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Erich Hertzmann papers, 1938-1958

I. Erich Hertzmann papers, 1938-1958

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I.1. Subject Files

Box 1 Abel, Karl Friedrich (1723-1787) (German composer of the Classical era)

Box 1 Acoustics


Box 1 16th Century--Text--Interpretation in Music

Box 1 Agricola, Alexander (1446?-1506) (Netherlandish composer of the Renaissance writing in the Franco-Flemish style)

Box 1 Arcadelt, Jacques (circa 1507-1568) (Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance)

Box 1 Ars Antiqua

Ars Nova

Box 1 French--14th Century

Box 1 Italian--14th Century

Box 1 Art History

Box 1 Attwood, Thomas (1765-1838) (English composer and organist)--Transcription


Box 1 Johann Christoph Friedrich (1732-1795) (harpsichordist, composer, and fifth son of Johann Sebastian Bach)

Box 1 Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) (German composer and musician of the Baroque period)

Box 1 Sons of

Box 1 Ballade [forme fixe]--5th Century

Box 1 Banchieri, Adriano (1568-1634) (Italian composer, music theorist, organist, and poet of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras)


Box 1 16th Century

Box 1 17th Century

Box 1 Basse Danse [flat or low dance]--15th Century

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) (German composer and pianist)

Box 2 Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg (1736-1809) (Austrian composer, organist, and music theorist and one of the teachers of Ludwig van Beethoven)

Box 2 Artaria 204

Box 2 Autographs of Finished Works


Box 2 Fischof Ms. Aut. 28

Box 2 Grasnick 1

Box 2 Grasnick 2

Box 2 Ms. E90, Nottebohm Sk. 1805

Box 2 Bibliography

Box 2 Bodmer, Hans Conrad (1891-1956) (Swiss doctor and autograph collector)

Box 2 Classical Idealism

Box 2 Class Notes, 1952 winter

Box 2 Conversations about

Box 2 Creative Process

Box 2 Handwriting

Box 2 Harmonic Treatment

Box 2 Influences Upon

Box 2 Koch, Louis (1862-1930) (jeweler, autograph and art collector)--Flörsheim Collection

Box 2 Konversationshefte [conversation notebooks]

Box 2 Landsberg 10

Box 2 Letters

Box 2 Library of Congress

Box 2 Der Liebende [The Lover]--Sketch--British Museum)

Box 3 London Scrapbook

Box 3 Marburg

Box 3 Masses

Box 17 Microfilm

7 reels

Box 3 Moskauer [Moscow] Sketchbook

Box 3 New York Public Library

Box 3 Noble Sketches

Box 3 Paris—Conservatoire [conservatory]

Box 3 Pettersches Skizzenbuch [sketchbook], H.C. Bodmer 59 (2 copies)

Box 3 Pianist

Box 3 Psychology of Music, Philosophy

Box 3 Publishers

Box 3 Rondos

Box 3 Schindler, Anton Felix (1795-1864) (associate, secretary, and early biographer of Ludwig van Beethoven)

Box 3 Sketch--Stanford University

Box 3 Sketchbook--British Museum

Box 3 Sketches--1

Box 4 Sketches--2

Box 4 Sonatina--Early [a short sonata in 2 or 3 movements]

Box 4 Songs

Box 4 Student Papers

Box 16 Student Papers and Music-- Miscellaneous

Box 4 Theoretical Studies

Box 4 Tübingen


Box 4 Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien [Society of Friends of Music in Vienna]

Box 4 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek [Austrian National Library]


