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John Bartlet Brebner papers, 1937-1957

Series II: Documents

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Box 5 Memoranda on Upper College, Columbia College

Box 5 Memoranda on Bard College

Box 5 H. A. Innis: cuttings (obituaries, etc) and correspondence about him

Box 5 Business concerning North Atlantic Triangle--mostly with Yale University Press

Box 5 Address, "Man's Right to Knowledge," at Ottawa, 1954--copy and offprints

Box 5 Address, "Keystone in the Arch, Centenary, University College, Toronto, 1956

Box 5 Bicentennial Oration, "The Common Ground in Humility"--correspondence and clippings

Box 5 Stockholm address, "Man's Right to Knowledge,", 1954

Box 5 Essay on Elie Halevy--drafts and copy

Box 6 Encyclopedia Americana, article on Canada since, 1867

Box 6 Chapter in U.N Volume on Canada: Drafts and correspondence

Box 6 "Laissez-faire and State Intervention," draft and correspondence

Box 6 Draft AHA comment on L. H. Gipson's paper on "The American Revolution as an Aftermath of the Great War for Empire,", 1948

Box 6 General Staff Course, Washington, notes, address, and correspondence, 1948

Box 6 Informal talk to English-Speaking Union, "Democratic Foundations of Government,", 1948

Box 6 CBC Talk, "The Canadian Personality," 1948--copy and correspondence

Box 6 Economic History Association, 1947

Box 6 Address at Winnipeg, "History and Current Social Trends,", 1946

Box 6 North Atlantic Triangle--correspondence and reviews, (2 folders)

Box 7 Scholarship for Canada

Box 7 Convocation Address, McMaster University--"General Education and Research,", 1945

Box 7 Canadian Universities Materials

Box 7 Reports, Canadian Universities, 1944

Box 7 Making of Modern Britain correspondence

Box 7 Correspondence on G.L. Beer's MSS

Box 7 Canadian Historical Association Presidential Address--"Canadianism"--Notes, Copy, and Correspondence,, 1940

Box 8 Toronto Conference, United States and World Organization

Box 8 "The British Social Welfare State"--OWI talk, 1943

Box 8 ERPI film on Early North American discovery: script and correspondence, 1942

Box 8 "Tadoussac, Kingdom of the Saguenay,", 1942

Box 8 "The United States, Canada's Problem," Notes and copy, PTA, 1940

Box 8 "Canadian-American Relations in a Changing World"--address to U.M.C.A. at Couchiching,, 1940

(contains draft, copy, and correspondence)

Box 8 "The Ogdensburg Agreement between Canada and the United States"--Inter-American Quarterly, 1940

Box 8 Correspondence concerining Hanson's Mingling of the Canadian and American Peoples, completed by Brebner

Box 9 Correspondence concerning map for Neutral Yankees .

Box 9 "Canada, the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and the Washington Conference PSQ, 1935

(contains notes,draft, offprint, and correspondence)

Box 9 CHR--Dr. Andrew Brown MSS: draft, copy, and correspondence

Box 9 DAB--Samuel Vetch (1668-1732), first military and second colonial governor of Nova Scotia

Box 9 Louis Delisle de la Croyere MSS--correspondence

Box 9 Kingston National Defence College, 1948 1950 1953, 1948, 1950, 1953

Box 9 Canadian Social Science Research Councils correspondence

Box 10 Correspondence concerning Carnegie series on relations of Canada and the United States,, 1968

Box 11 Reviews, etc., for Explorers

Box 11 Materials for Neutral Yankees

Box 11 Correspondence and Materials for New England's Outpost.

Box 11 Mingling of Canadian and American Peoples Manuscript

Box 12 Criticisms of North Atlantic Triangle

Box 12 North Atlantic Triangle Manuscript

Box 12 Outlines of plan for Canadian-American series, 1933 (2 brochures)_, 1933

Box 13 Notes for Canada in North American History, the Columbia course

Box 14 Draft Making of Modern Canada

Box 15 Canadian-American maps.

Box 15 British historical materials before 1850--offprints, clippings, notes, etc.

Box 15 "Under George III," Conference on British Studies, 1955

Box 15 British Constitutional History

Box 15 Cambridge lectures on Anglo-American relations

Box 15 Fulbright seminar on migration, 1951

Boxes 16, 17, 18, 35 Britain since 1776 the Columbia course and basis of proposed book on industrial Britain, 1776

Box 19 3 x 5 cards--notes on Nova Scotia (Neutral Yankees )

Box 19 Industrial Britain, MS, four chapters

Box 20 Paul Mascarene

Box 20 "Collectivist Britain" ms. notes

Box 20 "Some aspects of Great Britain between wars" ms. notes

Box 20 Canada-2 course outlines

Box 20 Rockefeller grant: correspondence Etc.

Box 20 Recommendations for scholarship & fellowship awards: correspondence

Box 20 Seminar information

Box 20 Examination questions in history

Box 21 Candidacies, 1938-1946

Box 22 Student Papers

Box 23 Student Papers

Box 24 Student Papers

Box 22 Diplomas of John Bartlet Brebner

Box 23 Diplomas of John Bartlet Brebner

Box 24 Diplomas of John Bartlet Brebner

Box 25 Periodicals with articles by John Bartlet Brebner

Box 26 Periodicals with articles by John Bartlet Brebner