "Thomas and Despina--Part 1"

Box 55 "Thomas and Despina--Part 2"

Box 55 "Mr. Freedom--Part 2"

Box 55 "Rosy, Rosy"

Box 55 "Sunday Noon Program, CBS"

Box 55 "Writer of O, a Film by Pola Rapaport"

Box 55 "Daughters of the Troubles: Belfast Stories"

Box 55 "The Irish in America"

Box 55 "Meet Marlon Brando"

Box 55 "Five Days in March--Haskell Wexler" (2 copies)

Box 55 "Clint Eastwood--Biography on A& E"

Box 55 "I am Curious Yellow"

Box 55 "Pull My Daisy--Taped from Channel 13"

Box 55 "Weeds--Haskell"

Box 55 "Waiting for the Invasion--Peter Rosset"

Box 55 "Phoebe Legere"

Box 55 "QUEEN"

Box 55 "Quiet Days in Clichy"

Box 55 "Jupiter's Wife"

Box 55 "Haiti Reborn"

Box 55 "Free Zone 2000"

Box 55 "East Hampton Thanksgiving--Surroundings of House"

Box 56 "The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl--Part I"

Box 56 "The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl--Part II"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset Interview with Al Goldstein"

Box 56 "Pen Award-Rosset"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset--Meeting with Publishers"

Box 56 "ABC News--Interview Barney"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset/Carolyn Somers Meeting--Joan Mitchell Letters"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset Rough Cut"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset and South African Meeting--Two Dogs and Freedom"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset--Football and Venice Footage"

Box 56 "Roussillon/Resistance Section"

Box 56 "Barney Rosset Book for Poor Richard Program"

Box 56 "Sag Harbor Panel on Censorship/Rosset"

Box 56 "Karl Grossman Reports: with Barney Rosset LTV"

Box 56 "Three Magic Theatre Plays"

Box 56 "The Erotic Women of Thailand"

Box 56 "The Good Woman of Bangkok"

Box 56 "Contemporary Haitian Politics"

Box 56 "China 1945--Victory Parade Luichow / Coney Island 1944 Parachute Jump, Roller Coaster (Cyclone)", 1944

Box 56 "Night at the Opera and Other Shorts--Marx Brothers"

Box 56 "Ethnic Cleansing"

Box 56 "Peter Interviewed in Nicaragua?"

Box 56 "Pinter People"

Box 56 "Medium Cool"

Box 56 "Tokyo Decadence"

Box 56 "The Battleship Potemkin"

Box 56 "Uprising of '34--Honea Path Remembers After 61 Years"

Box 56 "OE, NBC Nightline"

Box 56 "Naked Lunch"

Box 56 "Interview with Kenzaburo Oe at Barney Rosset's Residence"

Box 56 "Maidstone--Pennebaker Hegedus Films"

Box 56 "Maquila: A tale of two Mexicos"

Box 56 "Office Coy, Sounthern Povety Law Center"

Box 56 "Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter's Journey"

Box 56 "The Road to the Coast"

Box 56 "The Farm by Mac Premo"

Box 57 Samuel Beckett

UCLA Film and Television Archive

Waiting for Godot

Box 57 Edited Master

Box 57 DVD

Box 57 DVCam

Box 57 DVD (Access Copy)

Beta Tape

Box 57 "Rockaby-Barney Rosset Grove Press"

Box 57 "Thanos and Despina--Part 1"

Box 57 "Thanos and Despina, Chant D'Amour--Part 2"

Magnetic Recording Tapes

Box 57 "Barney Rosset discussing Grove Press Financial Plan," 1970-1971 ?, 1970-1971

Box 57 "Barney Rosset Speaking about Censorship"

Box 57 "Grove Recap,", 1960

Box 57 "Use as last roll?"

Box 57 "Evergreen Review Presents: Poems to Music and Laughter", 1959

Box 57 "The Barry Farber Show,", 1970

Box 57 "Feltrinelli on Pasternak"

Box 57 "Evergreen 7 ½ copy of Equalized Tape, Side One"

Box 57 "Judith Crist," 1969 (5 inch tape), 1969

Box 57 Unidentified (5 inch tape)

Box 57 "Ed Rodman,", 1960

Box 57 "Readings from Evergreen Review," ca, 1957

Box 57 "B Grey Dub of April 29, 1969"

Box 57 "Evergreen Review Presents; Feltrinelli and Dr. Zhivago"

Box 57 Blank

Box 57 Blank

Box 57 "Evergreen Review Presents: The Ferlinghetti Story"

Box 57 "The Barry Farber Show,", 1970

Box 58 16MM

Box 58 "Waiting for Godot, Dupe Negative, Parts 1 & 2"

Box 58 "Waiting for Godot, Reel 3 of 3"

Box 58 "Chant D'Amour,", 2002

Box 58 "Grove Press "Personals" A & B Rolls"

Magnetic Tape

Box 58 "Evergreen 7 ½ Master"

Digital Betacam

Box 58 "Rosset Transfer: Reels 1-10

Box 58 "Rosset Transfer: Reels 11-13--"Film Outtakes"

Box 58 "Strange Victory--Reels 1-7

Box 58 "Strange Victory--Reel 8"

Betacam SP

Box 58 "Interview with Kenzaburo Oe," 1965 (2 tapes), 1965

Box 59 Magnetic Recording Tapes

Box 59 "Barney Rosset Answering Questions by Professor E. R. Hutchison"

Box 59 "The Barry Farber Show, Church League of America," 1970 (3 copies), 1970

Box 59 Unidentified

Box 59 "Evergreen Review Presents: The Eye of Mexico,", 1959

"Not Part of Survey"

Box 59 "S.F. Rejects--Evergreen Vol. 1, Vol. 2"

Box 59 "Barney Reading to Peter"

Box 59 "Gary Snyder Reading for Poetry"

Box 59 "Not Without Words"

Box 59 "Take One of 4 Track Tape at 7 ½ " p.s."

