Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Christodora House Records, 1897-1991

Series IV: Photographs

Black and white and color photographs and negatives. Subjects include settlement staff and program participants, neighborhood scenes, settlement buildings, and camp.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Box 20 Folder 1 Arts and Crafts, 1950s-60s

Box 20 Folder 2 Athletics, c. 1900s-60s

Box 20 Folder 3 Board Members, Residents and Staff, c. 1900s-80s

Box 20 Folder 4 Building Exterior, c. 1900s-60s

Box 20 Folder 5 Building Interior, c.1920s-50s

Box 21 Folder 7 Boys Programs, c. 1906-08

These photographs were likely taken by the photographer John Howard Toynbee Falk

Box 20 Folder 6 Camp-Building Exterior, c. 1910s-60s

Box 20 Folder 7 Camp-Building Interior, c. 1930s-50s

Box 20 Folder 8 Camp-Children, c., 1900s-60s

Box 20 Folder 9 Camp-Children-Boys, c. 1900s-50s

Box 21 Folder 1 Camp-Children-Girls, c. 1900s-50s

Box 21 Folder 2 Camp-Landscapes, c. 1910s-50s

Box 21 Folder 3 Camp-Miscellaneous, c. 1900s-50s

Box 21 Folder 4 Camp-Pool, c. 1940s-60s

Box 21 Folder 5 Children, c. 1900s-60s

Box 21 Folder 6 Dramatics, c. 1910s-61

Box 22 Folder 1 Environmental Education, c. 1980s

Box 22 Folder 2 Health Care, c. 1910s-50s

Box 22 Folder 3 Kiwanis Day Camp, 1964

Box 22 Folder 4 Miscellaneous, c. 1910s-50s

Box 22 Folder 5 Mother's Club, c. 1920s-40s

Box 22 Folder 6 Music Lessons, c. 1910s-50s

Box 22 Folder 7 National Federation of Settlements, 1947

Box 22 Folder 8 Neighborhood Scenes, c. 1900s-50s

Box 22 Folder 9 Senior Citizens, 1950s-60s

Box 22 Folder 10 Teenagers, c. 1910s-50s

Box 22 Folder 11 Wood Shop, 1950s

Box 22 Folder 12 Negatives-Camp, c. 1900s-60s

Box 22 Folder 13 Negatives-Environmental Education, c. 1980s

Box 22 Folder 14 Negatives-Miscellaneous, c. 1900s-60s

Box 26 Folder 1 Oversize Photographs, c. 1920-60s