Rare Book & Manuscript Library

William McMurtrie Speer papers, 1880-1936

Series II: Journalist and Publisher, 1884-1923

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The Sun (New York, NY), 1884-1915

Speer was the Albany correspondent for The Sun, 1884-1893.

Flatbox 601 The Sun (New York, NY)--Scrapbook, 1884-1915

Scrapbook of clippings of his articles (1884-1893) and some later freelance work (1889-1915).

Box 3 Miscellaneous Correspondence and Printed Materials, 1884-1893

The Argus (Albany, NY), 1888-1898

Speer was editor and part owner of The Argus, 1893-1896.

Box 3 Correspondence, 1893-1898

Box 4 Manuscripts and documents, 1893-1897

Editorial drafts; contracts and documents re: typographic and syndication arrangements, job printing, and New York State government affairs

Box 4 The New York Mail and Newspaper Transportation Company, 1893

Documents and printed materials

Box 4 Printed materials and clippings, 1888-1896

Box 5 The Law Press - Legal and Other Printing, 1896-1897

Correspondence and documents

Box 5 The Cornucopia Company - Periodicals and music publishing, 1896-1901

Correspondence, music scores, documents, and printed items.

The Buffalo Express (Buffalo, NY), 1896-1903

Speer was a correspondent.

Box 5 Scrapbook of his articles, 1896

Box 5 Scrapbook of his articles, 1897

Box 6 Scrapbook of his articles, 1898-1899

Box 6 Scrapbook of his articles, 1902-1903

Flatbox 602 Scrapbook of his articles from various newspapers, 1896-1923

The World , 1904-1913

Speer was an editorial and legislative writer for The World from 1904-1909.

Box 7 Correspondence and editorial matter, 1904-1912

Box 7 Cartoons of Speer, undated

Box 7 Clippings and other printed material, 1904-1905

Flatbox 601 Scrapbook of clippings, 1905

Box 8 Printed editorials by Speer, clippings, and other printed materials, 1906-1908

Box 9 Printed editorials by Speer, clippings, and other printed materials, 1908-1913

Box 10 Insurance investigation, 1905-1909

Correspondence, drafts and memoranda, clippings, and other printed materials

Box 11 Panama libel suit, 1907-1910

Correspondence, drafts and proofs, memoranda and documents, clippings and other printed materials

Box 12 Panama libel suit, 1907-1910

Printed briefs, transcripts, and other legal documents

Periodical articles and books by Speer, 1903-1910

Box 13 Correspondence, drafts, proofs, and printed copies of his articles, including many on insurance

Box 13 Correspondence, the typescript, and a reader's report of his novel, John Van Buren, Politician

Box 14 Periodical articles and books by Speer, 1906-1922

Drafts and printed materials for his writings on several subjects including W.R. Hearst, Theodore Roosevelt, real estate, and legal subjects

Box 14 Scenario and publicity for the Fox Film Corporation, 1919-1922

Correspondence, drafts, and printed materials for his work on a film on wounded veterans of World War I

Box 14 The Evening Mail (New York, NY), 1922-1923

Speer was an editorial writer for The Evening Mail from 1922-1923. File includes correspondence and typescript drafts.