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Raisa Berg Papers, 1898-2006

Series III: Human Rights Activity, 1975-1990s

This series contains Raisa Berg's letters to political leaders, newsletters, leaflets and press on dissidents and refuseniks, materials of campaign for Mikhail Meilakh defense. More materials on R. Berg's human rights activity are parts of other series of the collection.

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Box 51 Folder 1 Letters to political leaders (Leonid Brezhnev, George Bush, Anatolii Dobrynin, Mikhail Gorbachev, Queen Elizabeth II, Ronald Reagan),, 1977-1991

Box 51 Folder 2 Newsletters, 1975-1986

Box 51 Folder 3 Leaflets and press on dissidents and refuseniks (see also Series VI: Research and Reference Materials--Subseries VI.2: Printed materials)

Box 51 Folder 3-A Ginzburg, Aleksandr, 1997

Materials of campaign for his defense in regard to the situation inRusskaia mysl': letters of various people, newspaper clippings

Makarenko, Mikhail: see Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.1: Correspondence with Individuals--Makarenko (Box 11, Folders 11-12)

Autobiographical note

Publications about him

His writings

Memento: Society for the Research of Problems of Culutre and Man Under Totalitarianism

Box 51 Folder 4 to 14 Meilakh, Mikhail (materials of campaign for his defense. His correspondence with R.Berg see in Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.1: Correspondence with Individuals--Meilakh: Box 13, Folder 8)

Box 51 Folder 4 to 7 Letters of various people, 1983-1987

Articles and essays by R.Berg

Box 51 Folder 8 "Govorit stolitsa khamskogo khanstva"

Box 51 Folder 9 "This is the capital of the Caddish Khanate speaking"

Box 51 Folder 10 "Why Mikhail Meilakh has been sentenced to seven years of labor camps and five years of internal exile"

Box 51 Folder 11 "Za chto Mikhail Meilakh osuzhden na 7 let lagerei i 5 let ssylki"

Box 51 Folder 12 Fragments from R.Berg's memoirs related to M.Meilakh

Box 51 Folder 13 to 14 Clippings, press, varia, 1983-1986

Neifakh, Aleksandr A.: see Series I: Correspondence--Subseries I.1: Correspondence with Individuals--Neifakh (Box 14, Folder 4)

"Russian geneticist looks at human rights", 1989 (audiotape): see Series V--Audiomaterials (Box 57, Folder 23), 1989