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Christopher Coover collection of literary & historical letters manuscripts and documents, 1589-1923

Series IV: Maps, Books, Newspapers, Bookplates, Broadsides, Posters and Song sheets, etc.

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Mapcase 15-M2-1 [Blaeu, Willem (1571-1638). Novae Tabulae, [Amsterdam: c.1640.] Engraved map with hand-colored decoration.

According to Burden, this constitutes "the first and most important derivative of John Smith's map of Virginia, originally published in 1612." A fine map, printed on heavy paper. Depicting a large swathe of the coast and interior of America, decorated with small decorative animals, a large vignette of native Indians and small sailing vessels. Burden 193; Koeman 1:71-5; Tooley, America, p.166.

Mapcase 15-K-05 [Scotland]. The Tourist's Map of Scotland. Edinburgh, A. & C. Black, n. d. [circa 1840]. Approximately 18"x 20" unfolded.

Exceedingly detailed engraved map, showing clan boundaries and early railroad lines.

Tube Box 9 Faden, William. Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and the N.W. Coast of Asia, Explored in the Years 1778 and 1789. Prepared by Lieut. Henry Roberts under the inspection of Capt. [James] Cook. London:, 29 July 1794, 22 inches x 32 inches

Recording "The interesting discoveries made by British and American ships, since the publication of this chart in 1784 . .. ". Highly detailed depiction, with careful hand-coloring, of the coastline of North America, eastern Asia, and the Catherine Archipelago, including Kamchatka and the Aleuts Islands; a highly important map, recording important journeys made by Captain Cook to Vancouver and incorporating extensive coastline and the Frozen Arctic Sea and the Hyperborean Ocean; 2 sheets neatly attached


Box 5 Folder 13 The Independent Gazetteer; or, Chronicle of Freedom . No. 75. Philadelphia: E. Oswald & D Humphreys. April 5, 1783. 4pp.

Very rare war-date Philadelphia paper, containing much speculation on the possibility of a treaty with Britrain; features (on p.4) a long advertisement of financier Haym Salomon, a verse "Hymn for National Peace", world news and two anonymous addresses "To the Officers of the Army" (pp.2-3).

Box 5 Folder 14 The Public Ledger . Vol. LIX, no 19. Philadelphia. 4pp., large folio.

Extensive coverage of "The Crime Without a Name," the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. (printed before news of Lincoln's death was received.)

Box 5 Folder 15 The Pacific Weekly News for the Steamer Oregon . Vol. 1, no.5. San Francisco, Alta California, September 29, 1849. 4pp., folio.

An issue if this short-lived Gold Rush newspaper, containing speeches by Thomas Hart Benton and Calhoun regarding the issue of slavery; estimate of San Francisco's population (including Chinese); extolling the city as "the New York of the Pacific," lists of mining supplies for sale, etc.

Box 5 Folder 16 The Pacific News. Union of Californians for the sake of California . Vol. 1, no. 26. San Francisco, Alta California, 23 October 1849. 4pp., large folio.

Political news about the elections pending; noting (p.2) that "The Constitution of the State of California has been formed, signed. sealed and delivered, and is now in press ... "

Box 5 Folder 17 The Pacific News. Union of Californians for the sake of California . Vol. 1, no. 36. San Francisco, 15 November 1849. 4pp., small folio.

First page explains small format due to paper shortages; reports on recent elections (results not yet final) and the ratification of the new constitution, with detailed preliminary vote tallies.

Box 5 Folder 18 The Pacific News. Union of Californians for the sake of California . Vol. 1, no. 51. San Francisco, 20 December 1849. 4pp., small folio.

Reports on the newly elected state government; news of the Free Soil party and its bearing on California's admission as a state, etc.

Box 5 Folder 19 Washington Weekly Chronicle, Vol. 1, no. 51. Washington D.C., 29 April 1865. 6pp. large folio.

Six columns, large masthead, large wood-engraved portrait of "Booth, The Assassin." Black leading between columns. Virtually the entire issue is devoted to coverage of the Lincoln assassination and the identification and pursuit of the conspirators. In lower left of first page is a two-column reprint of the official report on Booth's death, on 27 April .

