Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Louis Dropkin papers, 1941-1956, bulk 1947-1952

Series III: Other Writings, 1941-circa 1950s

The small amount of material in this collection which is neither a script nor directly related to one is arranged in Series III. It comprises prose pieces written by Dropkin and others, several songs, and a small volume of correspondence and other material related to Dropkin's professional life.

Items in this series are arranged in alphabetical order within each subseries according to the titles indicated on the individual pieces. In a few cases, no title was indicated on an item—folders containing such materials have been given descriptive titles. The single folder of correspondence is arranged in chronological order. The folder title indicates those folders in this series which include multiple drafts of the same script or materials that are not a script (eg., correspondence).

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Subseries 1: Prose, circa 1940s

This subseries contains short prose pieces written by Dropkin. Most of the manuscripts in this series are short essays or biographical profiles of literary and entertainment figures which Dropkin apparently attempted to publish. In addition, this subseries contains a large number of play reviews (perhaps written by Dropkin in his role as a member of a theater workshop) and a few notes for works-in-progress.

Box 3 Folder 14 "Carl Sandburg: A Profile," by Louis Dropkin, undated

Box 3 Folder 15 "Franklin Pierce Adams: A Profile," by Louis Dropkin--Multiple Drafts (with Correspondence),, 1942

Box 3 Folder 16 "Henry Morgan," by Louis Dropkin, with WOR Press Release, circa, 1940s

Box 3 Folder 17 "John Steinbeck: A Profile,", undated

Box 3 Folder 18 Notes, undated

Box 3 Folder 19 "Pearl Buck: A Profile," by Louis Dropkin (with Correspondence),, undated

Box 3 Folder 20 Play Reviews, undated

Box 3 Folder 21 "A Quaint History of the Hat," by Louis Dropkin--Multiple Drafts,, undated

Box 3 Folder 22 "The Smallest Light," by Louis Dropkin--Multiple Drafts, undated

Box 3 Folder 23 "The Way of the Guerrilla,", undated

Subseries 2: Songs, circa 1950s

Though a few songs appear in Series I due to their inclusion in sketches written by Dropkin and Leon, the songs in this subseries appear to have been written in order to stand alone.

Box 3 Folder 24 "Ain't Love Grand!," or "Sold American!," Lyrics by Louis Dropkin and Felix Leon--Multiple Drafts (with Correspondence),, undated

Box 3 Folder 25 "I Dillied When I Should Have Dallied," or "Let's Do It My Way!," Lyrics by Louis Dropkin and Felix Leon--Multiple Drafts,, undated

Box 3 Folder 26 "It Takes Two to Make a Kiss," Lyrics by Louis Dropkin and Felix Leon, Music by Albert Van Dam--Multiple Drafts and Published Sheet Music,, 1950

Box 3 Folder 27 "The Wallflower Waltz,", undated

Subseries 3: Writings by Others, 1941-1953

This subseries consists of three distinct types of material written by people other than Dropkin: correspondence, forms, and creative writings. The correspondence concerns Dropkin's professional life exclusively, and includes letters from potential producers of his work, letters of reference from former employers, and letters concerning programs he was producing. The two forms in this subseries include an American Theatre Wing workshop schedule that included several of the works and authors found in this collection and a standard intellectual property waiver from the National Broadcasting Company. The creative writings in this subseries include a range of sketches, songs, and essays, perhaps the most noteworthy of which is Leo Hurwitz's essay on the similarities of and differences between directing stage, radio, television, and movie productions.

Box 3 Folder 28 American Theatre Wing Professional Training Program Writers Workshop Schedule,, 1950 February 21

Box 3 Folder 29 Correspondence, 1941-1953

Box 3 Folder 30 "The Director's Job," by Leo Hurwitz, 1945 June

Box 3 Folder 31 "The Face of Spain," by Felix Leon, 1951

Box 3 Folder 32 "Movie Fans," by Seymour L. Bloom, undated

Box 3 Folder 33 NBC Waiver, undated

Box 3 Folder 34 "The Rembrandt Spirit," by Felix Leon, 1952

Box 3 Folder 35 "The Subway Rush Song," Music by Bob Colby, Lyrics by Mauri Edwards,, undated