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James O. Brown Associates records, 1927-1992

Series IV: Agents, Publishers, Magazines, Corporates Names, & Subject File

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Box 395 A--Miscellaneous

Box 395 American…

Box 395 The American Magazine

Box 395 The American Mercury

Box 395 American Play Company, Inc.

Box 395 American Red Cross

Box 395 The American Weekly

Box 395 D. Appleton-Century Company

Box 395 Argosy

Box 395 Asia Magazine

Box 395 Aspenwall, Marguerite AGT

Box 395 The Atlantic Monthly

Box 395 Australia

Box 395 Barbour & McKeogh, Inc. AGT

Box 395 The Bell Syndicate, Inc.

Box 395 Bing, Edward J.-Intercontinental Press Corporation, Ltd. AGT

Box 395 Birnbaum, Agnes-NAL

Box 396 Blank, Dorothy Ann AGT

Box 396 Blond & Briggs Publishers

Box 396 The Bobbs-Merrill Company Publishers

Box 396 Bodin, Ed AGT

Box 396 Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C.

Box 396 Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.

Box 396 Bradley, Jenny Serruys (Mrs. William A.) AGT

Box 396 Brandt & Brandt AGT

Box 396 Bushman, Annette

Box 396 Thornton Butterworth Ltd. Publishers

Box 396 Bye, George T.: Personal; George T. Bye & Company-James Brown Associates--merger AGT

Box 397 C--Miscellaneous

Box 397 Jonathan Cape, Ltd.: Jonathan Cape & Robert Ballou, Inc; Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith, Inc. Publishers--bankruptcy proceedings

Box 397 The Chicago Tribune

Box 397 Clayton, Frederick

Box 397 Click; the national picture monthly

Box 397 Cohen, Albert J, AGT

Box 397 College Humor

Box 397 Collier & Flinn Co., Ltd. AGT

Box 397 Collier's; the national weekly

Box 397 Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc

Box 397 Columbia, University; Maria Moors Cabot Award

Box 397 Contract Forms

Box 398 Contract Forms

Box 399 Copyrights

Box 399 Copyright renewals

Box 399 Cosmopolitan

Box 399 Country Gentleman

Box 399 Coward-McCann, Inc. Publishers

Box 399 Cross & Brown Company Real Estate

Box 399 Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers

Box 399 Current Reading

Box 399 Curtis Brown Ltd. AGT

Box 400 D--Miscellaneous

Box 400 Peter Davies Limited Publishers

Box 400 The John Day Company Inc. Publishers

Box 400 Denby, R.J.B. AGT

Box 400 The Dial Press

Box 400 David Diamond Literary Agency

Box 401 Dodd, Mead and Company Inc. Publishers

Box 401 Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc., Publishers

Box 401 Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc. Publishers

Box 401 E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. Publishers

Box 401 H.E. Edington-F.W. Vincent, Inc. AGT

Box 401 Esquire

Box 401 F--Miscellaneous

Box 401 John Farquharson Ltd. AGT (Innes Rose)

Box 401 Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. Publishers

Box 401 Fawcett Publications Incorporated

Box 401 Fiction Parade

Box 401 Form letters

Box 401 Fortune

Box 401 The Forum

Box 401 Fuller, Muriel

Box 401 Furst, Myra AGT

Box 401 Gelsey, Erwin S.

Box 401 Globe Productions, Inc. (James Roosevelt)

Box 401 Good Housekeeping

Box 401 Goodhue, Robert Kendall AGT

Box 401 Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst

Box 401 The Griswold-Eshleman Co. Advertising

Box 402 Hammell, John A. AGT

Box 402 Harper & Brothers Publishers

Box 402 Hart, William B.

Box 402 Hedin, Naboth

Box 402 Holiday House, Inc, [Publishers]

Box 402 Houghton Mifflin Company [Publishers]

Box 402 Hovey, Carl AGT

Box 402 Incorporated Society of Authors'' Representatives AGT

Box 402 John Johnson AGT

Box 402 Joss, John-The Practical Press

Box 402 Kansas City Star

Box 402 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. [Publishers]

Box 402 Kunkis, Sol R.