Box 5 Folder 20 The London Chronicle: Or, Universal Evening Post . VoI.VI, No. 134. November 5-8, 1757. London: J. Wilkie: 1757. 8pp., small folio., November 5-8, 1757

Printed in three columns. Extensive reportage on the war in Europe and the colonies.

Box 5 Folder 21 The London Chronicle: Or, Universal Evening Post . Vol. VI, No. 441, October 23-25, 1759. J. Wilkie, 1759. 8pp., small folio., October 23-25, 1759

Printed in three columns. Extensive reportage on the war in Europe and the colonies. On p.2 is a notice of the French abandonment of forts including Pittsburg and the impending British move to occupy that strategic fort.

Box 5 Folder 22 The London Chronicle: Or, Universal Evening Post . Vol. VI, No. 446, November 3-6, 1759. : J. Wilkie, 1759. 8pp., small folio., November 3-6, 1759

Printed in three columns. Extensive reportage on the war in Europe and the colonies. On p.l is a report on the siege and fall of Quebec, especially the death of Maj. General James Wolfe in that final assault.

Box 5 Folder 23 The London Chronicle: Or, Universal Evening Post . Vol VI, No. 438, October 16-18, 1759. J. Wilkie, 1759. 8pp., small folio., October 16-18, 1759

Printed in three columns. Extensive reportage on the war in Europe and the colonies, beginning on page 1 with letters of General Wolfe and William Pitt, with 6 columns devoted to Wolfe's final account of the battle, plus a return of killed and wounded.


Box 2 Folder 5 Small collection of bookplates, 18th-20th centuries, mostly engraved, several gilt-lettered on morocco. Includes:

Box 2 Folder 26 London, Jack. Gross, E.]., artist. Lithographed bookplate for Jack London. undated 5 x 4 in., printed on wove paper., undated

A striking composition of a wolf's head flanked by snowshoes. One of the most famous AmerIcan bookplates.

Box 6 Folder 9 London, Jack. Bookplate

a dramatic, high-contrast lithographic print with a dog's head flanked by two snowshoes, a clear evocation ofThe Call of the Wildand London's Klondike experiences. Boldly lettered "Jack London."

Mapcase 15-M2-1 Hemingway, Ernest. Original ink and paper drawing of a bookplate for Hemingway, by "E.C.y''' (identity unknown). Folio, 13 x 8.3/4 inches, tipped to a sheet of brown paper.

Design with three sourrounds: one at top showing a woodland hunting scene, middle section captioned "Ex Librais Ernest Hemingway, bottommost compartment with a bullfight scene. [With:] A reduced size bookplate 6.112 x 4.3/4 inches on tan paper. Apparently not used by Hemingway, though examples are occasionally seen (cf. James Goode, "Ex Libris," in University of Virginia Magazine, 8 June 2011 one example is in the Knox College Library, another example is in the Louis and Marguerite Cohn Collection at the University of Delaware.


Box 4 Folder 4 Lincoln, Abraham, Assassination. Nicbols, W.A.. Assistant Adjutant General. Broadside: General Orders No. 69. War Department, Washington. 17 April 1865. page, 12mo.

Proclaiming that "by directions of the President. .. the War Department will be closed on ... the day of the funeral of the late President. Labor on that day will be suspended at all military posts ... flags will be kept at half-staff ... and at 12 ' o'clock, meridian, twenty-one gun salutes will be fired ... "

Box 5 Folder 9 Broadside re. the Japanese game of Sho-Ho-Ye by D. S. Green, 7, September 1854

Box 5 Folder 11 Three broadside songs: "Up in a Balloon"; "Emegrants Farewell to Donegall; "The English Courtship:

Mapcase 15-M2-1 Three 19th Century Theater Broadsides: Boston Theater presents "Parepa Rosa", 19 January 1870; Olympic Theatre presents "Martin Chuzzlewit"; Olympic Theatre presents "The Streets of New York"., 19 January 1870

Box 6 Folder 1 The Merchant Outwitted: or, The Chambermaid's Policy. ("Let every brisk lover be constant and true ..."). N,p., undated [England, ca. 1690 ?]., undated, ca. 1690

Oblong 4to, text in 4 columns, with ornaments between columns, two small woodcuts at top of first two (small tear effects three words). A classic account of seduction thwarted.


