Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Ira and Edita Morris papers, 1892-1988

Series IV: Writings by Others

Poems, essays, short stories, and other manuscripts written by authors other than Ira V. and Edita Morris. Arranged alphabetically by author's last name.

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Box 39 Folder 597 Aveline, Claude "The Bird-That-Never-Was", poem, n.d.

Box 39 Folder 598 Chesneaux, Jean "Les Indiens du Minnesota", essay, published version appearing in Lettres Nouvelles, text in French,, 1964

Box 39 Folder 599 Chesneaux, Jean "Lettre de Detroit", essay, text in French, n.d.

Box 39 Folder 600 Collins, L. John "St. Matthew vi.33", sermon, 26 July 1964

Box 39 Folder 601 Corbelar, Camilla "Geheimstes Aus Verborgensten Tympanen", poems, text in German,, [1969]

Box 40 Folder 602 Johnson, Russell "Report from Southeast Asia", report, July 1970

Box 40 Folder 603 Jungk, Robert "Das Haus Am Fluss", essay (3 versions), text in German,, June 1960

Box 40 Folder 604 Karabuda, Barbro "The Silent Slaughter", essay, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 605 Karabuda, Barbro and Günes "Terror in Guatemala", script, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 606 The Orizuru-Kai "The Orizuru Kai History 1958-1960", pamphlet, [1960]

Box 40 Folder 607 Pons, Maurice "Jamais plus Hiroshima", essay, text in French, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 608 Puljizevic, Jozo "Ein Gespräch mit Edita Morris Tut Alles Was in Euerer Möglichkeit ist Gegen die Atombombe!", interview, text in German,, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 609 Reynolds, Barbara Leonard "Hiroshima, City of Hope", essay, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 610 Rosten, Norman "Brooklyn Bridge", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 611 St. Paul's Cathedral "St. Matthew vii.16", sermon, 19 July 1964

Box 40 Folder 612 Schnall, Susan & Peter "Drug Abuse Among U.S. Troops in Vietnam and the Rise of Hepatitis Among the Population…A Political Problem", report,, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 613 Seaver, Elaine "End of Summer", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 614 Shima, Shosuke "To a Flowering Bouquet", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 615 Tamer, Ülkü "The Dewdrop", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 616 Tamer, Ülkü "Lady Zeynep", short story, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 617 [Uenishi] "Noboho Article", short story (2 versions), n.d.

Box 40 Folder 618 Woodward, Val "Ethical Consideration of the Question Defoliants or Mutagens?", essay,, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 619 Yoneda, Eisaku "Standing in the Rain", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 620 Unidentified Author "The Cemetery", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 621 Unidentified Author "The House Plant", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 622 Unidentified Author "Spring Blossoms", poem, n.d.

Box 40 Folder 623 Unidentified Author Miscellaneous Notes, n.d.