Box 4 Piano

Box 4 Opus 3 and 9, Trios, strings

Box 4 Opus 14, no. 2 Sonata, piano, G major

Box 4 Opus 18, no. 1 Quartet, strings, F major

Box 4 Opus 19, Concerto, piano, no. 2, B-flat major

Box 4 Opus 21, Symphony no. 1

Box 4 Opus 27, no. 2 Sonata, piano, no. 14, C-sharp minor

Box 4 Opus 28, Sonata, piano, D major

Box 4 Opus 36, Symphony no. 2

Box 4 Opus 53, Sonata, piano, no. 21, C major

Box 4 Opus 55, Symphony no. 3

Box 4 Opus 57, Sonata, piano, no. 23, F minor

Box 4 Opus 61, Concerto, violin

Box 4 Opus 72, Fidelio

Box 4 Opus 73, Concerto, piano, no. 5, E flat major

Box 4 Opus 76, Variations, piano, D major

Box 4 Opus 84, Egmont

Box 4 Opus 95, Quartet, strings, F minor

Box 4 Opus 97, Trio, piano and strings, B flat major

Box 4 Opus 101, Sonata, piano, no. 28, A major

Box 5 Opus 106, Sonata, piano, B flat major

Box 5 Opus 109, Sonata, piano, E major

Box 5 Opus 111, Sonata, piano, no. 32, C minor

Box 5 Opus 120, Diabelli Variations

Box 5 Opus 123, Missa Solemnis

Box 5 Opus 125, Symphony no. 9

Box 5 Opus 129, Rondo Capriccio

Box 5 Opus 130, Quartet, strings, no. 13, B flat major

Box 5 Opus 131, Quartet, strings, no. 14, C sharp minor

Box 5 Opus 132, Quartet, strings, no. 15, A minor

Box 5 Opus 133, Grosse Fuge [Great Fuge]

Box 5 K 133, In questa tomba oscura [In this dark tomb]

Box 5 Opus 135, Quartet, strings, no. 16, F major

Box 5 K 137, Lied aus der Ferne [Song from afar]

Box 5 Beneventan Gradual

Box 5 Berlin--Preussische Staatsbibliothek [Prussian State Library]

Box 6 Bibliography

Box 6 Binchois, Gilles (circa 1400-1460) (composer from the Low Countries)--A solis ortus cardine [From the Pivot of the Sun's Rising]

Box 6 Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896) (Austrian composer, organist, and music theorist)--Symphony no. 9

Box 6 Buus, Jacques (circa 1500-1565) (Franco-Flemish composer and organist of the Renaissance)

Box 6 Caccini, Giulio (1551-1618) (Italian composer, teacher, singer, instrumentalist, and writer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras)

Box 6 Cantata--17th Century

Box 6 Cantus Firmus [firm song]--16th Century

Box 6 Canzoni Popolari [folk songs]--16th Century

Box 6 Chace

Box 6 Chaikovskii, Piotr Ilich [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich] (1840-1893) (Russian composer of the Romantic period)--Creative Process


Box 6 15th Century

Box 6 16th Century

Box 6 Chansonnier de Noailles [poet songwriter of Noailles]--Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France] fr. 12615 fo. 179r-197r

Box 6 Chant--Gregorian

Box 6 Church Music--German--17th Century

Box 6 Ciconia, Johannes (circa 1370-1411) (Flemish composer and music theorist of trecento music during the late Medieval era)

Box 6 Gloria--Wolf

Box 6 Classical Style

Box 7 Clausula [conclude]--13th Century

Box 7 Clementi, Muzio (1752-1832) (Italian-born English composer, pianist, pedagogue, conductor, music publisher, editor, and piano manufacturer)

Box 7 Codex Reina--Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France] ff. nouv. Acq. 6771

Box 7 Comparative Musicology

Box 7 Compère, Loyset (circa 1445-1518) (Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance)

Box 7 Concerto

Box 7 Couperin, François (1668-1733) (French Baroque composer, organist and harpsichordist)

Box 7 Creative Process

Box 7 Czerny, Carl (1791-1857) (Austrian composer, teacher, and pianist of Czech origin)

Box 7 Dances

Box 7 [des Prez] [Després], Josquin (circa 1450-1455-1521)

Box 7 La Déploration de Johannes Ockeghem [The Lamentation of Johannes Okeghem]

