Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Hodder and Stoughton records, 1875-1914

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Aspden, Hartley

Box 2 Aspden, Hartley

Box 3 Aspden, Hartley

Box 4 Aspden, Hartley

Barrie, Sir James Matthew, 1860-1937

Barron, Percy

Bayly, Elizabeth Boyd

Bedford, Jessie ("Elizabeth Godfrey")

Beet, Joseph Agar, 1840-1924

Bell, Charles Frederic Moberly, 1847-1911

Bell, David Charles, 1817-1901

Bell, John Joy, 1871-1934

Bullen, Frank Thomas, 1857-1915

Cairns, David Smith, 1862-1946

Carey, Rosa Nouchette, 1840-1909

Dale, Sir Alfred William Winterslow, 1855-1926

Doudney, Sarah, 1843-1926

Downey, W. & D.

Duncan, Norman, 1871-1916

Fairbairn, Andrew Martin, 1838-1912

Findlay, Jessie Patrick

Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, 1860-1929

Frowde, Henry, 1841-1927

Gordon, Charles William, 1860-1937 ("Ralph Connor")

Gorrie, Alfred E.

Griffith-Jones, Ebenezer, 1860-1942

Hammerton, Sir John Alexander, 1871-1949

Henderson, Robert, 1842-

Hitchcock, Ripley, 1857-1918

Hocking, Joseph, 1860-1937

Hodder, Edwin, 1837-1904

Hughes, Mary Katherine Howard Barrett (Mrs Hugh P.)

Hutton, Susan Katharine

Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880

Knight, George Halley, 1835-1917

Lamb, Ruth Buck, 1829-

Lee, Elizabeth

Lucy, Sir Henry William, 1845-1924

MacDonald, Greville, 1856-1944

MacLean, Donald Findlay, 1874-1937

Macquoid, Katharine Sarah, 1824-1917

Macquoid, Thomas Robert, 1820-1912

Macrae, John, 1866-1944

Mann, Robert G.

Masson, Flora

Meade, L.T., 1854-1914 (Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Toulmin Smith)

Moody-Stuart, Kenneth, 1841-1904

Nicoll, Sir William Robertson, 1851-1923

Oman, John Wood, 1860-1939

Orr, James, 1844-1913

Oxenham, John, 1852-1941

Page, Jesse

Paull, Mary Anna, 1838- (Mrs John Ripley)

Pegram, Fred, 1870-

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926

Reaney, Isabel Edis (Mrs G.S.), 1847-

Reed, Talbot Bains, 1852-1893

Rice, Alice Caldwell Hegan, 1870-1942

Rice, Cale Young, 1872-1943

Scribner, Charles, 1854-1930

Sergeant, Adeline, 1851-1904

Shorter, Clement King, 1857-1926

Simpson, Evelyn Blantyre, 1856-1920

Simpson, Patrick Carnegie, 1865-1947

Smith, David, 1866-1932

Speight, Ernest Edwin

Steuart, John Alexander, 1861-1932

Stoddart, Jane T.

Strahan, Geoffrey

Stretton, Hesba, 1832-1911

Swan, Annie Shepherd, 1859-1943 ("David Lyall") (Mrs James Burnett Smith)

Thayer, William Makepeace, 1820-1898

Tynan, Katharine, 1861-1931

Waghorne, Arthur

Ward, Miss A.E.

Watson, John, 1850-1907 ("Ian Maclaren")

Weber, Allahna

Wedmore, Sir Frederick, 1844-1921

Young, Robert