Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Kōji Nakanishi papers, 1949-2010

Series IV: Patents

The patents series includes files related to numerous patents worked on or held by Koji Nakanishi. This series also includes files for grants and other sponsored research.

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Box 32 Round Table

Box 32 PAS

Box 32 Wood

Box 32 KAZU

Box 32 Bell

Box 32 Pseudrelone

Box 32 Prof. Nozoe

Box 32 Patent 1-201

Box 32 Patent 1-201

Box 32 Patent 1-202

Box 32 Patent 1-202

Box 32 Patent 7402-Ginkgolides

Box 32 Illudin-S

Box 32 PN-B

Box 32 Finished Seminars '83-'84

Box 32 US-Japan January '84

Box 33 C15 Ginkgolide

Box 33 4-04 Isoxazole

Box 33 Obsolete Grants-Past Grants: Navy N62269-78-C-0368

Box 33 Obsolete Grants-Past Navy Grant: N00014-80-C-0578, 6/1/80-5/31/81

Box 33 Obsolete Grants-Past Grants: AI 10187 + CA11572 FTIR Supplement

Box 33 Obsolete Grants-US/Japan Seminar Corr.

Box 33 C20 Gingkolide

Box 33 HV Synthesis

Box 33 Cuauntemone

Box 33 Cervicarcin

Box 33 Flouroscene

Box 33 Ginkgolides

Box 33 Task Force II

Box 33 Benzoate Chirality

Box 33 NAF

Box 33 Lycopodine

Box 33 X Base

Box 33 Abscisin

Box 33 TG

Box 34 Inactive Grants