Box 7 Double Choir Technique--16th Century

Box 7 Donaueschingen Festival

Box 7 Drama--Medieval

Box 7 Dufay, Guillaume (1397-1474) (Franco-Flemish composer of the early Renaissance)

Box 7 Dunstable, John (circa 1390-1453) (English composer who was the leading composer of 15th Century England)

Box 7 Eighteenth Century

Box 7 Festa, Costanzo (circa 1485-1490-1545) (Italian composer of the Renaissance known for his madrigals)

Box 7 Fifteenth Century

Box 7 Transcriptions

Box 7 Fine Arts--Music--Relationship

Box 7 Fourteenth Century

Box 7 Transcriptions

Box 7 France--15th-16th centuries

Box 8 Francesco da Milano (1497-1543) (Italian lutenist and composer)--Tablature [table] [form of musical

Box 8 notation indicating instrument fingering]

Box 8 Franco of Cologne (active 13th Century) (German music theorist)

Box 8 French Literature--16th Century

Box 8 Froberger, Johann Jakob (1616-1667) (German Baroque composer, keyboard virtuoso, and organist)

Box 8 Frottola [a form of Italian comic or amorous song, especially for the 15th and 16th centuries]

Box 8 Frye, Walter (-1474 or 1475) (English composer of the early Renaissance)--Ave regina caelorum [Hail,

Box 8 Queen of Heaven]

Box 8 Gabrieli, Giovanni (approximately 1554-1612) (Italian composer and organist)

Box 8 German Vocal Music--15th Century

Flatbox 18 Glass Plates--Slides

Box 8 Gluck, Christoph Willibald, Ritter von (1714-1787) (composer of Italian and French opera in the early

Box 8 classical period)

Box 8 Gombert, Nicolas (circa 1495-circa 1560) (Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance)--In illo tempore

Box 8 [At that time]

Box 8 Greece--Ancient

Box 8 Grocheo, Johannes de (circa 1255-circa 1320) (Parisian musical theorist of the early 14th Century)

Box 8 Gulezyan, H. Aram (classical Middle-Eastern oud virtuoso and Pharaonic Egyptian ethnomusicologist)--

Box 8 Early Coptic Notation

Box 8 Händel, Georg Frederik (1685-1759) (German Baroque composer, who spent the bulk of his career in

Box 8 London, England)

Box 8 Harmony--Conception of in Italy--16th Century

Box 8 Haydn, Josef (1732-1809) (Austrian composer of the Classical period)

Box 8 Haydn, Michael (1737-1806) (Austrian composer of the Classical period, the younger brother of Josef

Box 8 Haydn)

Box 8 Divertiment--violin, viola and violoncello

Box 8 Historic Development

Box 8 History--Concept

Box 8 Hornbostel, Erich Moritz von (1877-1935) (Austrian ethnomusicologist and scholar of music)--Melody and Scale [Melodie und Skala]

Instrumental Music

Box 8 Middle Ages

Box 8 Vienna—17th and 18th centuries

Box 8 Instrumentenkunde [study of musical instruments]

Box 8 Italy--15th and 16th centuries

Box 8 Ivrea Codex—Manuscript

Box 8 Janequin, Clément (circa 1485-1558) (French composer of the Renaissance)--La Guerre [The War]

Box 8 Jewish Music

Box 9 Laborde Chansonnier [Laborde songbook]

Flatbox 18 Lantern Slides

Box 8 Layolle, Francesco (1492-circa 1540) (Italian composer and organist of the Renaissance)

Lied [song]

Box 9 16th Century

Box 9 17th-18th centuries

Box 9 19th Century

Box 9 Literature--German

Box 9 Lully, Jean-Baptiste (1632-1687) (Italian-born French composer, instrumentalist, and dancer)

Box 9 Machaut, Guillaume de (circa 1300-1377) (medieval French poet and composer)

