Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Albert Goldman papers, 1953-1994

Series XIV: Printed Material

Books, article, magazines, and tearsheets belonging to Goldman

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Subseries XIV.1:Tearsheets and Clippings

Box 108 Folder 5 1959-1960

Box 108 Folder 6 1961

Box 108 Folder 7 1962

Box 108 Folder 8 1963

Box 108 Folder 9 1964

Box 108 Folder 10 1965

Box 108 Folder 11 1966

Box 108 Folder 12 1967

Box 108 Folder 13 1968

Box 108 Folder 14 1969

Box 120 Folder 1-3 1970

On Switched-On Symphony; Soul; Jazz; Book Reviews; Rock Music; Disco; Zoot Sims; Joe Cocker, etc.

Box 120 Folder 4-6 1971

On Music at the St. Regis; Attament Music Festival; R.D. Lang; Gene Ammons; John Lennon; Little Richard; Elton John; Humpback whales; Lenny Bruce

Box 120 Folder 7 & 8 1972

On Jazz; Carnival; Obscenity,Telivision; Isaac Hayes; Carole King; Book reviews etc.

Box 120 Folder 9 1973

On Hypochondria; Pimps; Spring in NYC; Children and Museums; Humor; Rock; Lenny Bruce

Box 120 Folder 10 1974

On Alice Cooper; Vienna; Nymphomania; Glitter Rock; Atlanta; Herpes

Box 120 Folder 11 1975

On Juke Box; Lenny Bruce; Miami; Las Vegas; Pot; Santa Fe; Dope in Prison

Box 120 Folder 12 1976

On Colombian Drugs; Charleston, SC

Box 120 Folder 13 & 14 1977

On Colombian Drugs; Charleston, SC; Fusion; Hashish; Cocane; Disco; Rio Carnival

Box 120 Folder 15 & 16 1978

On Disco; Tango; Bee Gees; Rio Carnival; Kraftwerk; Marijuana; Charlie Parker; Satchel Paig

Box 17 Folder 1-3 1979/80

Box 88 British and American Press on Beatles and John Lennon (some duplicate interviews, etc.)

Subseries XIV.2: Books

Inscribed Books:

Box 132 Ladies and Gentlemen-Lenny Bruce!! (paperback)

Box 132 Elvis: The Last 24 Hours (paperback)

Box 132 Owning-Up by George Melly (paperback)

Box 132 Grass Roots: Marijuana in America Today

Box 132 The Last Days of John Lennon by Frederic Seaman (inscribed by Seaman)

Box 132 The Lives of John Lennon

Box 132 With William Burroughs: A report from the Bunker by Victor Bockris (inscribed by Bockris)

Box 132 When She was Good by Philip Roth (inscribed by Roth)

Box 132 Conjunctions: The Music Issue

Box 132 Seasons of Discontent: Dramatic Opinions 1959-1965 by Robert Brustein (inscribed by Brustein)

Box 132 The Third Theatre by Robert Brustein (inscribed by Brustein)

Box 132 The Virgin of San Gil by Paul Olsen (inscribed by Olsen)

Box 132 Soul Force by Paul Olsen (inscribed by Olsen)

Box 132 The Future of Being Human by Paul Olsen (inscribed by Olsen)

Box 132 The Life & Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger by Cecil Brown (inscribed by Brown)

Box 132 John Lennon

Box 132 The Great American Novel by Philip Roth (inscribe by Roth)

Box 132 Space, Time and Structure in the Modern Novel by Sharon Spencer (inscribed by Spencer)

Box 133 Inside Elvis by Ed Parker (annotated by Golodman)

Box 133 The Redneck Bride by John Fergus Ryan (inscribed by Ryan)

Box 133 Shards of Love: Exile and the Origins of the Lyric by Maria Roas Menocal (inscribed by Menocal)

Box 133 Stomping the Blues by Albert Murray (inscribed by Murray)

Box 133 A Presley Speaks by Vester Presley (signed by Presley)

Box 133 The Last Days of John Lennon by Frederic Seaman (inscribed by Seaman)

Box 133 Blues Who's Who by Sheldon Harris

Box 133 Elvis Presley: Reference Guide and Discography by John A. Whistler (inscribed by Whistler)

Box 133 The Last Decade: Essays and Reviews, 1965-75 by Lionel Trilling (inscribed by Diana Trilling)

Box 133 Blacklisted News: Secret Histories from Chicago to 1984 by Dana Frazen (Inscribed by Frazen)

Box 133 Harlem On My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America 1900-1968 by Dana Frazen (Inscribed by Frazen)

Box 133 Crossing Over & Other Tales by Richard Elman (inscribed by Elman)

Box 133 Legacy of Beauty: The Story of Magnolia Gardens by Dolores Lashley (inscribed by Lashley)

Box 133 El Hombre Invisible: William Burroughs by Barry Miles (inscribed by Miles)

Box 133 Subculture: The Meaning of Style by Dick Hebdige (inscribed by Hebdige)

Box 133 Marijuana Potency by Michael Starks

Box 133 Jim Morrison and The Doors by Mike Jahn

Box 133 Stars in My Eyes by Spencer Leigh

Box 133 Elvis World by Jane & Michael Stern (inscribed by Daphne)