Box 59 "Amos Tutola, The Palm Wine Drinkard"


Box 59 "Rosset Reels 1-10"

Box 72 Evergreen Review, Inc., Strange Victory reels 1-8, circa 1948, 1999 August 13, 1 videocassettes (VHS)

Total run time: 1:03:37. Transferred to video 1999 August 13.

Small 8mm Reels

Box 59 "R1--Kentucky Derby," 1938 (empty box), 1938

Box 59 "R2--Auto Race"

Box 59 "R3--Arlington Park" (???)

Super 8

Box 59 "Nicole on Swing,", 1969

Regular 8MM

Box 59 "Fighting Words--Double O Films"

Box 60 2 Inch Tape Reels

Box 60 "Waiting for Godot, Reel 1"

Box 60 "Waiting for Godot, Reel 2"


Box 61 Folder A "Barney's Birthday--49 minutes"

Box 61 Folder A "Barney July 14th"

Box 61 Folder A "Barne's B-Day 2"

"Red Bank"

Box 61 Folder A "Barney Rosset, Jerry Tallmer,", 2006

Box 61 Folder A "Looper"

Box 61 Folder A "Not for Distribution--Some Flaws"

Box 61 Folder A "Old, Lower Quality but Complete"

Box 61 Folder A "Master DVD Red Bank,", 2006

R to R--Double O

Box 61 Folder A "Barney on E.R. Hutchinson, 1 of 4"

Box 61 Folder A "Very Good, 2 of 4"

Box 61 Folder a "3 of 4"

Box 61 Folder A "4 of 4"

Box 61 Folder a "Transcript of Barney Rosset respond to E.R. Hutchinson's Questions," (Floppy Disk)

Box 61 Folder a "Reel for Barney--Trailer for Obscene, Material Not in Film"

Box 61 Folder a "Barney & Archive"


Box 61 Folder a "Roger Tansey"

Box 61 Folder a "Barney's B-Day--East Hampton, 2006

Box 61 Folder a "Barney Photos, 2008"

Box 61 Folder a "Wedding Photos, Regina & Charlie,", 2007

Box 61 Folder a "Photos--Memorial Day,", 2004

Box 61 Folder a "Astrid's Photos" (6 disks)

2 Inch Tape Reels

Box 61 Folder B "Waiting for Godot, Reel 1--Edited"

Box 61 Folder C "Waiting for Godot, Reel 2--Edited"

Box 62 Film Reels (various formats)

Box 62 Miscellaneous Strips of Film

Box 62 "Chicago Race Track"

Box 62 Unidentified ("R4 Heads")

Box 62 "Coney Island" ("R6 Heads)

Box 62 Unidentified ("R7 Heads")

Box 62 "VJ Day" OR "Europe 1937 Barney and Parents" (R7), 1937

Box 62 "Luichow Air Base (R8 Heads)

Box 62 "Peggy Coal Docks" (R9 Heads)

Box 62 Barney Football (R10 Heads)

Box 62 Unidentified ("R11 Heads")

Box 62 "Gary Snyder Reads" OR EUROPE All the Nightmare"


"Barney's 16MM Transfer"

Box 62 "Reels 1-10"

Box 62 "Reels 11-13"

Box 62 "Barney Rosset Super 8 Transfer"

Box 62 "Fighting Words--Double O Films,", 2006


Box 62 "Rosset Interview on Robert Frank"

Box 62 "Laos to Cambodia" (2 cassettes)

Box 62 "Cambodia"

Box 62 "Chiang Mai"

Box 62 "Strange Victory--CUNY TV"

Box 62 "Hampton Waters--Rosset, Potter, Stiles,", 2006

Box 62 "Irish Arts Center--After at Home--Barney Reading"

Box 62 "Christmas--New Year's,", 2004

Box 62 "Immigrant Demonstration, May Day Union Square,", 2006

Box 62 "Working Title--Shattered"

Box 62 "Fighting Words--Double O Films"

Box 62 "NY Independent Publishing Center"

Box 62 "Genet"

Box 62 "Michael McClure"

Super 8

Box 62 "Fighting Words, CR #8"

Box 62 "Fighting Words, CR #6-7"

Box 62 "Peter's Grand Canyon River Trip, Summer 1969"

Box 63 16mm

Box 63 Waiting for Godot , 3 film reels (16mm); in 2 plastic cases

Box 65 Strange Victory--very good, 2 film reels (16mm)

Box 71 Strange Victory composite print (plus extra reel), 5 film reels (35mm)

Box 72 Strange Victory composite print (plus extra reel), 4 film reels (35mm)