Box 1 Folder 18 [Columbia]. Columbia College Dramatic Club. Concert Hall. Metropolitan Opery {sic] House. For the Benefit of the Columbia University Crew. 13-14 January 1888. [New York], 1888. 8pp., printed in blue-gray ink throughout, sewn at top in heavy wrappers with a pale blue silk ribbon.

Unusual program for fundraising events which included "A Frightful Frost" (Comedy in One Act), "Recitations in Costume" (By Edward Fales Coward, '83," a farce in one act: "B.B. The Boston Boy," plus lists of the members of the dramatic Club and an extensive list of "patronesses," including such names as Goelet, Wilmerding, Vanderbilt, Rhinelander, Roosevelt, Morris, Livingston, Beekman, Havemeyer.

Box 1 Folder 19 [New York, Metropolitan Club]. [Wrapper title]: Constitution of the Metropolitan Club. [New York, 1891]. 12pp. Brown printed wrappers.

Text of the Constitution, with two printed letters dated 7 and 21 March 1891 inserted, these inviting the recipient (name neatly excised), to join the newly established Metropolitan Club. Board members listed includes J. Pierpont Morgan, J.A. Roosevelt, Ogden Goelet, Cornelius Vanderbilt, etc.

Books, etc.:

Box 1 Folder 20 Prescott, Mary Everlena.A Complete and Comprehensive Treatise in the Art of Mixing Tints of Colors for Landscape, Flower, Sea Views, and Pottery Painting in Oil and Watercolors . N.p., undated [Albany. N.Y., ca. 1915 ?]. 24mo. 20pp. Original printed wrappers., undated, ca. 1915

Detailed listing of various pigments and mixtures to obtain a wide range of effects in painting. Ephemeral manual, probably sold in art supply shops.

Box 1 Folder 35 [Goadby, Robert].King of the Beggars.,. or, The Curious Adventures of Bampfylde-Moore Carew . New York: Ornum [Norman L. Munro] Company, undated [ca. 1870]. 12mo. Colored pictorial wrappers., undated

Specifying that this is No. 23 of the "Ten cent Popular Novels," distributed by "The Albany News Co., Albany, N.Y." Dime-novel reprint of the vastly popular 1749 memoirs of a noted swindler and con-man (1693-1770 ?) whose "exploits are heightened in the coloring by his ingenious biographer." Lowndes 371.

Box 1 Folder 35 [Hume, Fergus, 1859-1932 attrib].Captain Hawk, or, How He Tricked 'em . New York: Norman L. Munro, undated [ca. 1890]. 12mo. Colored pictorial wrappers, specifying that this is No.2 of the "Black Highwayman Novels," distributed by "The Albany News Co., Albany, N.Y." A fine copy, minimal wear. Rare, dime-novel reprint of a highwayman novel by the author of The Mystery of a Hansom Cab., 1859-1932, undated

Box 1 Folder 35 [Hume, Fergus, attrib].Hawk in London, or, the Race to Tyburn . New York: Norman L. Munro, undated [ca. 1890]. 12mo. Colored pictorial wrappers., undated

This is No. 21 of the "Black Highwayman Novels," distributed by "The Albany News Co., Albany, N.Y." A fine copy, with only minimal wear. Rare, dime-novel reprint.

Box 1 Folder 36 Thomas, Robert B. The Farmer's Almanack ...for.. 1795 . Boston: Joseph Belknap and Thomas Hall [1794]. 8vo. Titlepage woodcut. Stabbed and sewn as issued, uncut.

Contains an unusual "Chronological Table of Discovery of Arts and Sciences, remarkable Events and Inventions since the Deluge."

