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Edward Said Papers, 1940s-2006

Series VI: Audiovisual Materials, 1990s, undated

This subseries contains audiocassettes, audio reels, and videotapes. These are primarily of appearances, conferences, and interviews featuring Said.

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Box 183 After Orientalism: A Conference on the Work of Edwards Said, 1996, (14 Audiocassettes)

Box 184 Hardtalk: Sheik Hamad Bin Jassem / Edward Said, 2002 September 25, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Edward Said: On Orientalism an ideal introduction to the work of one of the century's leading cultural analysts, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Edward Said in Lecture: The myth of 'the clash of civilization ', undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Washington D.C. Version#2, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 University of Toronto Spring Convocation June 6, 20:00 p.m. Program Diogenes, Interview Edward Said, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Palestine Palestine by Dominique Dubosc, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 "A line in the sand, war or peace?" ABC News special, 1991 January 14, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 World Monitor Sunday, 1991 February 20, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 MER # 48,#49, #50, #51 prof. Edward Said, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Edward Said: In the shadow of the west, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Professor Said Israel interview, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 The late show, 1993 September 21, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Selves and Others: A Portrait of Edward Said; Emmanuel Hamon, director, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 World Monitor 7/24, Edward Said, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 60 Minutes Segment on Palestine / Israel, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Jennings – A line in the sand 1276, 1990 September 22, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Arena - Edward Said: The idea of empire, Francis Hanly and Tim May, directors, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Edward Said: The idea of empire, Francis Hanly and Tim May, directors, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 In search of Palestine, 1998, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 The Exiles, Edward Said, 1988 June 27, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Untitled, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 The sand of Palestine, 1998, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 A conversation with Edward Said, 1995, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 In search of Palestine, 1998 May 17, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Walker Ames Lecture Series: Palestine, Iraq and U.S policy, 2003 May 8, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Music and society with Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said #1-3, New School, 2002 October 1, (VHS Videotape)

Box 184 Charlie Rose. Edward Said, Daniel Barenboim, and Avery Dulles, 2001 March 9, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 The Arabs "the shadow of the west" written and narrated by Edward Said, undated, (U-matic)

Box 185 Mon - Nightlive - Afrafat Visa, 1988 November 28, (U-matic)

Box 185 The Arabs "The shadow of the west,", 1983 August 19, (Videotape, unknown format)

Box 185 View Point (ABC), 1981 November 12, (Videotape, unknown format)

Box 185 University of Warrick, Degree Congregation, 2001 July 14, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Multiple Identities: Encounters with Daniel Barenboim, 2000, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Fundacion Principe de Asturias, Premios Principe de Asturias, Oviedo, 2002 October, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 President's Lecture, Edward Said: "The Tragedy of Palestine" (Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine), 1998 March 26, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 XXI Premio nonino "Risit d'aur", 1986, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Jonathan Dimbley, September 11, 2002, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Booknotes: Edward Said (C-SPAN), 2001 April 24, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Strange New World: The Battle of Ideas, 2002, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 The Promised Land, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Newsmatter Sunday CNN, 10:30am, 1988 January 3, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 University of Montana, Mansfield Center Conference Television Roundtable, 1994 October 23, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 The 7th Seo Nam Distinguished Lecture, Dr. Edward Said, Korea, 1995 May 29, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Talking Liberties, Edward Said, Wall to Wall, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Karim's Journey, Rushes Assembly (Allegro Films), 2003, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 The National Arts Club 44th Annual Music Awards honoring Daniel Barenboim, 1999 October 11, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 60 Minutes Profile of Daniel Barenboim, 1998 December 16, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Dangerous liason Fao: Zian Al Hasso, Channel Four Television Corporation, 2002? August 27, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 University of Chicago – Sora H. Schaffner Lecture "Private history, public memory " A panel discussion with Edward Said, Homi K. Bhabha and Rashid Khalsdi, 2000 May 16, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 1986 MESA Conference. Panel 83: Special Session – The Scholars, The Media and the Middle East, 1986, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 in Search of Palestine, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 This Week with David Brinkley, 1988 November, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Ponzer/Donahue, 1994 March 27, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Nike / Said, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Edward Said Int. "Israel Torture,", undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 The late show, 1990 June 9, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 Edward Said on Charlie Rose, 1999 October, (VHS Videotape)

Box 185 [Title in Arabic ], undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Audiocassettes, undated, (51 Audiocassettes)

Audiocassettes, with mixed subject matter of music and voice recordings of conferences, interviews, etc.