Box 9 Mass

Box 9 Works


Box 9 16th Century

Box 9 Italian--16th Century

Box 9 Mannheim School--18th Century


Box 9 14th Century

Box 9 16th Century

Flatbox 18 Medieval Colloquium

Box 9 Microfilm--lists made in Berlin, Marburg, Paris, and Tübingen, 1958

Box 9 Middle Ages

Box 17 Miscellaneous

Box 9 Unclassified Transcriptions

Box 10 Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) (Italian composer, string player, choirmaster, and priest)

Box 10 L'incoronazione di Poppea (Prologue)


Box 10 13th Century

Box 10 15th Century

Box 10 16th Century

Box 10 History--15th-16th centuries

Box 10 Isorhythmic--14th Century


Box 10 Leopold (1719-1787) (German composer, conductor, music teacher, violinist, and father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Box 10 Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) (prolific and influential composer of the Classical period)

Box 10 André, Johann Anton (1775-1842) (composer, music theorist, and publisher, who acquired Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's musical legacy from his widow Constanze Weber Mozart (1762-1842) (Austrian singer)

Box 10 Autograph--Conservatoire de Paris [Paris Conservatory]

Box 10 Berlin

Box 10 Bibliography

Box 10 British Museum

Box 10 Chronology

Box 10 Commissioned Works

Box 10 Corrections

Box 10 Creative Process

Box 10 Dynamics, Expression Marks, et cetera

Box 10 Facsimiles

Box 10 Films in Library of Congress

Box 10 Fragments

Box 10 Handschrift [handwriting]

Box 10 Handwriting

Box 10 Life, letters, philosophy

Box 11 Marburg

Box 11 Models, Plagiarism

Box 11 Publications

Box 11 Quotations about

Box 11 Scoring

Box 11 Sketches

Box 11 Tübingen

Box 11 Vienna--Österreichische Nationalbibliothek [Austrian National Library] 17, 559

Box 11 Watermarks

Box 11 La Clemenza di Tito [The Clemency of Titus]

Box 11 Concerto, piano, K 537, C major

Box 11 Cosi fan tutte ["Women are like that"]

Box 11 Don Giovanni [or The Rake Punished]

Box 11 Die Entführung aus dem Serail [The Abduction from the Seraglio]

Box 11 Le Nozze di Figaro [The Marriage of Figaro]

Box 11 Giunse alfin il momento [The moment finally arrives]

Box 11 Al desio di chi t'adora [At the desire of those who adore you]

Box 11 Quartet, piano and strings, K 493, E flat major

Box 11 Quartet, strings

Box 11 Requiem

Box 11 Sonata, violin, K 373a

Box 11 Symphony K 550, G minor

Box 11 Symphony K 551, C major

Box 11 Trio, piano and strings, K 542

Box 11 Die Zauberflöte [The Magic Flute]

Box 11 Muris, Johannes de (circa 1290-circa 1355) (French music theorist best known for treatises on the ars nova, titled Ars nove musice)

Flatbox 18 Musical America

Box 11 Musical Conception--15th-16th centuries

Musical Practice

Box 11 15th Century

Box 11 16th Century

Box 11 Belgium--16th Century

Box 11 Italy--16th Century

Flatbox 18 Musical Scores

Box 11 Musical Style--16th Century


Box 11 Mensural--14th to 16th centuries

Box 11 Modal--12th-13th centuries

Box 11 Notre Dame School--12th-13th centuries

Box 11 Obrecht, Jacob (1457/8-1505) (Flemish-Dutch composer)

Box 11 Ockeghem, Johannes (circa 1410/1425-1497) (Netherlandish composer)

Box 11 Missa Prolationum [Prolation Mass]


Box 11 History

Box 11 17th-18th centuries

Box 11 Organ Music--15th-l 6th centuries

Box 11 Organum--11th-12th centuries

Box 11 Oxford--Bodleian Library

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da (circa 1525-1494) (Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music)

Box 12 Paris--Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France] f. fr. 4379

Box 12 Paris--Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France] Ital. 568

