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Volodymyr Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ papers, 1880s-1980

Series VII: Photographs, 1880s-1980

This series contains prints and negatives of group photographs with Levyts'kyi and portraits of him, as well as other people, including prominent figures, such as Mykola Bazhan, Andrii Holovko, Rockwell Kent, Nikita Khrushchev, Andrii Malyshko, Nikolai Tikhonov, Vitalii Korotych, delegates to the United Nations, and others; photographs from various events and numerous trips to Ukraine. There are also family photographs, a collection of photographs of Ukrainian folk costumes, including Ruthenian ones, photographs of Ukrainian internees in German camps with inscriptions, and five glass plate negatives of anti-Denikin cartoons. Many photographs are unidentified. Organized in six subseries.

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Subseries VII.1: General Photographs, 1900s-1979

Contains portraits of Levyts'kyi and various people, group photographs with Levyts'kyi and without him.

Box 20 Folder 1 Levyts'kyi's portraits, 1900s-1979

Group photos with Levyts'kyi, 1900s-1979

(See also: Subseries VII.2 : Family photographs, Box 20, Folders 6-8, Sub-subseries VII.3.2:Hromads'kyi holos,box 21, Folder 12, Sub-subseries VII.3.4: Various, Box 21 Folders 15-16, Subseries VII. 4: Ukraine, Box 22, Folders 1-5, Subseries VII.5: Ukrainian internees, Box 22, Folders 9-10, Subseries VII.6: Various, Box 22, Folder 13)

Box 20 Folder 2 Levyts'kyi with various people

Box 20 Folder 3 Scranton Ukrainian chorus, 1936 [?], 1936

Portraits of various people

(mainly unidentified)

Crosby, Helen, 1940s see Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.2: General Correspondence--Crosby, Box 1, Folder 9, 1940s

Box 20 Folder 4 Dmyterko, L.D.

Box 20 Folder 4 Guszalewicz, Genia, 1923

Kraikivs'kyi, Oleksandr: see Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.2: General Correspondence--Kraikivs'kyi, Box 2; Folder 3

Box 20 Folder 4 Mostovyi, St.

Prokopiv, Vasyl', 1937 see Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.2: General Correspondence--Prokopiv, Box 3, Folder 6, 1937

Box 20 Folder 4 Trylovs'kyi, Kyrylo

Box 20 Folder 4 Voina, O.

Box 20 Folder 5 Various group photographs, undated

Subseries VII.2 : Family Photographs, 1880s-1980s

Group photographs and portraits of Levyts'kyi's family members including himself; many with inscriptions.

Box 20 Folder 6 to 8 Family Photographs

Subseries VII.3: Photographs for Publications, 1946-1976

Comprises photographs of various events to be published in bulletins and newspapers which Levyts'kyi edited or with which he collaborated. Organized in four sub-subseries according of the type of publication or subject.

Sub-subseries VII.3.1: Bulletins, 1969-1976

Photographs for press-bulletinsNews from UkraineandPo Radians'kii Ukraini.Among them are included photos of prominent writers, artists, and singers.

Box 20 Folder 9 News from Ukraine , 1976

Po radians'kii Ukraini

Box 20 Folder 10 1969 #5. Among others, there is a photograph of Holovko, Andrii, 1969

Box 20 Folder 11 1969 #6. Among others, there are photographs of Miroshnychenko, Ievheniia and Petrynenko, Diana, 1969

Box 20 Folder 12 Various

Sub-subseries VII.3.2: Hromads'kyi holos, 1962-1964, undated, 1962-1964, undated

Contains mainly photographs related to the 150th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birthday. Also includes photographs of various people and events.

Ukrains'ke tovarystvo druzhby i kul'turnoho zv'iazku z zarubizhnymy krainamy

Box 21 Folder 1 to 11 150th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birthday: the International Shevchenko Forum of Writers and Cultural Workers in Kyiv, Kaniv, and village of Moryntsi,, 1964

(Group pictures and portraits of various writers and cultural and public figures from various Soviet Republics and from around the world. Included are Bazhan, Mykola, Kent, Rockwell, Khrushchev, Nikita, and Tikhonov, Nikolai)

Scenes from the forum

Scenes of Moryntsi

American-Ukrainians visit to Ukraine, undated

Box 21 Folder 12 Korotych, Vitalii

Box 21 Folder 12 Levyts'kyi, Volodymyr


Box 21 Folder 13 Flanzbaum, Aaron R., 1962

(chairman of ADL's New Jersey regional board)

