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Frederick Coykendall letters collection, 1778-1941

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Frederick Coykendall's collection of letters from well-known literary figures, chiefly English, of the late Victorian and modern periods.

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Call No.: MS#0297
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Creator(s) Coykendall, Frederick, 1872-1954 ; Beerbohm, Max, Sir, 1872-1956 ; Coppard, A. E (Alfred Edgar), 1878-1957
Title Frederick Coykendall letters collection, 1778-1941
Physical Description 1.67 linear feet (4 document boxes; 1 oversize box)
Language(s) English .

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A collection of letters from well-known literary figures, chiefly English, of the late Victorian and modern periods. The correspondence relates almost entirely to the literary activities of the individual writers and to that of a few, now extinct, literary periodicals. With few exceptions the material is in holograph form, and many of the more recent letters were written to the donor. A great number of these items were received laid in first and rare editions presented by Mr. Coykendall

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John Ruskin letter is on: microfilm.

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Gift of Frederick Coykendall, 1940.

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Series I: Frederick Coykendall letters collection, 1778-1941

Box 1 Correspondence

Box 1 Allingham, William

Box 1 Babington, Percy L.

Box 1 Bancroft, George

Box 1 Banning, Kendall

Box 1 Beaumont, Cyril W.

Box 1 Beckford, William

Box 1 Beerbohm, Max

Box 1 Binyon, Laurence

Box 1 Blaikie, J. A.

Box 1 Bland, Edith Nesbit

Box 1 Blind, Mathilde

Box 1 Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen

Box 1 Boddington, W. Slater

Box 1 Bottomley, Gordon

Box 1 Bridges, Robert

Box 1 Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (Mrs. Robert)

Box 1 Buchanan, Robert

Box 1 Butler, Francis H.

Box 1 Byam, J. Payne (Mrs. Grenville)

Box 1 Cane, Melville

Box 1 Carlyle, Thomas

Box 1 Chapman, Robert William

Box 1 Coppard, Alfred Edgar

Box 1 Corelli, Marie

Box 1 Craig, Edward Gordon

Box 1 Crewe-Milnes, Robert Offley Ashburton, Baron Houghton, Marquess of Crewe

Box 1 Dalmon, Charles

Box 1 Daniel, Charles Henry Olive

Box 1 Danielson, Henry

Box 1 Davidson, John

Box 1 Davies, William Henry

Box 1 De La Mare, Walter

Box 1 Dobson, Austin

Box 1 Douglas, Lord Alfred Bruce

Box 1 Douglas, Olive Eleanor Custance

Box 1 Dowden, Edward

Box 1 Drinkwater, John

Box 1 Earle, May

Box 1 Evans, A. W.

Box 1 FitzGerald, Edward

Box 1 Flecker, James Elroy

Box 1 Fletcher, J. S.

Box 1 Forman, Alfred William

Box 1 Forman, H[enry] Buxton

Box 1 Gale, Norman

Box 1 Ganz, Charles

Box 1 Gardiner, Rolf

Box 1 Garnett, Olivia Narney Singleton (Mrs. Richard)

Box 1 Garnett, Richard

Box 1 Gibson, Geraldine (Mrs. Wilfred Wilson)

Box 1 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box 1 Godwin, William

Box 1 Gosse, Edmund William

Box 1 Guthrie, James

Box 1 Gyles, Arthur

Box 1 Hake, Thomas Gordon

Box 1 Holmes, Charles John

Box 1 Housman, Laurence

Box 1 Hunt, Leigh

Box 1 Hunt, William Holman

Box 1 Ibbett, William Joseph

Box 1 Johnson, Lionel

Box 1 Johnson, Robert Underwood

Box 1 Knight Errant, the Editors of the

Box 1 Lang, Andrew

Box 1 Ledoux, Louis V.

Box 1 Le Gallienne, Richard

Box 1 Lemperly, Paul

Box 1 Leng, Kyrle

Box 1 Low, Benjamin R. C,

Box 2 McCarthy, Justin H.

Box 2 McDonagh, Thomas

Box 2 MacKay, W.M.

Box 2 McNetty, F.H.

Box 2 Mansfield, Richard

Box 2 Masefield, John

Box 2 Mayfield, John S.

Box 2 Merrill, Charles E.

Box 2 Meynell, Alice

Box 2 Meynell, Viola

Box 2 Middleton, M.W.

Box 2 Monkhouse, Alfred W.

Box 2 Monkhouse, Cosmo

Box 2 Montagu, John, Fourth Earl of Sandwich

Box 2 Moore, Marianne

Box 2 Moore, T. Sturge

Box 2 Moore, Thomas

Box 2 Newmarch, Rosa

Box 2 Noguchi, Yone

Box 2 O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar

Box 2 O'Sheel, Shaemas

Box 2 O'Sullivan, Vincent

Box 2 Parker, Gilbert

Box 2 Partridge, Eric

Box 2 Pater, Walter

Box 2 Patmore, Coventry Kersey Dighton

Box 2 Payne, John

Box 2 Radford, Dollie

Box 2 Radford, Ernest

Box 2 Richmond, Mary E.

