George Washington Cable papers, 1882-1970

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Series V: Arranged Materials

Includes correspondence, subject files, photographs, memorabilia, copies, transcriptions, and printed matter.

Box 4

Subseries V.1: Arranged Correspondence

Box 4 Brewster, Mary K.

Box 4 Cable Family

Box 4 Moffat, Adelene

Letters to

Subseries V.2: Subject Files

Box 4 Home Culture Clubs

Box 4 Home Culture Clubs, Claims by Adelene Moffat against

Box 4 Moffat, Adelene

List of pictures by

Subseries V.3: Photographs

Box 4 Brewster, Mary

Box 4 Cable, George Washington and Louise

Box 4 Moffat, Adelene, 2 folders

Box 4 Monteagle, Tennessee

Box 4 Roote, Clarence B.

Subseries V.4: Memorabilia

Box 4 Cable, George Washington

Box 4 Moffat, Adelene

Subseries V.5: Copies

Cable, George Washington

Box 4 Correspondence to W.D. Howells

Box 4 Miscellaneous correspondence, 3 folders

Box 4 "My Politics"

Use of Cable's "My Politics" is restricted; only brief excerpts for scholarly papers may be used. Photocopy.

Box 4 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Box 4 Cable, Louise

Chesnutt, Charles W.

Box 4 Correspondence to G.W. Cable

Box 4 Correspondence to A. Moffat

Box 4 DuBois, W.E.B.

Box 4 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box 4 Smith, Roswell

Box 4 Still, William

Box 4 Wallin, Madeleine

Box 4 Miscellaneous correspondence

Subseries V.6: Transcriptions

Box 4 Cable, George Washington--Correspondence to A. Moffat, 4 folders

Box 5 Cable, George Washington--Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 5 Moffat, Adelene--Correspondence to G.W. Cable, 4 folders

Box 5 Cable-Moffat Correspondence [Interfiled] (Folders 1-3, of 4), 3 folders

Box 6 Cable-Moffat Correspondence [Interfiled] (Folder 4 of 4), 1 folders

Roote, Clarence B.

Box 6 Journal, 4 folders

Box 6 Journal, Notes by Philip Butcher on

Subseries V.7: Printed Matter

Box 6 Arents, George and Mrs. Christmas keepsakes

Box 6 Brewster, Mary

Cable, George Washington

Box 7 Articles by, 2 folders

Box 7 Announcements of talks by

Box 7 Articles about

Box 7 Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Home Culture Clubs

Box 7 Forms

Box 7 Home Culture Club Letter

Box 7 Reports

Box 7 Yearbooks, 2 folders

Box 7 Miscellaneous, 2 folders

Moffat, Adelene

Box 7 Speeches by

Box 7 Articles about

Box 7 Obituaries

Box 7 Northampton High School

Box 7 People's Institute

Box 7 Miscellaneous printed matter