Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Leo Lerman papers, 1893-2012, bulk 1937-1994

Series VI: Gray Foy Papers, 1953-2012

The papers kept by Gray Foy relating to his long life with Leo Lerman. The papers are not extensive but do conatain the bulk of Foy's letter to Lerman, as well as letters to Gray Foy; Anita Loos letters; inscribed books and memorabilia.

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Box 104 Folder 1-3 Letters to Gray Foy, 1966-2000

Includes Robert Davidson, Si Newhouse, Norman Singer, and Marian Goodman.

Box 104 Folder 4-8 Letters from Gray Foy to Leo Lerman, 1953-1989

Box 105 Folder 1-7 Letters to Leo Lerman, 1959-1992

Box 105 Folder 8-10 Condolence letters to Joel Kaye, as well as 2 photographs of Gray Foy's memorial Service and Gray Foy Memorial Service pamphlet, 2012

Box 105 Folder 11 Letters and postcard from Anita Loos to Leo Lerman and Gray Foy, 1972-77

With some associated manuscripts on Loos.

Box 105 Folder 12 Letter from Jean Ashton to Joel Kaye, 1999

Box 105 Folder 13 Postcards to Leo Lerman and Gray Foy, 1958-1996

Box 105 Folder 14-17 A large selection of Birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc. cards sent to Leo Lerman and Greay Foy

Manuscripts and Documents:

Box 106 Folder 1 Gray Foy Steno Notebook (mostly empty) and Notes for an essay (1 small notebook), undated

Box 106 Folder 2-5 Miscellaneous notes, lists, jottings, and drawings by Gray Foy

Box 106 Folder 6 Memorandum of Agreement between Gray Foy and Stephen Pascal, 6 March 2000

Box 106 Folder 7 Memorial: Penelope Reed, 25 January 1982

Box 106 Folder 8 Memorial material re. Jeffrey Gibbons, 1993

Box 106 Folder 9 George d'Almeida "Memoirs of a Breaking Wave" (poems), 1983

Box 106 Folder 10 George d'Almeida "Memoirs of a Circe's Pig" (poems), 1983

Box 106 Folder 11 Memorial material re. Denis Vaughan, 2000

Printed Items, Clippings, Photocopies:

Box 106 Folder 12 Ephemera (3 items)

Box 106 Folder 13 Arthur Cohen (photocopy of article about Cohen), 1998

Box 106 Folder 14 Photocopy of a page from Lerman's Will

Box 106 Folder 15 Photocopy of Lerman's Columbia Libraries bookplatel

Box 106 Folder 16 Art objects list

Box 106 Folder 17 Charles J. Rollo "The New Bohemia" (photocopy of article)

Box 106 Folder 18 News clippings (fragile)

Box 106 Folder 19 Publication: Guide to the Barbados Museum), 1969

Box 108 St. Nicholas: Scribner's Illustrated Magazine , 1875

Inscribed: "For little Gray - on this Christmas Day, 1954"

Box 108 Mrs. Harris by Diana Trilling, 1981

Inscribed: "Dear Leo/Dear Gray This comes to you with all love, Always Diana"

Box 108 From Wilder Shores by Lesley Blanch, 1989

Box 108 The Forged Coupon by Leo Tolstoy, 1985

Box 108 Aziyadé by Pierre Loti

Box 108 Education of a Princess: A memoir by Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia, 1931

Box 108 The Great New York by Joseph Pennell

Box 108 The Rex Whistler Room. Tate Gallery, London

Box 108 In Pursuit of Rare Meats by Edith Olivier

Box 108 Vogue., July 1980

Passports, Address Books, Appointment Book, Awards, Cds and Objects:

Box 107 Passports (2) of Leo lerman, 1971-1976 & 1987-1997

Box 107 Gray Foy notebook

Box 107 Gray Foy appointment books (3), 1996, 1998, 1999

Box 107 Gray Foy address book

Box 108 The National Magazine Award for Reporting, 24 April 1984

Box 107 CD: Memorial for Gray Foy, 19 March 2013

Box 107 CD: Open focus brain very relaxing.

Box 107 Copper plate for business card: Mr. Leo Lerman

Box 107 Copper plate for business card: Mr. Gray Foy

Box 107 Metal engraving: Mr. Gray Foy

Box 107 1 cent coin in red envelope.