Rare Book & Manuscript Library

William Goldman papers, 1949-1997

Series VI: Notes Clippings and Ephemera

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Box 2 Folder 8 Clippings, unidentified photos, Obelrin Ephemera up to 1973

Box 6 Folder 9 Notes and ephemera re. Family Affair, [ca. 1963]

Box 9 Folder 1 & 2 Fragment; Boys and Girls Together ephemera

Mapcase 14/16/03 Publicity broadside for Boys and Girls Together

Box 225 Publicity for Boys and Girls Together, plus a review sent to Goldman

Box 10 Folder 4 - 7 Drafts, notes and ephemera re. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Box 12 Folder 2 - 6 Ephemera: magazine and newpaper clippings, brass belt buckle; award materials from the MPAA (Oscar) and others.

Box 38 Folder 5 Clippings from the European press for The Hot Rock and studio breakdowns of the script

Box 42 Folder 7 Tony Bill lawsuit papers re. The Great Waldo Pepper

Box 43 Folder 1 - 7 Materials pertaining to The Great Waldo Pepper and the Tony Bill lawsuit

Flat Box 528 Folder 1 Publicity brochure for The Great Waldo Pepper

Box 48 Folder 2 - 7 Publication materials, contest materials, requests for the "reunion scene" re. Princess Bride

Box 51 Folder 1 - 7 Drafts of the screenplay for Princess Bride ; Fan mail ; Reviews and publisher's material for the novel

Box 52 Folder 1 - 7 Revised drafts of the screenplay for Princess Bride ; Notes on the script ; Copy of American Film 4 December 1983 containing a Princess Bride reference

Box 56 Folder 7 Photostats of notices ; Reviews ; Magazines pertaining to the film

Box 60 Folder 1 - 5 Drafts of the screenplay The Stepford Wives and MPAA voting materials for the Academy Awards 1973 and wine related research for the screenplay Year of the Comet

Box 61 Folder 1 & 2 Academy Award voting materials, 1973

Box 66 Folder 3 Publicity materials for Year of the Comet

Box 68 Folder 3 & 4 Reviews and notes for Marathon Man

Box 68 Folder 5 Advertising and promotion for Marathon Man

Box 71 Folder 1 Clippings, ads, book tie-in re. Marathon Man

Box 75 Folder 1 - 3 Screenplay, reference material and reviews of the TV miniseries Mr. Horn

Box 84 Folder 3 Reviews, publicity for All The Presidents Men

Box 225 Cast of characters and publicity brochure for All The Predident's Men

Box 88 Folder 2 & 3 Notes, clippings, press material re. A Bridge Too Far

Box 88 Folder 6 & 7 Production records, call sheets, press books and clippings re. A Bridge Too Far

Box 89 Folder 1 Clippings, publicity and a lawsuit for A Bridge Too Far

Box 92 Folder 4 Publicity and reviews of Magic

Box 92 Folder 8 Publicity, reviews and ideas for sequel to Magic

Box 96 Folder 3 Promotional material and reviews of Heat

Box 98 Folder 3 - 4 Production records for Heat

Box 100 Folder 7 Stills and publicity from the production of the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Early Years

Box 101 Folder 1 & 2 Post production materials for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Early Years magazines, promotional materials, publicity, reviews

Box 110 Folder 1 Publicity and promotion for Tinsel

Box 110 Folder 2 Clippings and ads for Tinsel

Box 127 Folder 2 Focus awards brochure

Box 130 Folder 4 - 7 Color of Light publicity, book jackets, reviews and clippings

Box 131 Folder 6 Draft of Adventures in the Screen Trade and Esquire excerpt from the same

Box 133 Folder 1 Writer's Guild Information

Box 136 Folder 2 Publicity, reviews, book jacket Adventures in the Screen Trade

Box 139 Folder 1-3 Publicity, reviews and related material for Brothers

Box 140 Folder 6 The Silent Gondoliers publication materials

Box 141 Folder 1 Story ideas

Box 151 Folder 6 & 7 Press kits and stills of the production for The Ghost and the Darkness

Box 160 Folder 1 Draft of King Bill and Rhode Island film commission materials, 1986

Box 161 Folder 3 Singing Out Loud notes and clippings

Box 161 Folder 4 Singing Out Loud notes and research

Box 165 Folder 1-6 Singing Out Loud unproduced screenplay 1987 and ephemera form Cannes 1988

Box 166 Folder 1 - 6 1988 Cannes Film Festival ephemera re. Hype and Glory

Box 172 Folder 1 & 2 Hype and Glory reviews and articles

Box 174 Folder 1 Special Olympics sponsorship brochure by Twins

Box 178 Folder 6 Reviews and promotional materials re. Misery

Box 189 Folder 3 & 4 Photos of an arranged screenwriters trip to the USSR

Box 209 Folder 1-2 Absolute Power screenplay, Cannes 1996 Ephemera and Mission Impossible 2 research