Box 1 Folder 37 The Constitution of the State of Massachusetts, and that of the United States; The Declaration of Independence, with President Washington's Farewell Address . Boston: Printed for the State, by Manning & Loring, 1805. 12mo, 119pp.

Contemporary calf-backed wooden boards. First edition

Box 1 Folder 38 Russell, W. Clark (1844-1911). John Holdsworth, Chief Mate . New York: George Munro, 1884. 12mo, publisher's decorative paper wrappers printed in red and black.

Comprising No. 209 of Munro's extensive "Seaside Library" (listed inside front cover). Pirated yellowback edition of one of Russell's most popular maritime adventures novels, first published in 1874.

Box 1 Folder 39 Salinger, J. D. Nine Stories . [Boston: Little Brown] 1954. 12mo, color geometric wrappers by W.D. Miller.

Signet paperback. First paperback edition.

Box 1 Folder 40 Benstock, Bernard.Poems for James Joyce . Dublin: Malton Press, undated [1982]. 12mo, glazed wrappers., undated

Box 2 Folder 1 Salmon, William. The Family-Dictionary; or, Household Companion. Containing, In an Alphabetical Method, I. Directions for Cookery, in Dressing Flesh, Fowl, Fish, Herbs, Roots, &c. Seasoning, making Sauces, Bills of Fare, Art of Carving, &c. Pastry. II. Making all sorts of Pastry, and Things Made of Meal .. III. Making of Conserves .... Preserves .. IV. The Making of all Kinds of Potable Liquor ... V.... Rare Perfumes, Sweet Balls, Pomanders .. VI. The Virtues and Uses of the most usual Herbs and Plants ... VII. The Preparations of Several Choice Medicines, Physical, and Chirurgical. Spirits, Tinctures, Elixirs. Curing most Diseases incident to Men, Women, and Children … Third Edition, Enlarged . London: H. Rhodes, 1705. 8vo.

Printed in two columns in various italic, roman and gothic faces. Contemporary sheep, rubbed, rebacked. First edition of Salmon's compendium (first published 1695) to include an alphabetical index of subjects treated. "A widely read domestic manual. . .included sections on medicinal and surgical remedies in addition to ...cookery and cosmetics"

Box 2 Folder 2 Whitman, Walt. Printed proof of his poem "As one by one withdraw the lofty actors..," [Camden?, ca. 1885]. 1 page, 6 x 6 in., printed on proof paper. Whitman's poetic tribute to the Civil War combatants and the passing of many key figures (Lee, Grant, etc.).

Box 2 Folder 10 Einstein, Albert. Zur Einheitlichen Feldtheorie. [offprint from Prussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ]. Berlin, 1929. 8vo, uncut. Publisher's printed tan wrappers. First edition, author's offprint.

Momentous paper announcing Einstein's new approach to a unified field theory, with the field equations for his unified field theory, one of Einstein's last breakthrough scientific works.

Box 2 Folder 13 Butler, Joseph. Stichtelyke Rymen van D. R. Camphuysen, om te oft Tenor . Amsterdam: Paulus Matthyz, 1652. 4to, 3 parts in one volume.

Full-page engraved portrait of Camphuysen in part 1, extensive woodcut music throughout, large woodcut capitals. Contemporary vellum boards.

Box 3 Folder 1 Daniel, James Walter. Out from Under Caesar's Frown, or, The Belle of the Dismal . Printed for the author, Columbia, South Carolina, 1892. 8vo, 284pp., engraved frontispiece, original bright blue cloth blocked in green and black. In fine condition.

Unusual novel by a Southern Restoration-period author.

Box 3 Folder 2 Crawford, Francis Marion. Marzio's Crucifix, London: MacMillan, 1897. 8vo, 250pp.

Original bright red cloth blocked in black and gilt-lettered spine. in superb condition.

Box 3 Folder 3 Deacon, William Frederick. Warreniana, With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by the Editor of a Quarterly Review . London: Longmans, 1824. First edition. 208pp., uncut. Original paper-backed boards, spine chipped, with handwritten label.

Rare collection of parodies of Walter Scott, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Leigh Hunt and others including one entitled "The Child's Pilgrimage" a parody of Byron.