Box 2 Rossetti, Christina Georgina

Box 2 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Box 2 Roth, Samuel

Box 2 Ruskin, John

Box 2 Sabin, Arthur K.

Box 2 Saltus, Edgar

Box 2 Shaw, George Bernard

Box 2 Sherard, Robert H.

Box 2 Sherman, Frederic Fairchild

Box 2 Simpson, William G.

Box 2 Smith, Pamela Colman

Box 2 Spare, Austin 0.

Box 2 Spiers, Kaufman C.

Box 2 Squire, John Collings

Box 2 Symonds, John Addington

Box 2 Symons, Alphonse James Albert

Box 2 Symons, Arthur

Box 2 Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron

Box 2 Tomson, Graham R.

Box 2 Trevelyan, George Otto

Box 2 Troxell, Janet Camp

Box 2 Unvwn, T. Fisher

Box 2 Van Loon, Henrik Willem

Box 2 The Varda Bookshop

Box 2 Waterhouse, Florence E.

Box 2 Watson, Henry Brereton Marriott

Box 2 Watson, Rosamund [Ball] Marriott

Box 2 Watson, William

Box 2 Watts-Dunton, Theodore

Box 2 Whiting, Lilian

Box 2 Wilde, Oscar O'Flahertie Wills

Box 2 Willson, John French

Box 2 Woodberry, George Edward

Box 2 Wright, Thomas

Box 2 Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet


Box 3 Beckford, William

Box 3 Cane, Melville

Box 3 Chatterton, Thomas

Box 3 [Buchanan, Robert]

Box 3 Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron

Box 3 Davies, William Henry

Box 3 Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge

Box 3 Dowson, Ernest Christopher

Box 3 Drinkwater, John

Box 3 Gardiner, Rolf

Box 3 Hunt, James Henry Leigh

Box 3 Le Gallienne, Richard

Box 3 Locker, Frederick

Box 3 O'Bolger, Jr., T. D.

Box 3 Parker, Gilbert

Box 3 Radford, Dollie

Box 3 Sherman, Frank Dempster

Box 3 Smith, Pamela Colman

Box 3 Spare, Austin O.

Box 3 Starkey, James Sullivan

Box 3 Symons, Arthur

Box 3 Verlaine, Paul

Box 3 Watson, William

Printed Ephemera

Box 3 The Adelphi Magazine

Box 3 Allingham, William, ed.

Box 3 The Apple

Box 3 Auslander, Joseph

Box 3 Beardsley, Aubrey

Box 3 Beckford, William

Box 3 Bridges, Robert

Box 3 Bottomley, Gordon

Box 3 British Magazine

Box 3 Broom

Box 3 Cane, Melville

Box 3 Chattert on, Thomas

Box 3 Chesterton, Gilbert Keith

Box 3 Cuala Press

Box 3 Dalmon, Charles W.

Box 3 Daniel Press

Box 3 Davidson, John

Box 3 Davies, W, H.

Box 3 De la Mare, Walter

Box 3 Drinkwater, John

Box 3 Fowler, Alfred

Box 3 Fraser, Claud Lovat

Box 3 Garnett, Richard

Box 3 Golden Galleon. Kansas City.

Box 3 Hake, Thomas Gordon

Box 3 Hunt, Leigh

Box 3 Johnson, Lionel

Box 3 Kilmer, Joyce

Box 3 Knight Errant

Box 3 Le Gallienne, Richard

Box 3 Low, Benjamin R. C,

Box 3 Lowell, Amy Lawrence

Box 3 Macpherson, James "Ossian"

Box 3 Markham, Edwin

Box 3 Masefield, John

Box 3 The Mask

Box 3 Millay , Edna St. Vincent

Box 3 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, poems, etc.

Box 3 New Adelphi

Box 3 Noyes, Alfred

Box 3 The Owl

Box 3 Phillips, Stephen

Box 3 Poetry Bookshop, London

Box 3 Radford, Dollie

Box 3 Rhythm

Box 3 Richmond, Mary E.

Box 3 Robinson, Edwin Arlington

Box 3 Roth, Samuel

Box 3 Sassoon, Siefried

Box 3 The Savoy

Box 3 Squire, J. C.

Box 3 Symonds, John Addington

Box 3 Symons, Arthur

Box 3 The Venturer

Box 3 Verlain, Paul

Box 3 Voices

Box 3 Wilde, Oscar

Box 3 Wollstonecraft, Mary

Box 3 Woodberry, George

Box 3 Wright, Thomas

Box 3 Yeats, William Butler

Box 3 The Yellow Book

Box 4 Catalog of Books

(on white slips)

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