Box 186 Untitled, OTR Productions, Karen Sheen Pell, Director, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Gulf Between Us, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Allyn Conwell, Master. 7 Min July 1st with Paul Zwindley Event, 30 min Aug 6, Rodger Gray, Ch. 11, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 The World This Week, 1992 August 22, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Bookmark--Jonathon Miller/ Episode #314, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Late Show: What Is to be Done, 1992 February 18, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Arena-Flextech - The Frame, Programme 27 parts 1&2 comp, 1998 March 2, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Candidates Forum of the Board of Education (Sent by Hassan al Labban), 2000 April 13, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Relative Values, BBC Music and Arts, 1991 August 22, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Selves and Others: A Portrait of Edward Said, Wamip Films, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 From San Francisco to Beirut Sample and ABC Sample, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Rosau Havalier, Wüwr Staatsaper, 1994 March 24, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Children of Fire (BBC), undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Saturday Banquet 1991 Convention May 9-5, 1991 May, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 1 PTTV Sampler – 2 Rereading the Dragon, undated, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Israel: the price of the victory, PBS Frontline Documentary (June 2, 1987 ) and Six days plus twenty years: a dream is dying, NBC News documentary (July 1, 1987), 1987 June-July, (VHS Videotape)

Box 186 Untitled VHS Videotapes, undated, (6 Items)

Box 187 Gauss Seminar, Edward Said, 1977 April 14, (7" Audio Tape Reel)

Box 187 Gauss Seminar, Edward Said, 1977 April 21, (7" Audio Tape Reel)

Box 187 Gauss Seminar, Edward Said, 1977 April 28, (7" Audio Tape Reel)

Box 187 Gauss Seminar, Edward Said, 1977 May 5, (7" Audio Tape Reel)

Box 187 Palestinian They Remain, by Judith Pierce, 1984, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 CSO - Fidelio, 1998 May 26, (4 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Elegy to the End of the Cold War; Moods and Expressions. By Marcus Raskin, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Woleet Abdu Salaan, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Karim Sulayman, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Democracy Now!--Address at Chapman University, 2002 May 28, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Democracy Now!--Interview with Edward W. Said, 2001 March 21, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Interview. Weekend Edition. National Public Radio, 2002 June 23, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 National Public Radio Interview, 1999 November 6, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Responses to Said Interview on NPR, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 What's the Word? (Modern Language Association of America) #4, 6, 7, 9, 94, undated, (5 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Said/Miller. Original Master (2 of 2), 1993 April 27, (Digital Audio Tape (DAT) )

Box 187 Edward Said: Blaming the Victims, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Edward Said Interview with Andy O'Mahony, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Castillos en el Aire. Year 1983. "Sabra y Chatila" by Alberto Cortez- last song of side 1, 1983, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Le Rythme Et La Raison, 1997 September-October, (5 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Letters: Email and Meditation, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 The Herald Takes On the Scholar (3), undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Bonus Tape: The Herald's Favorite Feel Good Songs (For Troubled Times), undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Poems from the Herald, undated, (2 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Kan'an Makkiyyah at Columbia University, 1992, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Said/Takkieddine at Miller Theatre, 1993 April 27, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Conversation with Barenboim and Edward W. Said, 1998 October 8, 10, 12, (3 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Empire, Presenter: Peter Jay and Producer: Philip Sellars, 1998, (2 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Assorted Palestinian Music, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Where Corals Lie. Y. Menuhin and Edward Said, ICA, 1990 July 20, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Hugh Downs on Israel: When Friends Go Mad, 1991 April, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Dean's Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities. Dr. Edward W. Said, 2000 December 12, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 BBC. (Title In Arabic), undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Speak Up, 1989 October, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Greg Murphy. One for the Money, 1999, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Randy Newman-Bad Love; Philip Glass -La Belle at la Bete, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 The Case for Palestine, 1991 December, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Making Contact--Elusive Peace: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Elegia. Trio for Violin, Violoncello & Piano (Wisam Gibran), 1993, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Meridian Round Table: Edward Said and Journalism (BBC World Service), 2000, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Children of the Intifadah. Mustafa el-Kurd, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 [Audiocassettes with Arabic Titles], undated, (3 Audiocassettes)

Box 187 Songs from Palestine: The Dreams of My People. Rima Nasir Tarazi, Tania Tamari Nasir, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Freedom Fighters, Gwrthryfelwr. Cor Cochion Caerdydd, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Wagner in Israel, Part II, NPR, 2001 February 17, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Israel Symphony Plays Wagner. Palestine on NPR, undated, (Audiocassette)

Box 187 Unlabeled Audiocassettes, undated, (2 Items)