Box 21 Folder 13 Klodnycky, V., 1962

Box 21 Folder 13 Kove, Moses L., 1962

(chairman of ADL's New York regional board)

Box 21 Folder 13 Lichten, J., 1962

(director of ADL's department of intercultural affairs)

Box 21 Folder 13 Ukrainian Dance Company presented by S. Hurok

Box 21 Folder 13 Unidentified

Sub-subseries VII.3.3: United Nations, 1950

Group and individual photographs of Security Council delegates and U.N. representatives, Secretary General, U.N. facilities, and scenes of meetings and conferences.

Box 21 Folder 14 Austin, Warren (Ambassador and U.S.A.delegate)

Box 21 Folder 14 Chang, John N. (Korean Ambassador and delegate to the Council)

Box 21 Folder 14 Jebb, Gladwyn, sir (United Kingdom)

Box 21 Folder 14 Lall, Shamaldharee (Assistant Secretary General)

Box 21 Folder 14 Lie, Trygve (U.N. Secretary General)

Box 21 Folder 14 Malik, Iakov, (USSR)

Box 21 Folder 14 Riddell, Robert Gerald (Canada)

Box 21 Folder 14 Tsiang, Tingfu E. (China)

Box 21 Folder 14 Zinchenko, C.E. (Assistant Secretary General)

Box 21 Folder 14 Unidentified

Box 21 Folder 14 U.N. Permanent Headquarter's building

Sub-subseries VII.3.4: Various, 1946-1958

Comprises photographs of Levyts'kyi and Ivan Martynets' as representatives of the American Society for Russian Relief, some prominent figures, such as Andrii Malyshko, S. Stefanyk, et al, various events and people.

American Society for Russian Relief, 1946

Box 21 Folder 15 Levyts'kyi, Volodymyr

Box 21 Folder 15 Martynets', Ivan (aka John Martinec)

Events, 1946, 1958, undated, 1946, 1958, undated

(group photographs from various events)

Box 21 Folder 16 Haidai, Zoia

Box 21 Folder 16 Levyts'kyi, Volodymyr

Box 21 Folder 16 Malyshko, Andrii

Box 21 Folder 16 Palamarchuk, L.

Box 21 Folder 16 Patarzhyns'kyi, I.

Box 21 Folder 16 Stefanyk, S.

Box 21 Folder 16 Unidentified

Box 21 Folder 17 to 18 Postcards, tear sheets, and reprints of photographs of various prominent people, monuments, and events

Subseries VII. 4: Ukraine, 1958-1979, undated, 1958-1979, undated

Contains photographs from Levyts'kyi's trips to Ukraine of various years and Ukrainian costumes and scenes.

Sub-subseries VII.4.1: Trips to Ukraine

Mainly group photos of various people and scenes from everyday life, including Volodymyr Levyts'kyi's photographs with family members, peasants, and public and cultural figures.

Box 22 Folder 1 1958-1959

Box 22 Folder 2 1961-1963

Box 22 Folder 3 1970s-1979

Box 22 Folder 4 to 5 Undated

Sub-subseries VII.4.2: Costumes and Folk Scenes, undated

Photographs of Ukrainian men and women in folk costumes, and scenes of Ukrainian Carpathian life.

Box 22 Folder 6 to 8 Costumes and Folk Scenes

Subseries VII.5: Ukrainian Internees in German Camps, 1910s-1920s

In 1915-1918 Levyts'kyi worked in German internment camps as a representative of the Orhanizatsii Vyzvolennia Ukrainy. This subseries contains portraits and group photographs of internees and Levyts'kyi. Many with autograph inscriptions. 29 black and white and sepia prints. More can be found among group and individual photographs in Subseries VII.1: General photographs (box 20, folders 2, 4, 5).

Box 22 Folder 9 to 10 Ukrainian Internees in German Camps

Subseries VII.6: Various

Glass plate negatives of anti Denikin posters, Leningrad and Petergof scenes, various negatives.

Box 22 Folder 11 Anti Denikin cartoons

(5 glass plate negatives)

Box 22 Folder 12 Russian scenes: Leningrad and Petergof

Box 22 Folder 13 Negatives