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William J. McGill papers, 1929-1979

Series III: Psychology

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Works by William J. McGill

Box 24 Abstracts

Box 24 American Psychological Association Paper ("Two Sources of Transmitted Information. . ."), 1953

Box 24 American Psychological Association Paper ("Attention. . ."), 1958

Box 24 Analysis of Information . . .

Box 24 Application of Information Theory. . . (NYAS Paper)

Box 24 Back to Personal Equations

Box 24 Deutsch, J.A. - Realization of the Compartment Model – Comments

Box 24 Equivalence of Detection Probabilities. . ., On the

Box 24 General Gamma Distribution

Box 25 Human Factors Research

Box 26 Introduction to Counter Theory in Psychophysics

Box 26 Isomorphism Paper

Box 26 Loudness and Reaction Time

Box 26 Loudness Function

Box 26 Lousy Lectures

Box 26 Luce, R.D., et al - Developments in Mathematical Psychology. . . - Review

Box 26 Multivariate Information Transmission ("MIT")

Box 27 Neural Counting

Box 27 Poisson Counting

Box 27 Polynomial Psychometric Functions in Audition

Box 27 Psychophysics and the Ideal Observer (Symposium, International Congress), 1963

Box 28 Pure Tone Intensity Discrimination

Box 28 Random Fluctuations of Response Rate

Box 28 Reaction Time

Box 28 Recent Developments in the Theory of Reaction

Box 28 Relation Between Information and Variance Analyses

Box 28 Relation Between Uncertainty, Variance, and Correlation Analyses Reviews

Box 28 Scaling of Subjective Estimates of Magnitude

Box 28 Search Distributions in Magnified Time

Box 28 Serial Effects

Box 28 Statistical Description of Verbal Learning

Box 28 Stochastic Latency Mechanisms

Box 29 Study of the Near-Miss Involving Weber's Law. . .

Box 29 Study of the Relationship Between Motor and Sensory Measures of Perseveration (Master's dissertation, Fordham University), 1947

Box 29 Uncertainty Analysis - various talks

Box 29 Variations on Marill's Formula

Box 29 Visual and Auditory Counting Papers

Box 29 Visual Detection

Box 29 Visual Search

Box 29 Miscellaneous works


Box 30 Analysis of Variance

Box 30 Auditory Chapter

Box 30 Click Suppression

Box 30 Counter Model

Box 30 Detection - Visual, Auditory Research

Box 31 Discrete Counting Distributions and Analysis of Discrimination

Box 31 Elastic Stochastic

Box 31 Feller

Box 31 General Gamma Distribution

Box 31 Lab Experiments

Box 31 Limulus

Box 31 Loudness, 4 folders

Box 32 Loudness and Reaction Time Study

Box 32 Loudness Experiment

Box 32 Mathematics, Pure

Box 32 Mathematical Papers and Tables in Uncertainty Analysis

Box 32 Mathematical Psychophysics

Box 32 Mathematics and Statistics

Box 32 Mathematics, Committee on the Undergraduate Program in

Box 32 Matrix Algebra

Box 33 Mosteller and Tukey

Box 33 Number Search Experiments

Box 33 Photometry

Box 33 Poisson Distribution

Box 34 Psychophysics and Detection Theory

Box 34 Quantitative Psychology

Box 34 Random Noise

Box 34 Random Walk Detectors

Box 34 Random Walk Problem

Box 34 Rate Fluctuations

Box 34 Search Distributions

Box 34 Statistical Behaviorism

Box 35 Miscellaneous notes

Class Materials


Box 36 Analysis of Variance

Box 37 Colloquium

Box 37 Introductory Psychology

Box 37 Measurement, 1948

Box 37 Motivation

Box 37 Pro-Seminar, 1948-1949

Box 37 Psychophysics and Sensory Psychology

Box 38 Statistics

(1 folder, 1 binder)

Box 38 UCLA Lecture Series

Box 38 Miscellaneous, 2 folders

Box 39 Miscellaneous

Exams, assignments and class records

Box 39 Exams

Box 39 Grade Books

Box 39 Harvard Exams

Box 39 Harvard - Miscellaneous

Box 39 Intermediate Lab experiments

Box 39 Miscellaneous, 3 folders

Box 40 Data Books

(mainly M.I.T. and Columbia University)

Papers and Reports by Others

Box 41 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 42 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 43 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 44 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 45 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 46 Papers and Reports by Others

Box 47 Slides


Box 48 Printed Material by William J. McGill

Printed Material by Others

Box 49 Printed Material by Others

Box 50 Printed Material by Others

Box 51 Printed Material by Others