Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Curtis Brown Ltd. records, 1914-2018

Series III: S. Sanders Agency Contracts

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Box 1509 Abbot, Anthony

Box 1509 Burrett, Monte

Box 1509 Beeler, C. M.

Box 1509 Berman, Louis

Box 1509 Blochman, Lasrence

Box 1509 Brown, Harry

Box 1509 Clifford, Charles L.

Box 1509 Carven, Margaret

Box 1509 Cutler, Lester

Box 1510 Denver, Robert Dale

Box 1510 Gardiner, Dorothy

Box 1510 Hutchinson, Bruce

Box 1510 King, Sherwood

Box 1510 Korson, George

Box 1510 Kotin, Albert

Box 1510 Ladies Home Journal

Box 1510 Lamb, Harold

Box 1510 McGriffin

Box 1510 Malm, Frances

Box 1510 Martin, Robert

Box 1510 Moore, Anna

Box 1510 Murray, May

Box 1511 Nafziger, Raymond

Box 1511 Pearce, Dick

Box 1511 Phillips, John Randolph

Box 1511 Porter, William

Box 1511 Reeve, Alice M.

Box 1511 Roberts, Elizabeth Van Dusen

Box 1511 Rosborough, Mary Freels

Box 1511 Vandwater, Frederic F.

Box 1511 Wentworth, Patricia

Box 1511 Whitfield, Raoul

Box 1512 Contracts and Sales Summary Lists for Curtis Brown, 1983-1985

Box 1513 Publisher Lists for Curtis Brown Authors, 1967-1981 1983-1984, 1967-1981, 1983-1984