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H. Lawrence Freeman papers, 1870-1982, 2015, bulk 1890-1954

Series III: Images, circa 1870-1969

This series is an exceptionally rich gathering of early visual material of African-Americans, including paintings, daguerreotypes, and publicity photographs, and snapshots. Many images portray the Freemans or their colleagues in costume or during performance. There is a large group of 'headshot' photos of performers, many of which are inscribed to various members of the Freeman family: highlights include photographs of Anita Bush, Charles Gilpin, Dorothy Mayner, and the Cole-Johnson brothers. Because of the lack of dates on many images, they are primarily organized by size and medium, with categorization by date or subject where possible. For a list of all identified sitters, please see below.

The following subjects (other than the Freemans) are identified in photographs:

In headshots and publicity photos: Bonn, Hugo; Brice, Carol; Brown, Ann; Brown, Lillyn; Burrell, Louise Mallory; Bush, Anita; Chenault, Lawrence; Christopher, Lillian; Cole, Bob (with Johnson brothers, see below); Criner, J. Lawrence; Decaldwell, Lavinia Mallory; DeSilva, Cecile; Dixon, Dean; Gardner, Marvin; Gilpin, Charles; Gordon, E. Taylor; Hall, Thomas R; Heyliger, Syrenus; Hines, Earle; Horne, Lena; Hubbard, Ivy; Jarbora, Caterina; Johnson, James Weldon, with J. Rosamond Johnson and Bob Cole; Johnson, Momodu; Johnson and Dean; Jones, Sisseretta ; Knight, Evelyn; Mason, Lydia; Mayner, Dorothy; Mills, Florence; Montgomery, Frank, and Florence McClain; Mores, J. Francis; Olden, Charles; Patterson, Masau; Preer, Evelyn; Price, Loys; Rahn, Muriel (in cast photo of The Martyr 1947); Rocca, Louis; Sissle, Noble; Smith, Rollin R.; Stewart, Harrison; Swarz, Lou; "Uncle Rube"; Verwayan, Percy; Walker, Rachael Lenoir; Walker, Aida Overton; Whipper, Leigh; and Woodby, Marie

In cardstock photos: Brawley, Edward Macknight; Brown, Andiaels Linsey; Chislom, F.; Gilpin, Charles; Griend, Brice, Prof.; Hayford, Casley; Kirkpatrick, Sidney; Lee, Arthur Bonneau; Lee, Laura; Martin, Reverend Charles; Singer, Fannie Wise; Thomas, Henry; Thomas, Louis; and Wills, Walter, Jr.

In postcard photos: Foster, Herman; Moss, Ethel; Thomas, Louis; Thomas, W.A.; and "Uncle Walt" (H. Lawrence Freeman's uncle)

In Oversize Photos: Anita Bush Stock Co, production still; and Negro Choral Society

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Photographs--Cardstock photos

Box 38 Freeman family, undated

Box 39 Others--Identified (Brawley, Brown, Chislom, Gilpin, Griend, Hayford, Kirkpatrick, Lee, Martin, Singer, Thomas, Wills), undated

Box 40 Unidentified, undated

Photographs-- Headshot and Publicity

Box 41 Folder 1 Freemans

Box 41 Folder 2 A-K (Bonn, Brice, Brown, Burrell, Bush, Chenault, Cole, Criner, Decauldwell, DeSilva, Dixon, Gardner, Gilpin, Gordon, Hall, Heyliger, Hines, Horne, Hubbard, Jarbora, Johnson, Jones, Knight)

Box 41 Folder 3 M-Z (Mason, Mayner, McClain, Montgomery, Mores, Olden, Patterson, Preer, Price, Rocca, Sissile, Smith, Stewart, Swarz, "Uncle Rube," Verwayan, Walker, Whipper, Woodby)

Box 41 Folder 4 Unidentified, undated

Box 41 Folder 5 The Martyr Cast, 1947

Box 41 Folder 6 General, undated

Box 42 Folder 1 Oversize group photos (Anita Bush Stock Company, Negro Choral Society, unidentified), undated

Box 44 Photographs--Negatives, circa 1920s-1940s

Box 43 Folder 1 to 2 Photographs--Postcard (identified sitters: Foster, Moss, Thomas), circa 1898-1915, (2 Folders)


Box 45 Folder 1 Small format, circa 1910-1919

Box 45 Folder 2 Small format, circa 1920-1929

Box 45 Folder 3 Small format, 1930-1939

Box 45 Folder 4 Small format--general, undated

Box 45 Folder 5 Medium format, circa 1920-1929

Box 45 Folder 6 Medium format, circa 1930-1939

Box 45 Folder 7 Medium format, circa 1940-1949

Box 45 Folder 8 Large format, circa 1920-1929

Box 45 Folder 9 Large format, circa 1930-1939

Box 45 Folder 10 Large format, circa 1940-1949

Box 45 Folder 11 Large format, circa 1950-1959

Box 45 Folder 12 Large format--general, undated

Box 46 Framed photographs, undated

Box 47 Photographs--Daguerreotypes, undated, 11 items

Paintings and sketches

Box 48 Freeman, Family--Framed paintings--by Elcha, undated

[Restricted: An advance appointment must be made to view this material because it is oversized and requires special handling.]

Box 42 Folder 2 Freeman, H. Lawrence--painting by Elcha, undated

Box 42 Folder 3 Freeman, H. Lawrence--sketch (signature illegible), undated

Box 42 Folder 4 Still life--painting by Alan Price, 1949