Sighle Kennedy papers, 1920s-1996, bulk 1963-1996

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Series VII: Audio and visual material, circa 1920s-1986

Subseries VII.1: Audio cassette tapes, 1966-1986

This subseries consists of Beckett- and Joyce-related audio cassette tapes that Kennedy apparently used in her teaching. All but two are copies.

Box 23 Folder 1 The Abbey Reads: A Tribute to Beckett. Barry McGovern Reads "Dante and the Lobster" and "From an Abandoned Work." Dir. Kathleen Barrington. Dublin: Paycock Publications, 1986.

Box 23 Folder 2 Children's Songs in Finnegans Wake. Brookfield, CT: James Joyce Cassettes, undated.

Box 23 Folder 3 "James Joyce" and "MacGowran Speaks Beckett." Copy, undated

Box 23 Folder 4 MacGowran Speaking Beckett. Dublin: Claddagh Records, 1966. Copy. Folder includes Kennedy's notes.

Box 23 Folder 5 Songs in Ulysses. Copy, undated.

Box 23 Folder 6 Songs of Women in Finnegans Wake. Brookfield, CT: James Joyce Cassettes, undated.

Box 23 Folder 7 Waiting for Godot. Copy, undated.

Subseries VII.2: Records, LP and Gramophone, circa 1920s-1966

Included here are two LPs, one of James Joyce reading excerpts of his writing, and one of the actor Jack MacGowran reading selections from Beckett's work. Three records, which feature recordings of Irish songs and performances of early twentieth century revolutionary speeches, are Beltona gramophone discs produced sometime after 1923. "Thomas MacDonagh's Court-Martial Speech" is damaged (the disc is chipped on its outside edge).

Box 24 Folder 1 James Joyce Reading. New York: Caedmon, undated. LP.

Box 24 Folder 2 MacGowran Speaking Beckett. Dublin: Claddagh Records, 1966. LP.

Box 24 Folder 3 "Brian Boy Magee," by Ethna Carberry / "The Rebel," by Padraig Pearse. Performed by Paul Farrell. Glasgow: Beltona, undated (after 1923). Gramophone., undated

Box 24 Folder 4 "Excerpts from Padraig Pearse's Oration at the Grave of O'Donovan Rossa" / "Excerpts from Robert Emmet's Speech on the Dock." Performed by Val Vousden. Glasgow: Beltona, undated (after 1923). Gramophone., undated

Box 24 Folder 5 "Thomas MacDonagh's Court Martial Speech." Performed by Paul Farrell. Music by J.J. O'Beirne. Glasgow: Beltona, undated (after 1923). Gramophone., undated

Subseries VII.3: Visual Art and Related Material, undated

Kennedy owned several small hand-colored woodcuts by Jack B. Yeats, including "The Shanachie," made at the Cuala Press (owned and operated by Yeats's sister, Elizabeth Corbet Yeats), two untitled illustrations of a seaside horse race, and one untitled image of a village crier. They are included in this series, as are two Japanese wood block prints by Hiroshige (the accompanying receipt, dated December 1958, guarantees that these are "at least 150 years old"), and one hand-colored card by M. Roberts depicting O'Connell Street. Three of the Yeats and both of the Hiroshige prints are oversized and are located in map case 14-O-2.

Mapcase 14-O-2 Hiroshige, two wood block prints (oversized), undated, and receipt, 1958 December., 1958

Box 25 Folder 1 Noland, Kenneth. "Song." Postcard, undated

Box 25 Folder 2 Roberts, M. "O'Connell Street, Dublin." Hand-colored card, undated

Yeats, Jack B.

Mapcase 14-O-2 "The Shanachie." Dundrum: Cuala Press (oversized), undated (circa 1910s), undated

Box 25 Folder 3 Untitled print, undated (circa 1910s), undated

Mapcase 14-O-2 Two untitled prints (oversized), undated (circa 1910s), undated

Subseries VII.4: Photographs, 1963-1974

This small subseries includes a group of black-and-white photographs of a New York City production ofEndgamecredited to Alix Jeffry, a prominent photographer of the Off-Broadway theater scene from the 1950s to the 1980s. (The folder in which the photos had been housed was dated 1974, which indicates that the prints were made and/or sent then; the photos themselves may be images of the 1958 American premiere at the Cherry Lane Theater, or its 1962 revival.) A photograph of a sketch in Beckett's Trinity College notebooks served as the cover forMurphy's Bed;several copies are included here. Two photographs of Beckett's abandoned 1963 manuscript "J.M. Mime" — written for his favorite actor Jack McGowran — also reside here.

Box 25 Folder 4-5 Jeffry, Alix. Endgame production photographs, 1974

Box 25 Folder 6 Photographs Beckett's marginalia in notebooks housed at Trinity College Dublin, undated.

Box 25 Folder 7 Photograph of Beckett's manuscript for "J.M. Mime,", 1963

Mapcase 14-O-2 Photograph of Beckett's manuscript for "J.J. Mime" (oversize),, 1963