Box 403 Ladies' Home Journal

Box 403 Lamkin, Marguerite

Box 403 Laska, Edward AGT

Box 403 Lennen & Mitchell, Inc. Advertising

Box 403 J.B. Lippincott Company Publishers

Box 403 Little, Brown & Company Publishers

Box 403 Longlams, Green & Co., Inc. Publishers

Box 403 A. and S. Lyons, Inc. AGT

Box 403 M--Miscellaneous

Box 403 Robert M. McBride & Company Publishers

Box 404 McCall's Magazine

Box 404 McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.

Box 404 The Macmillan Company Publishers

Box 404 Magazine Digest

Box 404 Malkiel, Henrietta

Box 404 Martin, Quinn

Box 404 Julian Messner, Inc. Publishers

Box 404 Metro-Goldwyn-May er Pictures

Box 404 William Morrow & Company, Inc. Publishers

Box 404 N--Miscellaneous

Box 404 National Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Box 404 New York Herald Tribune

Box 404 The New York Times

Box 404 North American Newspaper Alliance, Inc.

Box 404 Charles F. Noyes Company, Inc. Real Estate

Box 404 Q'Laughlin, John Callan--Army Navy Journal

Box 404 Paramount Pictures Corporation

Box 405 Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd. AGT

Box 406 Laurence Pollinger Limited AGT

Box 406 Murray Pollinger AGT

Box 406 Prentice-Hall, Inc. [Publishers]

Box 406 G.P. Putnam's Sons[Publishers] & George Palmer Putnam, Inc.

Box 406 Rackham Film Productions, Ltd.

Box 406 RCA Global Communications, Inc.

Box 406 The Reader's Digest

Box 407 The Reader's Digest

Box 407 Reinheimer, Howard E.

Box 407 Renova, Anne AGT

Box 407 Reynolds, Goodwin, Wilson & Flack

Box 407 Reynolds, Jacqueline AGT

Box 407 Rhodes, June Hamilton

Box 407 S--Miscellaneous

Box 407 Salmon, Clarke

Box 407 Samples, Ruhl M. AGT

Box 407 Sydney A. Sanders AGT

Box 408 The Saturday Evening Post

Box 409 Saunders, Marion AGT

Box 409 Schley & Leonardson AGT

Box 409 Charles Scribner's Sons Publishers

Box 409 Sears Publishing Company, Inc.

Box 409 Myron Selznick & Company AGT

Box 409 Oscar Serlin Productions

Box 409 Siegel, Jerome S. AGT

Box 409 Simon & Schuster, Inc. Publishers

Box 410 Simon & Schuster, Inc. Publishers

Box 410 Smith, Lawrence AGT

Box 410 Society of Authors' Representatives, Inc.

Box 410 Spitzer, Philip G. AGT

Box 410 Spokesmen (Curtis Brown Group Ltd.)

Box 411 Frederick A, Stokes Company Publishers

Box 411 Strauss, Florence AGT

Box 411 Survival Anglis Limited

Box 411 H.N. Swanson, Inc. AGT

Box 412 H.N. Swanson, Inc. AGT

Box 413 T--Miscellaneous

Box 413 Talley, Truman M.

Box 413 This Week

Box 413 Tower Magazines, Inc.

Box 413 Translators

Box 413 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Box 413 United Artists Corporation

Box 413 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Box 413 U.S. Office of Government Reports--Lowell Mellett

Box 413 Universal Pictures Corporation

Box 413 The University of Chicago Press

Box 413 V--Miscellaneous

Box 413 The Vanguard Press

Box 413 Vanity Fair

Box 413 The Viking Press, Inc. Publishers

Box 413 Vogue

Box 413 W--Miscellaneous

Box 413 War Department

Box 413 Warner Bros, Pictures, Inc.

Box 413 Ann Watkins, Inc. AGT

Box 413 A.P. Watt & Son AGT

Box 413 White, Ralph W. AGT

Box 413 C.C. Wilkening & Son, Inc. A GT

Box 413 Williams, Annie Laurie AGT

Box 413 Wing, Willis Kingsley AGT

Box 413 Woman's Day

Box 413 Woman's Home Companion

Box 413 The World's Fair of 1940 in New York, 1940

Box 413 World's Work

Box 413 Writers' War Board

Box 413 Yank

Box 413 Young & Rubicam, Inc.

Box 413 Your Life

Box 413 Youth Today

Box 413 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company