Box 12 Passion--History

Box 12 Philippe de Vitry (1291-1361) (French composer, music theorist, and poet)

Box 12 Philosophy

Box 12 Piano Music

Box 12 Pixérécourt Manuscript

Box 12 Praetorius, Michael (1571-1621) (German composer, organist, and music theorist)--Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her [From Heaven above to Earth I come]

Box 12 Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) (French composer and music theorist)

Box 12 Regnat clausulae

Box 12 Reina Ms. Paris f. fr. 6771

Box 12 Ricercar [elaborate instrumental composition in fugal or canonic style]

Roman de Fauvel [14th Century French allegorical verse romance of satirical bent]

Box 12 Merito haec patimur [Are being]

Box 12 Motet [a short piece of sacred vocal composition in contrapuntal style]

Box 12 Rore, Cipriano de (1516-1565) (Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance)

Box 12 Saint Martial School--12th Century

Box 13 Saint Martial Studies

Box 13 St. Victor Ms. Paris. Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France] Fonds Latin 15139

Box 13 Sarum Antiphonale [Roman anthems]--Index

Box 13 Scandillo--Resurrection

Box 13 Scarlatti, Domenico (1685-1757) (Italian composer)

Box 13 Schütz, Heinrich (1585-1672) (German composer and organist)

Box 13 Sequence and Trope

Box 13 Seventeenth Century

Box 13 Transcriptions

Box 13 Sixteenth Century

Box 13 Bibliography

Box 13 Biographical Notes

Box 13 Transcriptions

Box 13 Solmizations

Box 13 Stamitz, Johann (1717-1757) (Bohemian composer and violinist)

Box 13 Stamitz, Karl (1745-1801) (German composer and eldest son of Johann Stamitz)

Box 13 Steffani, Agostino (1654-1728) (Italian ecclesiastic, diplomat, and composer)

Box 13 Style Analysis--Method

Box 13 Symphony--18th Century

Box 13 Text Problems--16th Century

Box 13 Theory--Medieval

Box 13 Theory--16th Century

Thirteenth Century

Box 13 General and Miscellaneous

Box 13 Transcriptions


Box 14 12th Century

Box 14 13th Century

Box 14 Thorough Bass [another term for basso continuo]

Tinctoris, Johannes (circa 1435-1511) (Renaissance composer and music theorist from the Low Countries)

Box 14 Terminorum musicae diffinitorium [Dictionary of Musical Terms]

Box 14 Liber de arte contrapuncti [A Book about the Art of Counterpoint]

Box 14 Tone Psychology

Box 14 Tournai Mass [a polyphonic setting of the mass from 14th Century France]

Box 14 Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) (Italian opera composer)

Box 14 Viadana, Lodovico da (circa 1560-1627) (Italian composer, teacher, and Franciscan friar of the Order of Friars Minor Observant)

Box 14 Villanella [Form of light Italian secular vocal music, which originated in Italy just before the middle of the 16th century.

Box 14 16th Century

Wagner, Richard (1813-1883) (German composer, theatre director, and conductor)

Box 14 Siegfrieds Tod [Siegfried's death] (Sketch)

Box 14 Verdi Course

Box 14 Student Papers

Box 14 Walther, Johann Gottfried (1684-1748) (German music theorist, organist, composer, and lexicographer)

Box 14 Washington Manuscript

Willaert, Adrian (circa 1490-1562) (Netherlandish composer of the Renaissance and founder of the Venetian School)

Box 15 Bibliography

Box 15 Biography

Box 15 Canzone villanesca [lighthearted secular song that originated in Naples in the 16th century]

Box 15 Changes in style

Box 15 Chanson

Box 15 Historic importance

Box 15 Index

Box 15 Instrumental Works

Box 15 Lieder

Box 15 Madrigals

Box 15 Masses

Box 15 Motets

Box 15 Style

Box 15 Transcriptions

Box 15 Varia

Box 15 Works

Box 16 Winchester Trope--10th Century

Box 16 Zurich--Library--Music Collection