Box 3 Folder 4 Cather, Willa. Willa Cather. A Biographical Sketch. An English Opinion. An American Opinion. A Letter from Willa Cather and An Abridged Bibliography . [New York]: Knopf, [1927]. 8vo, 23pp., stapled wrappers .

Rare promotional pamphlet issued in conjunction with publication of Death Comes for the Archbishop.

Box 3 Folder 5 Byron, George Lord. The Life, Writings. Opinions. and Times of…Lord Byron...and lives of some of the most eminent and eccentric characters and courtiers of the present polished and enlightened and age and court of King George the Fourth . London: Matthew Iley, 1825. Volume 1 8vo, portrait frontispiece in each volume. Half red-brown calf and marbled paper boards, by Foyle. First Edition.

An uncommon pastiche containing many anecdotes (some of doubtful veracity), published after the poet's death. Includes first printing of Byron's satire on the Congress of Vienna. Sometimes attributed to Iley, the publisher.

Box 4 Folder 1-2 Byron, George Lord. The Life, Writings. Opinions. and Times of…Lord Byron...and lives of some of the most eminent and eccentric characters and courtiers of the present polished and enlightened and age and court of King George the Fourth . London: Matthew Iley, 1825. Volumes 2 & 3 ., 8vo, portrait frontispiece in each volume. Half red-brown calf and marbled paper boards, by Foyle. First Edition.

An uncommon pastiche containing many anecdotes (some of doubtful veracity), published after the poet's death. Includes first printing of Byron's satire on the Congress of Vienna. Sometimes attributed to Iley, the publisher.

Box 4 Folder 3 Biubin, Ivan Yakovlevich, illustrator. [Pushkin, Alexander. The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of his Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltanovich, and of the Fair Princess, Moscow, 1905].

Oblong 4ro, multicolored pictorial boards, 255 x 325 mm, 10 x 12 3/4. inches, illustrated cover, titlepage, 20pp" many illustrations highlight in gold ink, Neat reinforcement of spine, One of this illustrator's most highly regarded illustrated books.

Box 5 Folder 12 Novel Pastimes and Merry Tales, Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Raymond C. La Charité and Virginia A. La Charité, 1972

Box 5 Folder 27 Gouraud, Julie. The Two Children of Santa Domingo, From the French of Mademoiselle Julie Gouraud . London: Sampson, Low et al, 1875. 12mo., 178pp., plus 4pp.

Advertisements for "The Rose Library / Popular Literature of All Countries." Original decorative lithographed covers and spine in red, black and green (very slight rubbing). In exceptionally fresh condition for a fragile item.

Box 6 Folder 2 De Bry, Theodore and Jacques Le Moyne. Engraved print captioned "Mulierum, quarum mariti vel in bello caesi, aut morbo sublati postulata a Rege," plate xviii from de Bry's Brevis narratio eorum quae in Florida Americae, Frankfurt: T. de Bry, 1592. Folio.

the large engraving colored in a contemporary hand.

Box 6 Folder 7 "Shelly, A. Fishe."Ostrea or the Loves of the Oysters. A Lay . New York, T. Crowen, 1857. First Edition.

Extended humorous verses extolling the bivalve by James Watson Gerard (1823-1900), a New York lawyer and diplomat. Printed in a small edition for a few friends. 8vo, 72pp. Publisher's decorated blue cloth, gilt design on upper cover (rubbed).

Box 6 Folder 11 Brinton, Anna Cox. A Pre-Raphaelite Aeneid of Virgil in the Collection of Mrs.Edward Laurence Doheny of Los Angeles. Being an Essay in Honor of the William Morris Centenary 1934 ... Los Angeles: Ward Ritchie, March1934. 8vo, 40pp., title-page border, paper-backed boards, gilt-lettered spine, original protective box. First edition, No. 85 of 150 copies, signed by Brinton, Ritchie and Estelle Doheny., 1934

Beautifully printed on fine paper, uncut. Printed presentation slip inserted at front.

