Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Lenore Marshall papers, 1887-1980

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence and Manuscripts

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Box 1 Adamic, Louis

Box 1 Adams, Ansel

Box 1 Adams, J. Donald

Box 1 Ames, Elizabeth

Box 1 Baldwin, Charles Sears

Box 1 Benét, Laura

Box 1 Bernays, Edward L.

Box 1 Bowles, Chester

Box 1 Bromfield, Louis

Box 1 Bynner, Witter

Box 1 Buck, Pearl

Also available on microfilm MN# 91-2094-2.

Box 1 Calisher, Hortense

Box 1 Calverton, Victor Frances

Box 1 Canby, Henry Seidel

Box 1 Capper, Arthur

Box 1 Carruth, Hayden

Box 1 Celler, Emanuel

Box 1 Ciardi, John

Box 1 Colum, Mary M. (Mrs. Padraic)

Box 1 Cook, Howard

Box 1 Coudert, Frederic

Box 1 Counts, George Sylvester

Box 1 Cowley, Malcolm

Box 1 Deutsch, Babette

Box 1 Dewey, John

Box 1 Dias, Robert Vas

Box 1 Dos Passos, John

Box 1 Drew, Elizabeth

Box 1 Eastman, Max

Box 1 Edman, Irwin

Box 1 Einstein, Albert

Box 1 Ernst, Morris Leopold

Box 1 Farrar, John

Box 1 Farrell, James Thomas

Box 1 Fischer, Louis

Box 1 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Box 1 Fremantile, Anne

Box 1 Freus, Sigmund

Box 1 Fromm, Erich

Box 1 Fulbright, J. William

Box 1 Galantière, Lewis

Box 1 Ginsberg, Louis

Box 1 Haydn, Hiram

Box 1 Hellman, Lillian

Box 1 Hill, David Bennett

Box 1 Hindus, Maurice

Box 1 Hough, Henry

Box 1 Howe, Irving

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box 1 Ickes, Harold L.

Box 1 Isaacs, Stanley M.

Box 1 Johnson, Josephine Winslow

Box 1A Kazin, Alfred

Box 1A Kennedy, Edward M.

Box 1A Kennedy, Robert Frances

Box 1A Kizer, Carolyn

Box 1A Kunitz, Stanley

Box 1A Laughlin, James

Box 1A Leighton, Clare

Box 1A Lewis, Sinclair

Box 1A Libby, Frederick J.

Box 1A Loveman, Amy

Box 1A Lowenfels, Walter

Box 1A Lynd, Robert Staughton

Box 1A MacDonald, Dwight

Box 1A McCarthy, Eugene

Box 1A McGovern, George

Box 1A Mann, Klaus

Box 1A Mann, Thomas

Box 1A Marshall, Louis

Box 1A Moore, Marianne

Box 1A Morris, Ira & Edita

Box 1A Mumford, Lewis

Box 1A Nin, Anaïs

Box 1A Pauling, Linus

Box 1A Phillips, Williams

Box 1A Rice, Elmer

Box 1A Ridge, Lola

Box 1A Riesman, David

Box 1A Rodman, Selden

Box 1A Rosenberg, James N.

Box 1A Rukeyser, Muriel

Box 1A Ryskind, Morrie

Box 1A Sarton, May

Box 1A Scully, Frank

Box 1A Seaver, Edwin

Box 1A Shapley, Harlow

Box 1A Sloane, William

Box 1A Spender, Stephen

Box 1A Speyer, Leonora

Box 1A Steegmuller, Francis

Box 1A Stevenson, Adlai E.

Box 1A Stolberg, Benjamin

Box 1A Strong, William Laffayette

Box 1A Tarbell, Ira, M.

Box 1A Taylor, Harold

Box 1A Thomas, Norman

Box 1A Thompson, Dorothy

Box 1A Truman, Harry S.

Box 1A Untermeyer, Jean Starr

Box 1A Untermeyer, Louis

Box 1A Van Doren, Mark

Box 1A Vinal, Harold

Box 1A Warren, Robert Penn

Box 1A Weeks, Edward

Box 1A Weizman, Chaim

Box 1A Wheelock, John Hall

Box 1A White, E.B.

Box 1A Williams, G. Mennen

Box 1A Williams, Blanche Colton

Box 1A Woodward, William E.