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Andrew Sarris papers, 1945-1988, bulk 1965-1985

Series III: Printed material, 1952-1988, undated

This series is diverse and is thus arranged in five subseries. It is comprised of both published material and printed ephemera.

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Subseries 1: Clippings, 1960-1988, undated

This subseries is comprised of clippings of articles authored by Sarris, articles mentioning Sarris, and general filmic articles collected by Sarris throughout his career.

Sub-subseries 1: Articles by Sarris

This sub-subseries mostly contains clippings of Sarris'sVillage Voicearticles, which are arranged chronologically. This sub-subseries also features clippings of articles Sarris wrote for other publications.

Box 7 Folder 13-19 Village Voice , 1960-1988

Box 7 Folder 20 General publications, 1962-1986

Sub-subseries 2: Articles mentioning Sarris

This sub-subseries contains articles that mention Sarris. Book reviews are separated from general articles.

Box 8 Folder 1 Book reviews, 1967-1984

Box 8 Folder 2 General, 1969-1987

Sub-subseries 3: General articles

This sub-subseries contains clippings of film-related articles collected by Sarris throughout his career.

Box 8 Folder 3-16 General articles, 1961-1987

Subseries 2: Press releases, 1952-1988, undated

This sub-series contains press releases Sarris collected throughout his journalistic career. These include releases from agencies such as Universal Studios and the American Film Institute. Though some are undated, they are arranged chronologically where possible.

Box 8 Folder 17-18 Press releases, 1952-1988, undated

Subseries 3: Printed ephemera, 1963-1988, undated

This sub-series contains a broad array of material, and includes programs, flyers, pamphlets, posters, and invitations. The ephemera in this series relate mostly to special events, film festivals and screenings Sarris attended throughout his career.

Box 8 Folder 19-20 Printed ephemera, 1963-1988, undated

Box 9 Folder 1-6 Printed ephemera, 1963-1988, undated

Subseries 4: Monographs, 1960s-1980s

This sub-series contains film-related monographs.

Box 9 Monographs, 1960s-1980s

Subseries 5: Periodicals, 1960s-1980s

This sub-series contains filmic journals and magazines. Most are American publications, but there are also a number of French titles. Titles with a significant number of issues includeCahiers du Cinema,Films in Review,Films and Filming, andSight and Sound. They are arranged alphabetically by title, and each title and its corresponding box number is listed in the finding aid.

Box 10 Action!

Box 10 American Federation of Film Societies Newsletter

Box 10 American Film

Box 10 American International News Clips

Box 10 Art Films

Box 10 Bianco e Nero

Box 10 Black Film Review

Box 10 Castle of Frankenstein

Box 10 Cahiers du Cinéma

Box 11 Cahiers du Cinéma

Box 11 Cahiers du Cinéma in English

Box 11 Canadian Cinematography

Box 11 Cineaste

Box 11 Cinefile

Box 11 Cinema

Box 11 Cinema # (56-62)

Box 11 Cinema Canada

Box 11 Cinéma Français

Box 11 Cinema Today

Box 11 Cinématographe

Box 11 Cinémonde

Box 11 Columbia University Film Review

Box 11 Copie Zero

Box 11 Études Cinématographiques

Box 11 Film

Box 11 Film 9

Box 11 Film Comment

Box 12 Film Culture

Box 12 Film Directions

Box 12 Film History

Box 12 Film Journal

Box 12 Film News

Box 12 Film Notes (Bulletin of the MoMA)

Box 12 Film Society Review

Box 12 Film Survey 1

Box 12 Films and Filming

Box 13 Films and Filming

Box 13 Films in Review

Box 13 Film in Sweden

Box 13 Film Quarterly

Box 13 France in the United States Monthly

Box 13 Hollywood Reporter, The

Box 13 Home Video

Box 13 Image et Son

Box 13 Imagery

Box 13 Independent, The

Box 13 International Film Review

Box 13 Journal of the Producers Guild of America, The

Box 13 Journal of Popular Film, The

Box 13 Journal of Popular Film and Television

Box 13 L'Avant Scène

Box 13 L'Écran

Box 13 La Biennale de Venezia

Box 13 La Femme à l'Écran

Box 13 Laser Disc Newsletter, The

Box 13 Les Grandes Créateurs Du Cinéma

Box 13 Letter From France (French Film Office)

Box 13 Mid-Century, The

Box 13 Millimeter

Box 13 Miroir du Cinéma

Box 13 Motion

Box 13 Movie

Box 14 Movie Story

Box 14 Moviegoer

Box 14 National Board of Review Magazine

Box 14 New Canadian Film

Box 14 New Zealand Film

Box 14 NY Film Bulletin

Box 14 Objectif

Box 14 Otro Cine

Box 14 Perspectives: Flashes sur l'Histoire du Cinéma

Box 14 Plays and Players

Box 14 Premiere

Box 14 Présence du Cinéma Français

Box 14 Premier Plan: Hommes Oeuvres Problemes du Cinema

Box 14 Positif

Box 14 Saturday Review

Box 14 Scenario

Box 14 Screen Romances

Box 14 Screen Facts

Box 14 Sequence Four

Box 14 Skoop

Box 14 Seventh Art, The

Box 14 Showbill

Box 14 Sight and Sound

Box 14 Stop

Box 14 Sydney Film Journal

Box 14 Take One

Box 14 Téléciné

Box 14 Unifrance Film

Box 14 Video Review

Box 14 Visages du Cinéma

Box 14 WBAI Portfolio