Box 6 Folder 18 Washington D.C. [Ingraham, Edward D.]. A Sketch of the Events which preceded the Capture of Washington by the British ... Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1849. 8vo, 66pp., uncut, on pale blue paper, with large folding map.

Original green half morocco and marbled paperboards.

Box 7 Folder 10 The Trial of Thomas Paine, for a Libel, Contained in the Second Part of Rights of Man. Boston: Isaiah Thomas and E.T. Andrews, 1793. 12mo.

Contemporary calf-backed paper boards (covers detached). Signature on title and end leaves of John Lyon Jr. First American edition of this detailed account of the trial in which Paine's Rights of Man was banned and Paine sentenced to death.

Box 7 Folder 13 Weil, Oscar. Letters and Papers . San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1923. Folio, original buckram-backed paper boards, printed labels on upper cover and spine, top edge trimmed others uncut.

Limited Edition, no.382 of 400 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press on fine-quality hand-made paper. Titlepage design by H. Von Schmidt, frontispiece portrait by Dorothea Lange. This copy formerly owned by Otto Kinkeldey (noted American musicologist) signed by him on front endpaper. Oscar Weil was a well-known musicologist who spent much of his life in San Francisco and died in 1921.

Box 10 Hotten, John Camden. A dictionary of modern slang, cant, and vulgar words used at the present day preceded by a history of cant and vulgar language from the time of Henry VIII; shewing its connection with the gipsey tongue; with glossaries of two secret languages By a London Antiquary. London: Hotten, 1859.

First edition, small 8vo, pp. 160. Original forest green cloth, J.C.H. blind-stamp monogram on both covers, glazed endpapers." (—Partridge,Slang).

Box 10 Hotten, John, ed. The book of vagabonds and beggars; with a vocabulary of their language. Edited by Martin Luther in the year 1528. Now first translated into English, with introduction and notes, by John Camden Hotten. London: John Camden Hotten, 1860.

First edition in English, 8vo, pp. xxxvii, [3], 64. Original calf-backed red paper boards (chip from bottom of spine). Compiled originally by Martin Luther in 1528; Hotten's translation is prefaced by an historical introduction and scholarly notes. Rare, not in the Cordell Collection (David E. Vancil, Catalog of Dictionaries, Word Books, and Philological texts, 1440-1900, 1993).

Box 10 Catlin, George. Last Rambles Amongst the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes. London: Sampson Low, et al. 1868. 12mo. 361 pp. Original purple cloth, gilt-stamped spine.

Box 10 Fremont, J. C. Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains . . . and 1842 . .. Washington 1845. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. With separate detailed folding map.

Box 7 Folder 16 Note on Poems and Reviews by Swinburne, 1966

Box 7 Folder 17 The Town and Country Magazine , 1774

Box 7 Folder 18 Thomas and Sally: or, The Sailor's Return , 1759

Box 7 Folder 19 The Forest King; or, The Wild Hunter of the Adaca , 1878

Box 7 Folder 20 The Committee: or The Faithful Irishman by Sir Robert Howard, 1789

Box 7 Folder 21 An Oration on the Death of Samuel Taylor Coleridge by John A. Heraud, 1834

Box 7 Folder 22 A Posthumous Publication of Some of the Writings of the Late Rev. John Stevens , 1799

Box 7 Folder 23 The New Lady's Magazine; or, Polite, Entertaining, and Fashionable Companion for the Fair Sex , March1788

Box 7 Folder 24 American Notes by Charles Dickens, 1868

Box 7 Folder 25 The Color Guard a Military Allegory , 1873

Box 7 Folder 27 The Town and Country Magazine; or University Repository , May 1777

Box 7 Folder 28 The Town and Country Magazine; or University Repository , October 1769

Box 7 Folder 29 The Masque of Queenes by Ben Jonson, London: The King's Printers, 1930

Box 8 Folder 9 Catalogue of Valuable School Books, to which the attention of persons interested in the cause of education is respectfully solicited. Philadelphia, Thomas Cowperthwait & Co, and for sale by the principal booksellers in the United States, (24 pp),, ca. 1825

Contents include descriptions of works of John Frost, Charles Henry Alden, William Russell, Pinnock's edition of Goldsmith's History of England, Guy on Astronomy, Bridge's Algebra.


