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Truman Capote papers, 1949-1988

Series II: Capote Texts in Secondary Publications, Anthologies, and Periodicals

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Box 6 Abrahams, William, ed. Fifty Years of the American Short Story, Vol I, Doubleday,, 1970

Box 6 Bowles, Jane. My Sister"s Hand in Mine. Ecco Press, 1978

Box 6 Cowley, Malcolm, ed. The Paris Review Interviews Writers. Penguin,, 1977

Box 6 Davis, Myrna. The Potato Book. William Morrow, 1973

Box 6 First-Prize Stories: 1919-1954. Hanover House, 1954

Box 6 Frost, David. The Americans. Stein and Day, 1970

Box 6 Kazin, Alfred. The Open Form. Harcourt Brace & World, 1961.

Box 6 Nance, William. The Worlds of Truman Capote. Stein & Day, 1973.

Box 6 Wickes, George. The Amazon of Letters. Putnam, 1976

Box 7 Burnett, Whit. This is My Best. Doubleday, 1970.

Box 7 Cochrane, James, ed. Penguin Book of American Short Stories. Penguin

Box 7 Books, 1982.

Box 7 Esquire: The Best of 40 Years. David McKay Co., 1973.

Box 7 Hills, L. Rust. Great Esquire Fiction. Penguin Books, 1983.

Box 7 Levin, Ira. Rosemary's Baby. Dell, 1967.

Box 7 Tang-Tan Mei-Kuo Tuan'-p'ien Hsiao-shuo Chi [Contemporary American Short Stories] Shanghai, 1979.

Box 7 Wallace, Irving, ed. The Book of Lists. William Morrow, 1980.

Box 7a Meredith, Scott, ed. The Fireside Treasury of Modern Humor. NY: Simon & Schuster,, 1963

Box 7a Rudisill, Marie. Sook's cookbook, des. & ill. by Barry Moser, Atlanta: Longstreet Press,, 1989

Box 8 Atlantic, August 1947. "Should a Biographer Tell"

Box 8 Harper, February1949. "Master Misery"

Box 8 Horizon, Jan 1949. "Master Misery"

Box 8 Du, September 1952. "Miriam" in German. Pp 49-54 and back cover only

Box 8 Esquire, July 1960 "Among the Paths to Eden.", July 1960

Box 8 Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1962. "Master Misery"

Box 8 McCalls, /010/1966. "Double Exposure: Oliver Smith"

Box 8 Vogue, April 15, 1967. "Extreme Magic"

Box 8 Family Circle, October 1968. "The School that Dreams Built."

Box 8 Cosmopolitan, July 1972. "Portrait of Myself."

Box 8 Esquire, July 1975. "Mojave." Offprint

Box 8 Esquire, November 1975. "La Cote Basque."

Box 8 Esquire, May 1976 "Unspoiled Monsters.", May 1976

Box 8 Esquire, December 1976. "Kate McCloud"

Box 8 New Yorker, Sept 17, 1979. "Our Far-Flung Correspondents: Martinique"

Box 8 Esquire, December 1979. "Dazzle41

Box 8 Cecil Brown's Quilt, vol.1, 1981. "Plate du Jour: Soul Food: Truman

Box 8 Capote on Black Culture."

Box 8 Esquire, March1983. "Observations"

Box 8 National Geographic, May 1983. Quotation used as caption for photo in article on Brooklyn, p. 588