Box 133 Blues by Robert Neff & Anthony Connor

Box 133 South Carolina Wildlife: Carolina's Hunting Heritage

Box 133 Rio: Portrait of a City

Box 41 The Master and the Slaves (hardback)

Box 41 Haiti (hardback)

Box 41 Macumba (hardback)

Box 41 The Rainy Season (hardback)

Box 41 Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica (hardback)

Box 41 The Serpent and the Rainbow (hardback)

Box 41 Uptown the Story of Harlem's Apollo Theatre (hardback)

Box 41 Nowhere to Run: The Story of Soul Music (hardback)

Box 41 The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love (hardback)

Box 41 Moonwalk (hardback)

Box 41 Tale of an All-Night Town (hardback)

Box 41 The French Quarter (hardback)

Box 41 Escolas de Samba em Desfile (paperback)

Box 41 Haiti (paperback)

Box 41 A Musica Brasileria (paperback)

Box 41 Ritulas and Spells of Santeria (paperback)

Box 41 Santeria (paperback)

Box 41 Report on the Rastafari Movement in Kingston, Jamaica (paperback)

Box 41 Escolas de Samba (paperback)

Box 41 Flash of the Spirit (paperback)

Box 41 Papa Doc (paperback)

Box 41 Haiti: The Black Republic (paperback)

Box 41 Gumbo Ya-Ya (paperback)

Box 41 The Drum and the Hoe (paperback)

Box 41 Voodoo in New Orleans (paperback)

Box 41 O Rancho Que Foi Escola (paperback)

Box 41 Michael Jackson: Body and Soul (paperback)

Box 41 The City Game (paperback)

Box 41 Michael Jackson (paperback)

Box 41 Natal - o homen de um braco so (paperback)

Box 41 Papa Doc: the truth about Haiti today (paperback)

Box 72 John Lennon Ein Leben. Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1989. (paperback)

Box 72 Elvis. Penguin, 1982. (paperback)

Box 72 The Lives of John Lennon. New York: William Morrow, 1988. (hardback)

Box 72 De Levens van John Lennon. Amsterdam: Sijthoff, 1989

Box 72 Elvis. London: Allen Lane. (hardback)

Box 72 Ladies and Gentlemen Lenny Bruce!! New York: Random House, 1974. (hardbrback)

Box 73 Disco New York: Hawthorn Books, 1978. (hardbrback, 18 copies)

Box 2 Leni Riefenstahl : Life Published by Kyuryudo Company, Limited, Tokyo, Japan, 1993

Box 95 Sound Bites (paperback), 1992

Box 95 Ladies and Gentlemen-Lenny Bruce!! (paperback), 1991

Box 95 Freak Show (hardback), 1971

Box 95 Sound Bites (hardback), 1992

Box 95 Disco (hardback), 1978

Box 134 Freak Show (hardback), 1971

Box 134 Elvis: The Last 24 Hours (paperback)

Box 134 Explorations: and annual on Jewish themes , 1967

Box 134 John Lennon: ein Liben (paperback), 1989

Box 134 De Levens van John Lennon (paperback), 1989

Box 134 The Elvis Reader (paperback), 1992

Box 134 The Sixties (paperback), 1992

Box 134 The Lives of John Lennon (hardback, Japanese), 1992 (4 copies), 1992

Box 134 John Lennon (hardback, Italian), 1988 (2 copies), 1988

Box 134 The Lives of John Lennon (hardback), 1988

Box 134 Sound Bites (hardback), 1992

Box 134 The Lives of John Lennon (paperback), 1989

Box 134 The Lives of John Lennon (paperback, Greek) (2 copies)

Box 134 Elvis (hardback), 1981

Box 134 Carnival in Rio (hardback), 1978

Box 134 Disco (hardback), 1978

Box 136 Rolling Stone (hardback), April 19, 1969 through November 1, 1969. 1 volume, April 19, 1969 through November 1, 1969

Box 136 Rolling Stone (hardback), November 15, 1969 through June 11, 1970. 1 volume, November 15, 1969 through June 11, 1970

Box 136 The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll (paperback), 1976. 1 volume, 1976

Subseries XII.3: Magazines and Posters

Box 143 Numerous magazines and miscellaneous printed items re Elvis, Lennon, and Michael Jackson (Rolling Stone; Life; People; Village Voice; SoHo News; etc.)

Box A27 Copies (3) of Stern magazine, 1992

Box A27 Copies 4 of High Times magazine, 1978-1983

Box 95 Now & Then (Wurlitzer Jukebox Promotional)


John Lennon:

Tube Box 138 "This Is Not Here" Yoko Ono (John Lennon Guest Artist)

Tube Box 138 Photograph of watercolor of John Lennon

Tube Box 138 Poster for British Army, signed by Lennon, 1970

Tube Box 138 "War Is Over" John and Yoko poster

Tube Box 138 Poster for "Lennon: A Musical Play" at Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Bruce Lee:

Tube Box 139 Bruce Lee posters (4)

Box 137 "Fist of Fury" (8 posters)

Box 137 "The Way of the Dragon" (8 posters)

Box 137 "The Big Boss" (8 posters)

Maps, Exhibits/Events:

Tube Box 139 Map of Berlin, 1940

Box 139 Haymarket Festival, 1981

Box 139 Chambord

Box 139 Malerei der Etrusker

Box 139 Maori Art

Box 139 Jazz Giants: Billie Holiday

Box 139 World Non-Stop Singing Record