Box 6 Folder 17 United States Lottery. Printed ticket for the United States lottery, 1776.

Numbered and endorsed by J. Budden, entitling "the Bearer to receive such prize as shall be drawn against its number, according to a Resolution of Congress at Philadelphia, November 18, 1776. A small oblong, 2.1/2 by 5 in., decorative ography.

Box 10 Folder 6 Johnson, Andrew. U. S. Senate impeachment ticket, May 27, 1868

This example with stub, indicating it was never used; "To be taken up at Main Entrance, No. 784." Printed on bright green card stock.


Box 2 Folder 17 Theatre Royale, Covent Garden, London. November 29, 1813. 1 page, 4to, shaved at bottom.

Announcing a performance of Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" (arranged by Dryden), ""The Sea Fight at Actium," "Aladdin; Or, The Wonderful Lamp" by well-known performers.

Box 2 Folder 18 Theatre Royale, London. March9 no year [ca. 1810]. 1 page, 4to, shaved at top.

Announcing a performance of G.F. Handel's version of John Gay's "Acis and Galatea," with "A grand selection" of performances by Catalani, Braham, Kellner, etc. Also offered is a version of Shakespeare's "Richard the Third".

Box 2 Folder 19 Theatre Royale, London. March16 no year [ca. 181O]. 1 page, 4to, shaved at top.

Announcing a performance of G.F. Handel's "Messiah" with Madame Catalani in starring role, and the first act of Franz Joseph Haydn's "The Creation," a version of Shakespeare's "Richard the Third" and "Hamlet," plus "A New Asiatick Spectacular," etc.

Box 2 Folder 20 "To all the nobility and Gentry, by Command of His Grace the Duke of Argyll, Her Majesties High Commissioner," Mr Abel will "perform one consort of music... at 7 of the clock ... in the Tinnis Court... each Ticket Fourtypence... Vivat Regina." N.p.. undated [1707-1714). 1 page, small 4to, edges untrimmed., undated

Unusual early broadside announcing a musical performance directed by Mr. Abel.

Song Sheets:

Box 2 Folder 21 "Lines Written on the Barley Corn," Dublin: P. Brereton, undated [cat 1845-1852].1 page, narrow folio, crude woodcut at top, text is 8 stanzas., undated

"There was three farmers in the north ... "

Box 2 Folder 22 "A New Song Call'd the Young Lady's Lamentation for the Loss of Her True Love." Dublin: P. Brereton, undated [ca. 1845-1852]. 1 page, narrow folio, woodcuts at top and bottom, 8 stanzas., undated

"It was early early in the Spring ... "

Box 2 Folder 23 "A Much Admired Song Called The Lovely Made of Willim[sic] Town." Dublin: P. Brereton, undated [ca. 1845-1852]. 1 page, narrow folio. woodcuts at top and bottom, text is 8 stanzas., undated

"In blooming time when Flora gay bedect the fragrant plain ... "

Box 2 Folder 24 "The Adventures of John Manks and his Pock-Marked Cat," Dublin: P. Brereton, undated [ca. 1845-1852]. 1 page, narrow folio,, undated

Crude woodcut of a cat at top, nonsensical text is fun-on, with minimal punctuation, replete with typographic errors.

Box 2 Folder 25 "The Emigrant's Farewell to Ireland," Dublin: P. Brereton, undated [ca. 1845-1852]. 1 page, narrow folio., undated

Crude woodcut at top, text is 7 stanzas. "Adieu farewell to all my friends ... " Mentions the Great Famine, emigration to North or South America .


Box 2 Folder 27 Neues Panorama des Rheins von Mannheim bis Coln. Mainz: D. Kapp, undated [1870-1890 ?]. Oblong lithographic panorama, decorative opening segment with verse by Heine in French, English and German., undated

Original scarlet cloth. gilt-blocked with tide and imprint, corners with gilt floral designs.

