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Committee for Health in Southern Africa records, 1981-1998, bulk 1985-1991

Series IV: Activities, 1984-1995

This series contains material related to projects and causes CHISA organized or participated in.

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Subseries IV.1: NAMDA, 1984-1993

The first subseries documents CHISA's role as the U.S. liaison for the National Medical and Dental Association (NAMDA), an anti-apartheid professional group that aimed for an equal opportunity health care system in South Africa. CHISA worked closely with NAMDA to protest the detention of health workers, plan workshops and raise funds. This subseries holds general information about NAMDA in the form of newsletters and reports, as well as correspondence between CHISA and NAMDA members, minutes and notes from joint meetings, papers on violations and health problems, and other documents that show how the two organizations worked together.

Box 14 Folder 1-7 General, 1984-1992, 7 folders

Box 15 Folder 1 Denouncement of Torture Cases, 1985

Box 15 Folder 2-3 Progressive Primary Health Care Committee, 1985-1988, 2 folders

Box 15 Folder 4 Slide Presentations, 1987-1988, 56 slides

Box 15 Folder 5 Human Rights Fellowship, 1990

Subseries IV.2: Projects, 1981-1995

The second subseries holds information on a variety of other projects such as Priorities for Prevention, a proposal outlined by a CHISA task force to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic by studying high-risk groups, training health workers, and educating the migrant worker community. CHISA often acted as a consultant, advising anti-apartheid nursing organizations and assisting in the formation of a School of Public Health at the University of the Western Cape. This work is documented mainly through proposal drafts, notes, and correspondence. There are also several folders of educational brochures, printed in English and Afrikaans that represent attempts to educate the public about health problems.

Files are arranged chronologically.

Box 15 Folder 6 Medical Education for South African Blacks, 1985-1990

Box 15 Folder 7 Alexandria Township Report by Tim Wilson--Transcript, 1986

Box 15 Folder 8 Alexandria Clinic--Correspondence, 1986-1987

Box 15 Folder 9 Medical Aid Project, 1987

Box 15 Folder 10 Protest of Child Detention, 1989

Box 15 Folder 11 CHISA Center in South Africa--Proposal, 1987

Box 15 Folder 12 Reebok Award--Ceremony Packet, 1988

Box 15 Folder 13 Health-Pac Update: Health in Southern Africa, by Mervyn Susser--Report, 1988

Box 15 Folder 14 Baragwanath Hospital Crisis, 1988

Box 15 Folder 15 A Proposal for Increasing Columbia's Participation in the Education and Training of Black South Africans and Namibians" by Gail Gerheart--Draft, 1988

Box 16 Folder 1-3 Educational Health Booklets by Department of Health and Welfare (South Africa), 1981-1988, 3 folders

Box 16 Folder 3-4 Academic Boycott of South Africa, 1989, 2 folders

Box 16 Folder 5 Health Assessments in Mozambique, 1989

Box 16 Folder 6 Hunger Strike by South African Prisoners, 1989

Box 16 Folder 7-8 "AIDS Prevention in Southern Africa"--Proposal, 1990, 2 folders

Box 16 Folder 9 Mervyn Susser Visit to South Africa (includes photographs), 1990

Box 17 Folder 1-2 Treatment of Black Nurses, 1991, 2 folders

Box 17 Folder 3 "HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa: Priorities in Prevention"--Proposal, 1991

Box 17 Folder 4 Medunsa Installation Address by E.T. Mokgokong, 1992

Box 17 Folder 5 University of the Western Cape School of Public Health--Proposal, 1991-1992

Box 17 Folder 6-7 CHISA Office Proposal, 1992, 2 folders

Box 17 Folder 8 Fogarty Grant Application for Training Program, 1992

Box 17 Folder 9 "A National Health Plan for South Africa"--Draft, 1994

Box 18 Folder 1 Nkosazana Zuma's Visit to the U.S., 1994

Box 18 Folder 2 Multicountry Projects, 1995

Box 18 Folder 3 Solly Rotmanae Visit, 1995

Box 18 Folder 4 "Proposal for the Establishment of a Regional Weekly Newspaper in Durban", 1995

Box 18 Hiabisa Trust, undated, 1 videocassettes (VHS)