Mapcase 15-M2-1 Boston. Pownall, Thomas (1722-1805). A View of the City of Boston, the Capital of New England, in North America Drawn in the Spot by His Excellency Governor Pownell, Boston, Luther Stevens, ca. 1856. Oblong, 7.3/4 by 19.1/2 inches.

Reprint of a celebrated early view of the city, originally published in Bowles's Scenographia Americana, issued by Sayer and Jefferys in 1784. The original is now virtually unobtainable.


Box 5 Folder 24 The Gentleman's Political Pocket-Almanac for the Year 1795 by Charles Smith. New York: T. Allen, Pearl Street, [1794]. 16mo., 106pp., one folding diagram., 1795

Finely engraved allegorical frontispiece captioned "America directing Europe, Asia & Africa to address themselves to Liberty ..." 2pp. engraved £lags of different nations. On pp. 7-34 is the full text of the Treaty of Paris (1783), following is the text of the Treaty of Amity and Congress with France. Original reddish-brown morocco. With annotations on some blank pages and in margins by an early owner, regarding business matters.

Box 5 Folder 25 Cobbett, William (1763-1835). The United States Court Kalendar, and Gentleman's Complete Pocket Companion, for ...1800 Being the Fourth after Bissextile and the First of the 18th Century. New York: William Cobbett, ]1799]. 16mo.

Original orange-red morocco, flap with brass catch (torn, clasp lost). Includes a two-page report on Nelson's victory in the Battle of the Nile; a full roster of the US Government, the President, the cabinet, and the officers of army regiments, court sessions in different states, personnel of the Mint, the diplomatic corps, etc.

Box 7 Folder 26 Poor Robin Almanack, 1689

Printed Currency:

Box 8 Folder 4 One-third of a dollar. Philadelphia, Hall and Sellers, 1776

"According to a resolution of Congress ... "

Box 8 Folder 5 Sixteen shillings. Philadelphia, Hall and Sellers, 1775

Woodcut of a ship approaching a lighthouse

Box 8 Folder 6 Five shillings. Delaware, 1776. Printed by James Adams, with usual ink endorsements

With woodcut sheaf of wheat

Confederate Currency:

Box 8 Folder 11 [Confederate currency], A five-dollar Confederate bill, with large vignette depicting a colonnaded government building, and an oval portrait of Jefferson Davis; engraved by Keating & Ball, Columbia, S. Carolina; Richmond,, February 17th 1864, Printed on oblong, 3 inches x 7 inches; blue ink on verso to prevent forgery

Box 8 Folder 11 [Confederate currency]. A ten-dollar Confederate bill, with large vignette depicting a cavalry charge, and with oval portrait of unidentified individual (Judah P. Benjamin?); 3 1/16 inches x 6 15/16 inches; Richmond, February 17th 1864;, February 17th 1864, Blue ink on verso to prevent forgery

Box 8 Folder 11 [Confederate currency]. A twenty-dollar Confederate bill, with large vignette depicting the Confederate Capitol, and with oval portrait of unidentified individual; 3 1/16 inches x 6 15/16 inches; Richmond, February 17th 1864;, February 17th 1864, Blue ink on verso to prevent forgery

Box 8 Folder 11 [Confederate currency]. A fifty-dollar Confederate bill, with large oval portrait of Jefferson Davis; 3 1/4 inches x 7 1/2 inches; Richmond, February 17th 1864;, February 17th 1864, Blue ink on verso to prevent forgery

Box 8 Folder 11 [Confederate currency]. A one hundred-dollar Confederate note, with large vignette of railway engine under steam, a sailing vessel in the background; additional vignette of woman carrying basket balanced on her head. With text "Six Months after the Ratification of a treaty of Peace between the Confederate States and the United States, the Confederate States of America will pay One Hundred Dollars to bearer with interest at two cents per day." Printed by J. T. Peterson & Co., Columbia, S.C., September 12, 1862 [date handwritten in ink]; stamped on verso, September 12, 1862, 3 1/4 inches x 7 7/16 inches